D.R.I.that’s right!!!

D.R.I continues to pack venue’s!

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles has continued to be an independent power house in the crossover genre, bringing together thrashers, punks, skinheads and metalheads alike. The demographic at the Launchpad in Albuquerque, New Mexico was no different than to be expected, and 2016 makes no difference in D.R.I’s astonishing ability to continue selling out venue’s. The Launchpad was packed, and rightfully so, D.R.I just nailed it.

D.R.I had some new songs for us that night as the filled out venue screamed and yelled these new tracks fit right in with everything else D.R.I has done, and that’s not a bad thing. Like AC/DC, D.R.I knows and respects its audience and has an incredible following. The bass, amazing and fantastic guitar work and a new drummer! Who, amazingly could keep up with the high energy of the crowd, Kurt and the rest of team D.R.I!

Monsta, exactly. That fits him and is how he introduced himself to me at the end of the concert. Cool as fuck, down to earth and extremely approachable D.R.I has found a winner. Monsta could absolutely keep a steady beat, and inject energy into the crowd. You could already see D.R.I relying on him for timing, and trusting him. It’s everything you could hope for in a new Drummer.

It’s a ripe time for D.R.I to be releasing new material, Thrash has grown extremely popular over the years, and the new material sounded excellent. Continue watching The Hellion Rocks for details on the New EP release, Album and hopefully an interview! D.R.I is on tour, so get tickets while you can before they aren’t available!


-The Hellion’s Horsemen!

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it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

-the HellionKurtThe Hellion Rocks 1

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