Adrian Galysh- Tone Poet

Adrian Galysh Tone Poet Cover


1. Resurrects
2. Brick By Brick
3. When You Fall
4. Flying
5. Movie In My Mind
6. Luminae
7. La Dolce Vita
8. Tone Poet
9. Epoch
10. Echoes of El Greco
11. Ur of the Chaldees
12. Spring (The Return)

     I love stumbling onto something new and awesome. Tone Poet by Adrian Galysh is one of those finds. I have been diggin’ on this CD for a little bit now and keep enjoying it over and over. This CD is full of killer riffs and tasty hooks. I had written a review of the CD already but decided to do a rewrite after another listen in my mobile office (my truck).

It is a shame that quality music like Adrian makes has so little mainstream outlets. The world really could use music like Adrian has made on Tone Poet. There is no “fast food” music here, it is all written from the soul and for the love of music.

Songs like “Flying”, “When You Fall”, “Tone Poet”, and “Spring (The Return)” are the tracks that call out to me. The songs on Tone Poet are magical in the way they draw you into the world woven by Adrian Galysh. His music really takes you away to another place where you can leave the mundane world behind.

Melodic, yet powerful is how I would sum up the music of  Tone Poet from Adrian Galysh. The fluidity of his work on the fret-board is hypnotic and magical. If you love music made for the love of music Tone Poet by Adrian Galysh is a necessity in you music collection.


It’s wonderful, it’s melodic, it’s Adrian Galysh!

-the Hellion


An interview with guitarist Adrian Galysh

Adrian Galysh Tone Poet Cover


Sometimes in the midst of the chaos of the world you find a shining jewel. I have found one in the music of Adrian Galysh. This guitarist plays with a passion that will touch you deep within your soul. Listen to the interview and the song “Flying” that is with in it and you will see what I mean.





it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion