Rock N’ Roll has been my longest friend. It has been with me through good times, and bad. It seems that in recent times people have forgotten about the spirit of the music. Rock N’ Roll music used unify us in a common bond. We used to gather, enjoy the music, and enjoy the companionship of others. Let’s spread the word and get back to the brotherhood of Rock N’ Roll music. Look for my blogs here about new and upcoming bands as well as nods to the ones who have led us here.

the Hellion

James ‘the Hellion” Anaya, founder, editor, writer, photographer

Charlie M.F. Owens- contributor/writer

Randy Norris – contributor/writer

Timothy March – Photojournalist, writer (NM)

Mike Araiza – photojournalist, writer (NM)

Simon Arnet – photojournalist, writer (NM)

Shane Manning – Texas correspondent

Shane Jones – New Zealand correspondent

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