Emperors and Elephants is releasing the debut album January 21st!!! Stayed tuned here for exclusive updates and news!!!

wanna teaser????:

     are YOU ready?

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s EMPERORS AND ELEPHANTS!!!

     -the Hellion

Ted Nugent, Shotgun Rebellion, AND Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper!!!

     I just received this press release courtesy of SHOTGUN REBELLION:


“OK Corral 2013 – the Legend, the Dean, and the Gunslinger”

Every music lover has that one show that they’ll never forget. That one ticket stub that they hold in prized reverence. The show that led to stories they’ll still be telling in the old folks home.

This will be one of those shows…

At the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City on August 25th, three stellar guitarists will be on display; the Gunslinger Rick Davis, the Dean Randy Cooper, and the Legend Ted Nugent.

As the style of southern metal continues to grow, one of the fastest rising and dominant bands to emerge is “Shotgun Rebellion”. Built by the rebel soul of Davis and influential and creative bassist Jon Parr; “SGR” has taken over, driven hard by the power and thundering Johni Walker on drums and leaving audiences amazed.

As “SGR” toured the southern regions, a brotherhood was cemented with current “Emperors & Elephants” and former “Texas Hippie Coalition” guitarist Randy Cooper during the dozens of shows they shared.

With “THC”, Randy helped spread the outlaw metal style across Europe and South America on one of his many custom Dean guitars.

Knowing that playing a show with Nugent was a bucket list item also with Cooper, as soon as DCF Concerts announced that “Shotgun Rebellion” had been selected as the opener, “SGR” reached out to their southern brother for a guest appearance.

As if a night with one of outlaw metal’s top acts featuring two of the genres best guitarists wasn’t enough, the legendary motor city madman Ted Nugent himself takes the stage. Playing a full set showcasing some of rock’s most classic anthems, Nugent defines the image and sets the standard for guns and guitars.

For one night, and one night only, Oklahoma City’s Diamond Ballroom becomes a shrine to the six string. “Shotgun Rebellion” come all blazing with Rick Davis, Jon Parr, and Johni Walker, with special guest appearance from Randy Cooper; supporting a no holds barred headlining performance from Ted Nugent. For one night Rick and Randy team up to become the Arsenal!

..the Legend, the Dean, and the Gunslinger…see it all live !!!

– Jon Parr

Guitarist Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper talks about past, present, and the future.



I met Randy a few years back and was amazed by his playing and his style. I stayed in sort of a disjointed contact with him through the internet throughout that time. I found out in passing that we shared some common friends in the music world. Randy even played on my good friends Scattered Hamlets’ new release Skeleton Dixie. Randy and I finally caught up and had a great conversation about the events in his life. Enjoy and leave some feedback!

      it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion

Chad Erickson’s CARVED ROCK LEATHER!!!

     I have met many great people in the music community Chad Erickson is one of them. He has made awesome leather works for a lot of people in the music world. He recently made a custom leather cuff for me with the Hellion logo. Check out his page and give him a like at:

Adam Joad from Scattered Hamlet guitar strap.

Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper guitar strap

the Hellion custom cuff

custom strap for Justin Manning from Crowned By Fire!

Guitarist Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper joins forces with Emperors And Elephants


     Some KILLER news!!! Guitarist Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper joins forces with Hard Rockers Emperors And Elephants!!! More details soon!! Head over to the Randy Cooper Crew page to stay in the loop!!!


Albuquerque NM – March 1st – Come one, Come ALL!!!


     Coming up on March 1st here in Albuquerque NM there is going to be a stellar alignment of Rock N’ Roll. Three of Rocks greatest newcomers will be playing a show like no other. Rusty Tramp, Scattered Hamlet, and Scars Blue!!!




     Even if you can’t make the show, check out these AWESOME bands, like their pages and SPREAD THE WORD!!!

the Hellion


Scattered Hamlet - Skeleton Dixie CD cover

Scattered Hamlet – Skeleton Dixie CD cover

Talking with Adam Joad about their forthcoming CD release, Skeleton Dixie. The conversation even went on to talk about other cool stuff. Give a listen and feel your inner “Hillbilly Harmony”

Adam outside the Whisky

Adam outside the Whisky


     Here’s the interview link:


Scattered Hamlet - Skeleton Dixie CD cover

Scattered Hamlet – Skeleton Dixie CD cover


under the pale moonlight in the Appalachian woods there was a stirring. The deep-throated rumble of an engine awoke the Appalachian Apostle from his slumber. The sound of boot heels approached as he grabbed his shotgun. The Appalachian Apostle opened his door and saw a shadowy figure leaning against the porch post. “What the hell do you want?” he saw an orange car with a deer skull and a rebel flag plate rumbling in the yard. “They call me the Hell Rider.” the shadowy figure said. “I got a mission for ya. I need ya to spread the word of Skeleton Dixie.” The Apostle stroked his beard and said, “Well alright, but I gotta round-up some friends first. Let’s call down the thunder first.” Thus the adventure begins…….


I recently heard of a meeting between two guys that could change the world. Scattered Hamlet‘s own Adam Joad and Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper. One can only imagine the conversations that took place between them. Here’s a video link for an idea:

 Rebels meeting Rebels


Make sure to go to Scattered Hamlet’s facebook page and give ’em a like. Check out the  Randy Cooper Crew at


Rock on my brethren, Rock on!

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