Blaze Ya Dead Homie

the Hellion here,

When I am asked to cover a show I do my best to make that happen. I was unable to get to this one so I reached out to one of my minions who did a bang up job covering it.


An outsider looking in, the misunderstood Juggalo from the perspective of a metalhead.

The Hellion’s Horsemen

Nothing but kindness and love.

When I was asked to cover a Juggalo concert, and Blaze Ya Dead Homie at that, I at first rejected the assignment on previous biases and lack of information about who the Juggalo’s really were. However, a good friend of mine turned out to be a big Juggalo fan convinced me to go with her so I took the assignment, and was glad I did. I received nothing but kindness and love.

The Juggalo’s are super passionate about Horrorcore, the atmosphere was definitely intense in the pits but everyone generally had a good vibe, in fact people who started drama were called out. “THIS MOTHER FUCKER RIGHT HERE!!!”  Followed by “WHOOP!!!! WHOOP!!!!” as security took them out.

When I wanted to get to the front, they made room for me and smiled as they caught a few glimpses of the work I was creating for them. I am glad I had my Juggalo friend with me to help understand the culture of the Jugallo that seems so misunderstood.

The Music was a downright wonder, it’s easy to see how the Juggalo fan base has grown so much and why the music garners such intense passion from its fans. The only Juggalo song I had heard before this concert was the ICP tune Miracles and was confused by it probably because I’m not a Juggalo even though I enjoyed the video and thought the beats were neat.

Heavy Beats, a unique sound, the lyrics are equally as intense as the music with extremely controversial subjects. It’s like, the movie Halloween (the original) in lyrical form. I really enjoyed the intensity, and energy of Blaze, Lex, Trilogy, DJ Stigmata, and illNickEll. Yesterday was a good lesson. I certainly plan on doing a little more after gig research, and a bit more listening

Blaze’s performance was unquestionably a hit. He is a well thought out MC, he works the crowd and the crowd loves him. One women was in tears over his performance. The light, the magic and the swing of his groove was downright inspiring. You could hear his passion for his role and who he is. The subject matter, and his persona along with his label, calling out his ninja’s and family. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the Juggalo’s, their brand and labels if you get the chance to see a concert. Take it. I have been to many concerts. I will remember this one for years to come.

I’m thankful for the opportunity. The Juggalo is a bit less mysterious to me now, and hopefully for others as well. Ya’all were super kind and have some real talent.

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