Red Sky Mary – There is hope for new Rock N’ Roll

red Sky mary

I don’t know how I came across Red Sky Mary, but I am glad that I did. The minute I listened to their music it was if a defibrillator shocked me back to life. REAL bluesy Rock N’ Roll music from a new band. The music that I found on you tube took me back to the time when it was all about the music and not the paycheck.  I used my internet detective skills and hunted down their contact info and was rewarded by a quick response from their label Carved Records. In the process of locking down an interview with Red Sky Mary I was given an advance listen to their upcoming release River Child which drops on May 12. River Child is everything I expected and then some! Soulful vocals that reach right in to you and tickles your inner self, LOUD guitar riffs that get the job done with being over pretentious, a rhythm section worthy of the power bands of old, and old school haunting harmonies. Hailing from Portsmouth, NH Red Sky Mary is made up of: Sam Vlasich (Vocals), Tom Boisse (Guitar), Gary Boisse (Bass), Barrett Goeman (Drums).

River Child is a 10 song shot in the arm to straight up Rock N’ Roll. The tracks are:

1. “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose”
2. “Payback”
3. “Gone”
4. “Run Ragged”
5. “South OF The City”
6. “Howl”
7. “Pride”
8. “I Will Wait For You”
9. “Too Much”
10. “River Child”

     Stand out tracks for me are “I will Wait For You” which reminds me of the Black Crowes in their heyday. Blues based and soulful it drags all kinds of emotions out of you with it haunting melodies and vocals. The Album opener “All Hell’s Breaking Loose” is just that hell does break loose on this raucous track. A feel good rocker that will make you want to gather you best buds and ride around with the windows down and the music cranked. An infectious chorus with have you singing along with your fists in the air. The title track “River Child” carries you along with a cool groove. Again, the vocals and harmonies are top notch and rival many of the great bands from the past. “Howl” which is the lead off single will have you doing just that. Your blood will begin pumping and you will fell the magic of pure Rock N’ Roll course through your body.

     Red Sky Mary has a definite throwback sound to them and yet their sound remains fresh as well. I get the feeling this is band making music for the sake of making music. I would give the new Red Sky Mary release a 15 out of 10 stars in my book. This record has a definite spot in my top 10 of 2015 and is a contender for number 1.

     Some say Rock N’ Roll is dead, I laugh in their faces because bands like Red Sky Mary prove them wrong. Keep Rockin’ fellas because it’s working. Be sure to check them out online at:

     It’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Red Sky Mary!!!

     -the Hellion

One thought on “Red Sky Mary – There is hope for new Rock N’ Roll

  1. That article was ” Right On ” the only thing better than their new release River Child , is seeing this band LIVE ! Which I have had the opportunity too experience. All though their set consisted heavily on great covers , RSM is not a cover band ! Their original music Rocks! This band is well on their way for greater things . Check Them Out !

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