Orchid “Under The Influence…” video trailer with Keith Nickel posted online‏

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“The Mouths Of Madness” out May 14 on Nuclear Blast

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – San Francisco, Calif. doom rocker, Orchid, has released a video trailer featuring bass player Keith Nickel talking about his musical influences and its effect on the upcoming album, The Mouths Of Madnesshttp://youtu.be/Wn_rn9xLEbQ.


The Mouths Of Madness is due out May 14, 2013 via Nuclear Blast.


Pre-order your CD/Vinyl copy via: http://smarturl.it/Orchid.


As an appetizer for The Mouths Of Madness, Orchid recently released the exclusive 10″ vinyl EP ‘Wizard Of War,’ containing a brand new track, a rare bonus track as well as one song off the band’s stunning debut album Capricorn. The EP can also be purchased via the above link.

Check out the lyric video for “Wizard of War” on YouTube

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01. Mouths of Madness
02. Marching Dogs of War
03. Silent One
04. Nomad
05. Mountains of Steel
06. Leaving It All Behind
07. Loving Hand of God
08. Wizard of War
09. See You on the Other Side

Carrying the 70’s-doom-hard-rock vibe to a new level of intensity and adding new facets to the work of art, Orchid has succeeded in staying true to its roots while refining its trademark sound at the same time.


The Mouths of Madness instrumental recordings, split into two separate sessions, were done in Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, Calif. (Dead Kennedys, Mr. Bungle, Joe Satriani, Exodus) as well as in Laughing Tiger Studios, San Rafael, Calif. (Santana, Sammy Hagar), before long-time producer and engineer Will Storkson and his home studio came into play, where the vocals were tracked.


The Mouths of Madness was mastered by Richard Whittaker, who also took care of the latest Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy rereleases/analogue transfers. The legendary producer had this to say: “I’ve been a huge fan of Orchid since I first heard their debut EP back in 2009, and they’ve certainly come a long way since then. So, as you can imagine, to be asked to work with Orchid on their records was an honor and a pleasure.


The Mouths Of Madness is such a well-crafted and awe inspiring album. Sonically, it’s 1974 meets 2013 which, for me, takes the Sabath/Pentagram vibe to a whole new level.”


Stay tuned for more information on Orchid and The Mouths Of Madness.

Orchid online…




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Under The Influence w/ Mark Thomas Baker:

Album trailer 1: 

Album trailer 2: 
“Capricorn” music video: 


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Theo Mindell – Vocals
Carter Kennedy – Drums
Mark Thomas Baker – Guitar
Keith Nickel – Bass

DOWN and WARBEAST Announce 2013 U.S. Tour Dates – “The Weed & Speed Tour: West Coast Throwdown in the Year of XIII”


WARBEAST Set to Release New Full Length Album ‘Destroy’ in Early 2013


Louisiana heavy metal marvel DOWN and Texas thrashers WARBEAST are pleased to announce several U.S. tour dates in 2013. The upcoming tour, dubbed “The Weed & Speed Tour: West Coast Throwdown in the Year of XIII”, will kick off on January 11, 2013 in Houston, TX at Warehouse Live. The tour will make its way through several states, coming to a close on February 1st in Chattanooga, TN at Track 29.


Before the start of the tour, WARBEAST will headline the War of the Gargantuas release party show on January 5th at The Rail Club in Fort Worth, TX. See directly below for all currently released tour dates.


DOWN and WARBEAST 2013 U.S. Tour Dates:

1/5 – Fort Worth, TX @ The Rail Club (WARBEAST ONLY, War of the Gargantuas Release Show)

1/11 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live – Ballroom

1/12 – San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live

1/14 – Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee

1/15 – Las Vegas, NV @ Fremont Country Club

1/16 – West Hollywood, CA @ Key Club

1/18 – Anaheim, CA @ City National Grove of Anaheim

1/19 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades

1/20 – San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom

1/22 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox at the Market

1/23 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater

1/24 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory Concert House

1/26 – Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall

1/28 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue

1/29 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave

1/30 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s

2/1 – Chattanooga, TN @ Track 29



DOWN vocalist PHILIP ANSELMO and WARBEAST recently announced that they will be releasing a new split album entitled War of the Gargantuas. The split will be released on January 8, 2012 via Housecore Records and will include two songs from each artist. This album serves as the first release of any solo work by PHILIP ANSELMO during the span of his nearly 30-year legacy. Also, the twoWARBEAST tracks on the split feature former bassist Alan Bovee before his amicable departure from the band. Since then, Dre Karst has joined on bass.


WARBEAST also recently announced the upcoming release of their second full-length album, Destroy. The album is scheduled to be released in early 2013 via Housecore Records and is currently in the mastering stages. Stay tuned for more information on Destroy coming very soon.








     The Sword did a very cool thing with the release of WARP RIDERS. They filmed a trilogy of very cool videos for the songs “Tres Brujas”, “Lawless Lands” , and “Nigth City” . Directed by Artificial Army, these videos have a cool vintage sci-fi look to them and I enjoy the hell out of them and thought you might as well. Check them out and tell me what you think!

Part one: “Tres Brujas”

Part two: “Lawless Lands”

Part three: “Night City”


the Hellion





1. The Veil Of Isis
2. Cloak Of Feathers
3. Arcane Montane
4. The Hidden Masters
5. Dying Earth
6. Execrator
7. Seven Sisters
8. Hawks & Serpents
9. Eyes Of The Stormwitch
10. Apocryphon

J. D. Cronise – vocals, guitar, production
Kyle Shutt – guitar, production
Bryan Richie – bass, synthesizers, production
Santiago “Jimmy” Vela III – drums, percussion, production

     In 2006 I picked up Age Of Winters based on the cover art and song titles. I put the CD in my player and was hooked, and I wondered why I wasn’t hearing The Sword on the radio. Oh yeah, not on the corporate play list. I have been a listener ever since and eagerly await each new release. Apocryphon came out on Oct. 2012 and is a slam dunk as expected. Dark, brooding, and HEAVY, this CD deserves to be played at 11 and no less. I am sad to see orginal drummer Trivett Wingo leave the band however new drummer  Santiago “Jimmy” Vela III fills in quite well. The songs are tight and well thought out giving the CD a nice flow.  I feel that with each subsequent release the band continues to grow and perfect its craft. I have only been fortunate to see them once live on support of Metallica’s Death Magnetic Tour in 2008 and they kicked my ass then, so hopefully they come near me on this tour. I HIGHLY recommend catching them if you can. At the least go to your local record store and pick up some CDs and you will NOT be disappointed. Stand out tracks for me are: “The Veil Of Isis” , ” Execrator”, “Hawks & Serpents”, and “Eyes Of The Stormwitch” . Here is the link to the lyric video for “Eyes Of The Stormwitch”:

Another kick ass band for ya!

the Hellion




It truly is a small world. Several years ago I attended a show and was fortunate to meet the guys in Texas Hippie Coalition. I kept my eyes and ears on them since then. There were a few lineup changes in THC and that was where Craw first came to my attention. He subsequently left THC and fell off of my radar. Enter my friend Alan Scott. Alan is a local jewelry/leather craftsman who has made pieces for many varied artists and celebrities. He told me a bout a band called Die Hard Til Death. I became friends with the bassist Kurt Arft who in turn told about his friend Craw who was now playing with All Hail The Yeti. Kurt helped us to get in touch and I was able to do this interview. I put together some questions and emailed them to Craw. He sent back his answers and yet I felt I needed something more so we got to talk on the phone one evening. Craw rang me up and I went outside and sat on the tailgate of my pickup under the stars and got to know Craw a little bit. We had a lot of similar musical tastes in some Outlaw Country and talked about how much we both enjoyed the “soul” in some of the artists in the past. I asked him about touring and what their plans were. All Hail The Yeti will be playing a few shows until the holidays and then after maybe some touring. I also asked about how the name came to be He said that Connor came up with it…that’ll wait for another interview. Now, let’s get to know Craw:

  •      Tell me about where you come from and where you grew up? What was the music like?

     Craw: I grew up in South Louisiana in a small town surrounded by bayous, crawfish ponds, duck blinds, and deer stands. Where most folks come from struggle and are proud of their last name, culture, and the things they have worked hard for…mainly offshore workers, farmers, plant workers, and fisherman. As hard as they work they can party even harder and ‘pass a good time’ HAHA C’mon… Louisiana is full of great music: Zydeco, Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock/Metal, we cover all the bases down home and I am fortunate to grow up around all of it. 

Music is such a part of my life on multiple levels it is part of my DNA I think. What is it about music that infected your soul?

Craw:  The way music has infected my soul? Brother I don’t know one person that doesn’t use music as a way to deal with the stress of this strange world we live in every day… Music is an amazing gift given to us; it can be your shoulder to cry on during the worst of times, or it can lift your spirits and bring everyone together during the best of times. Can I get an Amen!!

What was it that drove you to pick up an instrument and learn to play?
Craw:  Well I’ve always had an instrument in my hand, both of my parents were musicians. My father was a helluva singer and guitar picker and my mother has the voice of an angel and is a very poetic songwriter…it’s in the blood. On my mother’s side, “Thibodeaux”, we have the fiddle players and on my father’s side, ‘’NeQuent”, is the accordion players. A lot of my family members can play an instrument or sing… 

A lot of artists do not start out playing the instruments they end up playing. Was guitar your first choice?
 Craw:  Guitar was my first choice absolutely. Even though my folks were separated early in my life both of them had a guitar layin around the house… In school I played saxophone and dabbled in other instruments, but I always had a love for guitar.

Were you able to take any formal  lessons or did you dig in to your inner spirit and learn by ear?

Craw:  Never had formal lessons as a kid, but we lived n a trailer house out in the woods. My step father and mother would invite friends and family to the house for cookouts, crawfish boils, and bbq’s. They always had a couple of acoustics jammin some blues/southern rock tune, a country song everyone could sing along to, or playin along with the radio. I was very lucky to have these people show me lil chords, parts of songs, and tricks. Later I would listen to the radio and figure out the tuning before the second verse. I would try to play along; I didn’t realize then, but I was playing by ear and learning to pick up pretty quick.

I love all music but I can readily identify with the music of the late 60’s and 70’s. Is there any “era” of music that appeals to you more than others?

Craw: It’s hard to say a specific era? I love music that dates back from 1930’s to the present…but my favorite “genre” is hands down Outlaw Country. I can listen to Waylon and Willie all day long.

Who are some of the artists that inspire you to this day?

Craw:  Good question how much time ya got… Let’s kick back a few cold ones and I’ll try to fire em all off to ya before one of us passes out! It will be you.

Ha ha, I’m gonna hold you to that one brother. You are probably right in your assumption on that. When was that you started playing in your first band?
Craw:  When I was in High School, I convinced a of couple friends to play cover tunes and write songs. I always wanted to have a band of brothers just playin music. I was into sports, dirt bikes, hunting and fishing; all that changed once I got into a band. All I wanted to do with any free time was practice and play shows, I was obsessed!

Were you in many bands? I’ll bet there were some mixed experiences and many lessons learned from them.

Craw:  I can count them on both hands… Man what didn’t I learn from these bands and experiences? Haha, and I will always have great memories of all the musicians I met and will continue to share the stage with. It has been a blessing to meet life-long friends through music.




What can you tell me about the origins of All Hail The yeti?

     Craw:  Connor started this band with a love for Sludge and Doom Metal bands from Southern Louisiana and influences from his favorite bands growing up, not just metal but all genres. He has found brothers who share the same passion and drive for this kind of music, and we love what we create… All of us share stories of bands we grew up on and the energy is still there like it was the first time we discovered them!! I will get goose bumps just talking about a concert back in the day or a part in a song, crazy isn’t it?

I hear ya brother and now the feeling exactly. I have heard the term “Whiskey Metal” used to describe All Hail The Yeti. What’s that all about?

 Craw:  Come watch a live show… best way to explain it brother…

I love the “sound” of All Hail The Yeti how did you guys develop that sound? Does it all start with a jam session and songs all pulled from that? Or does each member bring pieces in and go from there?

   Craw:  It’s one helluva Gumbo bruh… Ingredients of our influences mixed with jam sessions and bits n pieces from each member thrown together in one pot. I love watching the magic happen when creating a song.

I am always on the lookout for new artists to check out how about you? Anything new caught your ear lately?

     Craw:  I really stick with my old favorites, y’know? The guys in the band are always showing me new artists they are up to date on; all kinds of new shit like Ghost, a band from Sweden called Graveyard, Haarp, to name a few..

Some people are surprised at what they find in my music collection. Is there anything surprising to others in yours?

Craw:  Not really I’m stuck in my ways man. I love listening to old records and I still have a CD player in my truck so it’s the same damn outlaw country mix, blues mix, or the same damn rock metal mix HAHA. Lawd, someone “pimp my ride” so I can be up to date.

If you were offered a chance to give a lecture to people trying to break into the music industry, what would that include?

 Craw:  I’m still learning and watching this business change every day so I couldn’t lecture anyone. If someone was passionate and was honestly asking for my advice, I would tell them my journey, from start to present, and hopefully they can take from it and apply it to their dreams…and they all have my respect for getting out there and trying.

The floor is yours brother, close this out with whatever you want to say to the readers.

Craw:  Well I appreciate all the questions and those who are taking the time to read this interview. As some people try to be the “Biggest, Baddest, King, Queen” etc… Haha? I’m happy to just be “alive and kickin” and living my dream. It’s not the automobile ya drive, or how fat the wallet is, or who ya know to me. It’s what’s inside and where your heart is. My heart is where it needs to be: in music, and it has led me to meet amazing friends and extended family that I will always hold close to me. Find your happy place and have fun with your life while ya can. See you on the road, I love you all…Craw

What a great interview, thanks Craw. I plan on staying in touch with this for a LONG LONG time. Check out the video for “The Art Of Mourning” by All Hail The Yeti:

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