Ahhh Slipknot…they have been all over social media with the impending release of their new record .5: The Gray Chapter. While Slipknot is not one of my favorite bands they do have my respect. I say this because of their tenacity to persevere after the death of Paul Gray, and the departure of Joey Jordison, and to their use of promotion.

I happen to dig bands that represent themselves visually as well as through their music. Kiss and  Alice Cooper exposed me to theatrical rock in my misspent youth and I am glad to see bands like Slipknot carrying the torch for visual rock.

One of the things I find lacking in bands today is their lack of promotion. The internet and social media is a great tool if used to its potential. Slipknot used its loyal fan base to help generate buzz around their future release. At one point blacking out their website and Facebook pages. This caused a lot of online discussion about what was happening with the band. Then on July 15, they began releasing July 15, the band began releasing short teasers for the new album for over a two-week period that turned out to be clips from the official video along with samples from a song entitled “The Negative One”.

More recently there has again been much buzz about the new drummer and bassist and the fact they are not getting their own unique masks and identities within the band. Again, the fans were eating this up online. Combined with the release of their new video for “The Devil In I”which introduced their newly redesigned masks, Slipknot is ensuring they remain in the eyes, ears, and minds of the world.

Slipknot has some decent tracks that are listenable and some that are not but I’ll take them. Oh yeah, I still hate clowns.


“And the rain will kill us all”

-the Hellion


One thought on “Slipknot….hmmmm?????

  1. I completely agree about the clowns. (It’s the main reason why I can’t support Rob Zombie’s 31 crowdfunded project — but, it’s Bobby, so I’ll still spread the word).

    You also made a very good point here. Honestly, I believe the main reason why bands don’t promote more actively or inventively is because they’re tired. There was a time when managers managed, the promoters promoted, and the support staff supported. Then something shifted in the past 5 years and now the burden is all on the talent. With this, augmented by the MP3 from CD formats and free downloading, even professional musicians need 2nd or 3rd day jobs. So, instead of writing songs and rehearsing, bands are under pressure to work, rehearse, write, network, sell tickets (even Chris Holmes was standing outside Hollywood selling his tickets like a drunken boy scout), design graphics, cover printing and marketing costs, pay to play gigs (don’t get me started on that!), and…you get the drift.

    They need support. They need to be treated the way Europeans treat them — like artists. With respect. Wow…Imagine that!

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