Metallica has jumped the shark (in my opinion)


Many years ago some pissed off disaffected young men decided to tell the world how they were feeling. Their medium: loud, fast, and aggressive music, their name? METALLICA!!!!

When James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich got their shit together and put Dave Mustaine and Cliff Burton in the lineup they were ready to shake up the Rock N’ Roll world. They were loud, obnoxious, and very much what we needed in music at that time.

They then went to New York to record their debut record with which they planned sonic assault on the eardrums of the world, which is when they began their race to “jump the shark” so to say.

Nobody was madder and more disaffected than Dave Mustaine (if you doubt me listen to his music even to this day). When they kicked him out and replaced him with Kirk Hammett from Exodus they started down that road to the shark.

While we got some really good music from Metallica in the early days the clock was ticking for our young anarchists.

Keep in mind these are just my thoughts on Metallica and how I feel they have jumped the shark. Like I stated earlier I believe their path to jumping said shark was with the dismissal of Dave Mustaine. I do indeed own every release by Metallica and I have passed my judgment as this: the so-called Black album was the demise of Metallica in that I feel the loss  of any fire and passion in their music. Yes, there were some great tracks here and there in the subsequent records but none that were solid from open to close.  Now am I saying Metallica sucks? Not a chance, they just aren’t making the music that I fell in love with anymore. I will continue to purchase their future releases and give them a fair listen and hope for that spark to reappear, but I am not holding my breath. I will thank them for the back catalog of music that still put my fist in the air but inside I weep when I listen to St. Anger….

Rest In Peace Cliff Burton, I have always admired and respected you and your style of playing.


It’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

-the Hellion


3 thoughts on “Metallica has jumped the shark (in my opinion)

  1. I agree after the master of puppets and the justice for all album they seemed to lose direction and the loss of Cliff Burton was that catalyst they went from being a thrash metal group to a (imo and I’m just sayin) hard rock/glam metal group ( case in point the load and re-load albums) heck even load had a country song on it (mama said) st.anger wasn’t too bad only one problem no guitar solos ( not that this generation can really embrace the solos hell my kid asked me when are they gonna sing when I was listening to one with him lol) as for death magnetic I felt that was their way of going back to their thrash roots anyways I’m ranting on and feel I should end this lol all and all I’m still a fan of them

  2. I’ve always liked and respected Metallica, but ever since the “Black Album,” it hasn’t been the same for me. They’ve lost that passion I so respected. When I see concert footage, they seem so complacent and going through the motions. In other words, not only do I miss their “fire in their belly” sonically, they also have visually. Sorry, with as many bands as there are out there, and increasing in numbers, plus ticket prices-I’m out, I expect more from said icons.

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