That one song…



Here’s something I’ve been wondering about. Are there any songs out there that you just can’t listen to anymore? I mean songs that you once couldn’t get enough of but now cringe and change them when they come on . There are a couple of great songs that I am completely burnt out on and I’m sure I’ll catch hell from some people about them and here they are: “Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, and “Dream On” by Aerosmith. I know, I know, they are iconic songs by iconic bands but listening to them makes me nuts. It could be that I was over exposed to them when they were on regular rotation on FM radio. Let me reiterate, these are great songs but are worn out to me. What are your thoughts, and songs that just don’t do it for you anymore?

-the Hellion

One thought on “That one song…

  1. I can think of a handful that fit this description. Most recently would be “Drunken Sled Dog” by Kranken Welpen. Played it to death last spring and now I can’t even stand the first two notes without feeling ill.

    I believe we choose our music that align with our emotional, physical, and spiritual frequencies — after all, art imitates life before life can imitate art. So, when our frequency changes, our music changes. It’s natural. It’s normal. In fact, I’m always weary when people stay “stuck” in certain genres or time frames, like some of the old Rivetheads from the 80’s who only listen to “old Maiden” and will not hear, speak, or discuss anything else, yet are missing out on some really tremendous music. (Incidentally, I’m an old Rivethead from the 80’s and “Matter of Life and Death” is easily in my top 4!)

    If you want to know a person, look at their music collection and then ask them what they listen to. If you get two answers, run.

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