375273_10150521102730972_923334663_n     I’ve spoken upon this subject before and an event that occurred last night has fired me up again. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE ROCK N’ ROLL COMMUNITY?!?!?!

Let me set the stage: Last night I was fortunate to have been granted coverage of the Saint Vitus show here in NM. The venue does not have a photo pit so you have to shoot from the crowd. I usually shoot and move and work with the crowd to shoot the event. Well last night there was this cat to my immediate left who was flailing about like a man possessed knocking into people and making a general nuisance of himself. Now, I don’t mind someone getting totally lost in the music at all but one should realize there is a world outside of their five foot space. This guy continued bumping, elbowing, and knocking into people with complete disregard and then it got worse. Dave Chandler, the guitarist for Saint Vitus, posed in front of my camera for some choice shots and this idiot next to me shoves into me and starts throwing his hands in front of my camera thus ruining any chance of a good shot. I politely said “Hey man, I’m working here” his response was “FUCK YOU” he then continued to thwart every shot by reaching and flipping the bird in front of my lens. An altercation was imminent when my security bros came and confronted his guy who fronted on them as well. The girl he was with was begging him to chill but he was having none of it. They grabbed this guy gave him and his girl the boot. The crowd cheered his ejection as they were tired of him as well, we all enjoyed the rest of the show and I was able to get back to shooting a kick ass show.




We all know show attendance is down across the board and completely sucks. I heard several people make comments after that guy was thrown out. “And that I why I don’t go to shows much anymore.” “Who needs to go out and see shit like this?” “Fuck it, people suck. I knew I should have stayed home.”

What happened to the world? The Rock N’ Roll community used to be about being cool and having a good time, not about fighting and being an idiot. Sure there were hose occasions  but they weren’t that common. Come on people if we want to revive the music scene we need to look within ourselves and our own actions.

be the community, be the music, BE COOL!

the Hellion


  1. I totally agree with you on this subject! Several times I have been hit by people randomly “moshing” with whoever or whatever was in their path and have had damage done to my camera because if this. Some moshers have no etiquette and use the excuse its a rock show as an excuse to act rude and like an idiot. If you want to mosh know your environment! If you are the only one moshing than you should probably stop. Its the responsibility of all show goers to respect each other. We are expected to give moshers their space to do their thing but yet we are being sticks in the mud if we ask for the same respect from them. Support the bands and respect fellow fans while having a good time, that is what it comes down to.

  2. Well, I am too old for the pit. At 40 I prefer to stay on the fringe. I don’t mind getting bumped on the pit’s fringe because I expect it. If I want to chill I go to the back or sides. There is definitely a time and place for being an asshat and that’s in the pit…usually located at or near the front and center stage. There may be multiple pits at festivals; a mosher just needs to find one. Though they may think we are sticks in the mud, there are almost always more of us (non-moshers) than there are of them. I do find there is an overall lack of respect for others at shows these days. Though, when I lived in England for a few years the crowds were much more respectful of personal space.
    If that was me trying to take pro-shots and that dude was sticking his middle finger in my lens, I think I would have lost it. Good job getting him thrown out!

  3. I would like to formally & personally apologize. I don’t think it’s so much a rock concert thing as it is an albuquerque thing. I’m certain that there is a fair share of general dickery that goes on at the average show, but the problem seems to have reached epidemic proportions in the not so greater albuquerque area. I’m not sure if it stems form the people that live here or if it’s based on that there doesn’t seem to be many bands coming through so people use the opportunity to cut loose & show their inner asshole. wonder if one dosen’t cause the other, but I digress. sorry bro

  4. I play in a band here in Sacramento and I have seen it a few times here at some of the venues… Some guy has a few to many and decides that they want EVERYONE to know how much of a fan they are of the band tearing it up on stage. I had a guy do that to me while my gf and I were watching Michael Schenker RIP IT UP at the Boardwalk in Orangevale and I finally told him that we were both watching the show and back up.

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