Special Announcement: WORNSTAR CLOTHING has a new secret weapon. Kurt Arft officially joins the Wornstar team as GM. Kurt has been a big supporter since the beginning and has volunteered his time over the past couple of years and stepped up to help Stephen and Sylvia without question. He’s been a true loyal friend so it was easy to bring him on board as an essential piece to our ever growing puzzle. Join us in officially welcoming Kurt to the team. www.facebook.com/kurt.arft

     I want to personally congratulate my good friend Kurt. There is no one more deserving than this hard working guy! I know he will take Wornstar even further than they have already gone! I am a Wornstar for life!!!

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion

WORNSTAR ROCK & ROLL CLOTHING COMPANY Steps Into MMA Arena with The “Wornstar Immortals” MMA Line‏

WORNSTAR ROCK & ROLL CLOTHING COMPANY Steps Into MMA Arena with The “Wornstar Immortals” MMA Line


Wornstar Clothing’s CEO and chief-designer—Stephen Jensen—is proud to unleash the new WORNSTAR IMMORTALS line upon the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) culture and the world.

Jensen says, “I’m a big fan of MMA and had a huge opportunity to start pushing the Wornstar line into the MMA realm locally, here in Chicago. I wanted to add to our rock & roll styles and start doing designs that are geared more to the MMA “feel” that MMA fans like myself are wearing. So, we created new designs based on this sport and launched, WORNSTAR IMMORTALS. This is Wornstar’s official MMA branch. We wanted to get some fighters on board to try out the new line and recently, Bellator MMA Featherweight Champion of the World—Pat Curran—approached us and told us how much he loved the look and feel of our brand and how much he wanted to represent our line. Wornstar got behind Pat Curran and made him our first spokesperson for the WORNSTAR IMMORTALS line. I’m excited to announce that Pat Curran will be wearing and debuting WORNSTAR IMMORTALS clothing on April 4th when defends his belt against Shahbulat Shamhalaev live on Spike TV!”

Be sure to tune into Bellator MMA on SPIKE TV on April 4th to watch Pat Curran defend his belt against Shahbulat Shamhalaev. Curran will be sportingWORNSTAR IMMORTALS clothing at this fight. For more info, please visit: http://fcfighter.com/post/pat-curran-to-defend-bellator-featherweight-crown-versus-shahbulat-shamhalaev-april-4th


About Wornstar: At Wornstar, we’ve always liked clothes that feel like a second skin, like they’re “worn in.” The whole goal with Wornstar is to make clothing that you WANT to wear, that you’re comfortable in, and that looks cool. We seek the highest quality materials when we craft our clothing.

Since we love music and work with a lot of artists, we also wanted to make shirts that are cool to wear on stage, and have artist’s genuinely embrace the brand, forthe brand. We want that same, “cool appeal” to meet the tastes of our customers. Wornstar is established with the mindset to be a long-standing and classic name.Wornstar strives to be anything but typical, we create designs that appeal to fans and artists of all genres…bridging gaps between hard rock and metal to country and hip-hop with our clothing all with the common thread of American rock & roll. Quality is paramount and Wornstar is all about having “nice feeling” clothes that are really comfortable and that you want to wear every day. We want to make your favorite shirt and we’re continuing to make everything better all the time. –WORNSTAR

Be sure to check out the official WORNSTAR IMMORTALS line and the entire WORNSTAR line at: www.wornstar.com.




     Wornstar clothing had me hooked by the get go. My good friend Adz Redpath from the band Darksite brought them to my attention. He wore their clothing onstage and swore by it.


     As I looked into getting some Wornstar clothing, I found that I knew several people who also wore their clothes and in turn, I helped others to find out about them and start wearing them as well.

        Kurt Arft                               John Exall                             Martin Tully       the Hellion


      Mark Voykin


     These guys are just a few of the people I know that wear Wornstar Clothing. I find their products to be of the highest quality and their service world class. The attention to detail is amazing and the support of their customers is awe inspiring. Let’s learn a little about Wornstar from their site:

     Wornstar Rock n’ Roll Clothing for Rock Stars and Fans

Originally conceived in 2002 by Sylvia and Stephen Jensen, Wornstar Clothing was launched. Wornstar grew out of Sylvia’s 15 years of experience styling rock star photo shoots for her husband Stephen’s entertainment design and photography studio, F3 Studios. Beginning as altered clothing for photo shoots and album covers, Sylvia’s work quickly gained the attention of Stephen’s Rock Star clients and led to creating custom pieces for them to wear in front of the camera and on stage. Stephen had designed merchandise graphics for his rock star clients and several companies and even some other apparel companies and decided that starting a line with his wife was a natural extension of F3 Studios.

Stephen is responsible for designing guitars and graphics for Dimebag Darrell, Dave Mustaine, Shaun Glass, Corey Beaulieu, and more; album graphics for Dirge Within, Soil, A.M. Conspiracy and many others as well as created amazing artwork and ads for music industry manufacturers. Stephen is also known for his amazing photography and you can learn more about him on his website blog at


This proven combination made the foundation of what Wornstar Clothing is all about.

The Wornstar Clothing line is a combination of exclusive graphic clothing and customized recycled clothing. Our goal is to make clothing for the rock n roll life style that is cool to look at and comfortable to wear. Every piece on this website can be purchased as is or customized to fit your taste and needs, or we can even design something from scratch specifically for you. Wornstar will be constantly updated, changing and evolving, so check back often.

Please visit our onlinestore for wear ready custom clothing or use the contact form to submit a request. http://www.Wornstar.com/

• Image Consulting
• Styling & Wardrobe Coordination
• Custom Clothing featuring designs by
Stephen Jensen, F3 Studios
• Custom Recycled Clothing
• Set Design
• Photography, Hair and Make-up, Design and Printing coordination

     Great people, great clothing, great company. Whether you are a performer, or just want to step up your game, you cannot go wrong with Wornstar clothing. Do yourself a favor and check them out and get noticed!

the Hellion