from the Hook to the Slender Man, scary things.


I am old enough to remember the tales of old told in the dark long ago. You know the urban legends I speak of. Bloody Mary, The vanishing hitchhiker, the killer in the backseat, the babysitter and the man in the house, humans can lick too, aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light, and the hook. We loved to scare each other and adapt the stories to our areas and situations. We all knew they were just stories but there was always that little bit of apprehension.

Now we have the internet taking the stories worldwide. There’s a new crop opened up to us and just recently it turned scary. The tales of  the Slender Man have hit the news in a big way. It is interesting to note that what started out as an internet meme has grown into the sensation it has become. It is as if the internet has actually given life to this creature. Now we have two young girls  who have attempted to impress this made up legend by harming a friend. What are we becoming? Thoughts everyone?


Scarily yours,

-the Hellion

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