Talkin’ with UFO bassist Rob De Luca

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Having been a long time UFO fan, I jumped at the chance to sit down with bassist Rob De Luca. I have had Rob on my radar for a few years now and was excited to learn of his addition to the UFO lineup. We had a great conversation and are sharing it with you here:

     Thanks to Rob, UFO, and Jon Freeman for making this happen. Be sure to check out the new UFO release “A Conspiracy Of Stars”.

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Rock N’ Roll!!!

     -the Hellion



     Sometimes you stumble upon a band that gets in your head and takes up residency. Crows Cage has been the house band in my head for a few weeks now. If I had only two words to describe “Forgiven Sins” they would be: groove laden. Crows Cage consists of   EJ (vocals), Aaron (guitar), Tommy (bass), and Clint (drums). One of the signs of a good CD for me is when you put it on you do not skip tracks, trust me you will NOT want to miss a single track on this. Another sign is that when the CD finishes the first thing that comes to mind is “It’s over already?” As far as standout tracks go “American Monster”, “Grindstone”, “Fly”, and “Skin” quickly come to mind. To describe the sound of Crows Cage, it has familiar elements to it, and yet they have a sound that is distinctly their own. Dark, brooding, dirty, and infectious. Crows Cage is an awesome new find for your ears. Here is a link to their video for “Grindstone” :

     You can find Crows Cage on Facebook at: and on their website: do your ears a favor and check these guys out and support a hard working independent band!

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

the Hellion