I have been listening to the ALL HAIL THE YETI CD for a little bit now. I keep finding little things that I missed before so it keeps growing on me. It is deep and full of passion and power. The craftsmen in this band truly know the tools of their trade. I wish that others would take a chance on some of these new bands and give them the airtime that they are due. Regardless of that I will continue my fight to champion bands like ALL HAIL THE YETI. Like Craw before, Connor has answered some questions for us and given us a peek inside his world. Let’s go see:

1. Music has always been around me. How about you?

Connor: Music has been a part of my life since before I could walk. both my parents are huge music lovers. My older brothers introduced me to Van Halen, Kiss , Def Leppard, and those types of bands in the early 80’s. Then I discovered Motley Crue. From that point forward I was hooked!

2. Did music play an important part of your childhood?

   Connor: My brother and I started going to concerts at an early age. We were fortunate enough to have two older brothers that would take us to big concerts. anything they liked we did also!

3. How did you get into performing?

Connor: It probably started when I was a small child. My brother and I would do air concerts to kiss and Motley Crue. then that turned into having custom wood guitars made for us. Our weekends consisted of pretending to be these larger than life rock n roll stars of that time. From there I got into theater art in high school and loved being someone else in front of strangers. that transformed into performing musically not long after.

4. Did you have any formal music training? Or were you self-taught?

     Connor: I have not. I tried different instruments growing up, but never had the patience to sit it through. I wanted instant results. Being a performer came more naturally to me.

5. Were you in many bands in your career?

     Connor: aside from AHTY I’ve only really had 2 other serious bands. I’ve written and recorded with numerous other musicians, but I’ve kept my own projects pretty minimal in the last 15 years.

6. Have you learned any lessons that helped you along the way?

     Connor: Everyday that I’m allowed to be alive I learn something new. Each moment is a new experience, and being able to understand that and use it for what its worth is the biggest lesson I have ever learned.



7. Tell me about how AHTY came to be.

Connor: AHTY was an idea I had in my mind for years. It just kept stewing. then one day when the timing was right I let it out. The original guitarist and I were talking and he understood what it is that I wanted to do. We started writing songs in a little room in the back of a tattoo studio. Everything from there on just happened the way it should have. Its been a long battle to keep it together after losing members, relationships, and life’s curve-balls. The band is stronger than it has ever been right now. We are in the place we need to be. From here we can only go up. And that’s what I plan to do!

8. How did you come to work with Craw?

 Connor: Craw and I had a mutual friend that told him that we were looking for a guitar player. He called me and we spoke briefly, that night Craw was working at a club in phoenix, and another friend of mines band was playing there and he happened to be wearing one of our shirts. Craw spoke to him and it all seemed to fit! Like fate.

9. What bands are you listening to lately new and old?

 Connor: well shit I cant really say new and old cause a lot of the olde bands are still new bands, so I’ll just tell ya what I’m listening to.
Witchcraft, Graveyard,Junius, Watrain, Haarp, eyehategod, Acid Bath, Crowbar, Asteroid, Katatonia, Down, Dunderbeist, Orange Goblin, fuck this list could go on forever!

10. What is your take on the music scene?

Connor: eghh in this town there is no scene! it’s all just people trying to do whatever it takes to “make” it. which never really happens anymore. I’m sure smaller cities and towns have better scenes than we do. With the state of the music industry in general everything is changing rapidly. You either have to be on top of it or get left behind! So a music scene has turned more into a music gunfight! if you don’t shoot first and have a cooler gun you’re gonna die!

11. What advice do you have for young musicians?

Connor: never listen to people who tell you to quit or give up. Don’t let other people’s negativity get you down. use it to fuel your fire. This isn’t an easy road, it takes years of work and dedication. All these people who are in signed national acts are just people too. they had to start somewhere. There are no super heroes be different, stand out, have integrity!

12. You have 91 countries reading this, the floor is yours speak your mind:


God is but a creation of man

follow us to find yourselves
we are the saviors of truth
and the demise of the holy lies!

Hail the left hand path!
do unto others as you see fit!!

I fully expect All Hail The Yeti to soldier on and become a force in the new music world. Do Yourself a favor and check them out now and watch them grow! Listen to “The Art Of Mourning” :

the Hellion


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