Oblivious Signal is a sure winner

     I had the opportunity to assign an eager young man, Simon Arnet to cover a show for me and here is his coverage:

Simon Arnet, On Assignment for The Hellion Rocks!

Invoking the likes of Kamelot and progressive bands of old, Oblivious Signal is a sure winner.

Good Female Fronted Heavy Metal and simply good Heavy Metal is a unique find these days and for good bands you must look to Europe, no longer. When I first heard Oblivious Signal I was blown away by the technical competency and confidence of the band. A venue mix up is never an easy thing (two shows were combined into one), yet somehow Oblivious Signal managed to maintain the attention of Hardcore and Death Metal bands (all of them extremely fun) alike showing the breadth and depth their music can have on people.
Oblivious Signal is good, very good. They move around on stage, interact with the crowd and throw fists up in the air invoking the old days of hair metal with postmodern clarity and a sense of what really makes them special.  The vocalist Cristina has an incredible range, her highs will shock you and lows confound you. This band will be big, and deserves attention along with the greats of Symphonic and Progressive Metal like Kamelot, Nightwish, Gamma Ray and Epica.
The Blu Phoenix Venue “The Compound 2” is a brand new venue in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They set this show up amongst great difficulty and confusion, managed to combine a hardcore crowd with a heavy metal crowd. A smoke machine glitch was fixed within reasonable time, given the situations of the event, all the staff were extremely helpful and kind. Blu Phoenix will be having much bigger crowds in the future and more bands. The Blu Phoenix is a wide open space with a nice motor pool in the back, lots of room and great sound and lighting. No food or beer is available at the venue as of yet. High Road Publicity made everything work like clockwork.
Oblivious Signal is well educated, most of them have master’s degrees, that probably has to do something with their sound. The way they work together, write material and perform on stage. This band has a sound that pulls you in, sweeping rifts, a bit of pop and Viking influence. You can tell they’re fans of Amon Amarth in their intros. What Oblivious Signal has is complexity towards their music. The guitarist Nick is an excellent soloist and worthy of any guitar endorsement. The bassist Greg is just wonderful, and will blow your mind, the drummer Jason maintains a steady rhythm throughout the set. Onstage and off Oblivious Signal was a joy to work with, Mike the Merchant was really passionate about supporting the band and everyone at the show. I look forward to seeing them grow and thrive.

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A Special Thanks and big shout out to the Hellion Rocks for sponsoring this assignment and getting my name out there! -Simon
      it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!
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