Finding strength through adversity- guitarist Randy “the Arsonist” Cooper

photo courtesy of Randy Cooper's Facebook page

photo courtesy of Randy Cooper’s Facebook page

I first met Randy a few years ago at a show in NM. We hit it off and have remained friends and stayed in contact ever since. In getting to know Randy and the strength and tenacity he possesses has been inspiring to say the least. While life has seen fit to try and throw roadblocks ( there have been several and they shall remain personal out of respect for Randy) at him he blasts through them like a rock n’ roll juggernaut.

When I first bore witness to the performing and playing style of Randy I was blown away. It was obvious that he was inspired by the late great Dimebag (if you look closely at his headstock you will see two dimes, message me if you don’t get the reference) and yet he remained true to his own style of playing. Straight up in your ears power coupled with thoughtful melodies are what Randy shares with us in his music.


I have seen Randy move on with his life and career in a positive way. He recently added his talent to the band Emperors And Elephants. I have really come to like this band and their straight up sound. Here’s taste for ya:

    Randy you continue to inspire and give me hope, thank you my dear friend.

     he’s loud, he’s on fire, he’s Randy “the Arsonist” Cooper!

    the Hellion

My conversation with Emperors And Elephants drummer Jason Meudt




Very lucky to have the opportunity to speak with drummer Jason Meudt from Emperors And Elephants. Great conversation and we could have spoken all day. We spoke about the new release ‘Devil In The Lake’ and even premiered a track “Your Will”. Here’s the link for your enjoyment:

     Their new CD ‘Devil In The Lake’ has just dropped and you can pick it up world wide


     Emperors And Elephants are on the web find them at: and


     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s EMPERORS AND ELEPHANTS!

     the Hellion



1. Bring It Down
2. Who You Are
3. Your Will
4. Man Of God
5. Locust
6. Hit Of Red
7. Deep Sleep
8. Change
9. Wicked Game
10. Ghost In The Mirror
11. You And I
12. M.O.G.- Dupermang Remix

     The Rock N’Roll  onslaught of 2014 continues with the release of ‘Devil In The Lake’ by Emperors And Elephants. Emperors And Elephants hit my radar when my friend, guitarist Randy Cooper, informed me that he had joined forces with them. I eagerly awaited news from this collaboration and read everything I could find. Now the fruits of their hard work have come to light as they unveil ‘Devil In The Lake’ to the world.

I have read other reviews comparing them to this band or that band, there will be none of that here. While you can hear certain influences in the music of Emperors And Elephants they remain unique in their sound.  There are elements of Southern Rock riffs to full on blazing Metal. I am not going to list who I feel their influences are I will leave that up to you and your ears.

Emperors And Elephants is  Jesse Andrews – vocals, Jason Meudt – drums, Jeph Stiph – guitars, Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper – guitars,and Ron “Stoppable”Vanders – bass a truly tight unit built for Rock N’ Roll.


‘Devil In The Lake’ reaches out and sinks its sonic awesomeness into your ears right out of the gate with opening track “Bring It Down”, and by the the time you get to the closing notes of “M.O.G. Dupermang Remix”, you will come to realize you have become infected with the need to listen to the record all over again.

The guitar work that is found on ‘Devil In The Lake’ is top-notch. Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper and Jeph Stiph give us some riffage that dreams are made of. Beautiful acoustic, dirty Southern Rock grooves, to ear bleeding shred it’s all here on ‘Devil In The Lake’. Their trade-off licks remind me of some of the great guitar duos of Rock N’ Roll. You can distinctly hear their individual styles on the record though as each show their style of playing.

Jesse Andrews vocal work makes me ask “Where the hell has this guy been hiding?” Powerful is an understatement with Jesse on ‘Devil In The Lake’. Clean melodic work to bone rattling screams give your ears delight throughout. One of the things that draws me into a vocalist is the ability to inject emotional feeling into their vocals. Jesse imparts emotion and then some here, you truly feel when you listen to him sing.

Ron “Stoppable”Vanders provides the bottom end to Emperors And Elephants on ‘Devil In The Lake’ solid and the style that is needed on a record like this. Ron has the ability to lock into the groove of the song and get your head nodding, in my opinion a good bassist does just that. I love closing my eye and focusing in on the bass lines on this record.

The drums of a record are like a heartbeat to me. Jason Meudt gives ‘Devil In The Lake’ its heartbeat and then some. Another thing a bout a record I love is the ability of the drums to accelerate your own heartbeat and get your adrenaline pumping. No needless flashiness here, just some solid Rock N’ Roll drumming. Jason provides the foundation upon which ‘Devil In The Lake’ is built.

Clocking in at around 46 minutes the 12 songs on ‘Devil In The Lake’ are all enjoyable, yet there are a few that stand out to me. “Bring It Down”, “Man Of God”, “Deep Sleep”, “Change”, “Ghost In The Mirror” all just have that je ne sais quoi about them. Give them a listen and you” see why.

Production wise the ‘Devil In The Lake’ is clean and mean. Levels and clarity are stellar across the board and the CD stands up to being played at levels that will let your neighbors on the block enjoy it as well.

I was just speaking to Randy Cooper as I was writing this and he is excited for the world to hear it and he is proud as hell of the band and the work they accomplished here. I have to say “Randy, you’ve found your groove brother.”

My final thoughts on ‘Devil In The Lake’ are this, 2014 is gonna be a great year for Rock N’ Roll music, and bands like Emperors And Elephants are on the font lines leading the charge. This a record that all lovers of straight up, Rock N’ Roll music need in their collection.  15 out of ten stars right here, it’s that good. Thanks Jesse, Jason, Randy, Jeph, and Ron for making a record that is enjoyable start to finish. Now, bring it out on the road!

Find Emperors And Elephants online at: and

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Emperors And Elephants!

-the Hellion