HANK3 Announces TWO New Releases Hitting Stores on October 1, 2013 – New Country DOUBLE ALBUM, “Brothers Of The 4×4” // New Punk Album, 3’s “A Fiendish Threat”‏

HANK3 Announces TWO New Releases Hitting Stores on October 1, 2013

New Country DOUBLE ALBUM, “Brothers Of The 4×4” // New Punk Album, 3’s “A Fiendish Threat”


Upcoming Headline Tour Dates Announced for August/September 2013

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The king of hellbilly, Mr. HANK3 himself, is pleased to announce a triple-threat of new releases, hitting stores October 1, 2013. HANK3 will release a brand new DOUBLE country album, entitled Brothers of the 4×4, and a single punk album, entitled A Fiendish Threat, with his new project “3”.  Brothers of the 4×4 will also be available as a single LP vinyl version, and A Fiendish Threat will be available as a double LP vinyl version.


Recording in his own home and releasing music on his own label, the Megaforce distributed HANK3 Records, allowed Williams complete creative control during the four month period it took to make both records.


Besides living the songs subject matter first, HANK3 sang and played both guitar and drums on the records. As if pulling triple duty wasn’t enough, he engineered, produced, mixed and mastered all the tunes as well.  Not bad for someone who in his own words is dyslexic and has ADD,  ccording to HANK3 “my mind is all over the place”. But even a man talented and driven enough to do (count ’em) seven jobs at once has his limits, so HANK3 has once again assembled a top-notch ensemble of pickers and pluckers for Brothers Of The 4×4 and A Fiendish Threat.


The required stand-up bass holds the low end down at the deft hands of Zach Shedd, with David McElfresh and Billy Contreras whipping razor sharp bows across the fiddle. Daniel Mason handles banjo, with a special guest appearance on “Possum In A Tree” by former National Old-Time Banjo Champion Leroy Troy working his banjo in the old school clawhammer style, while Andy Gibson wrings the sweetest of notes out his stand up steel guitar. Finally, long-time collaborator and fellow multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Johnny Hiland rips his chicken pickin’ guitar to feathers and shreds.


HANK3‘s latest country record is just that- country, and the realness of it shines throughout the record like moonlight hitting a mason jar of corn liquor- it ain’t always the smoothest, and it doesn’t come wrapped in a fancy package, but it’s 100% pure whoop-ass in a bottle that gets the job done quicker and better and reminds you of where you originally came from once you figure out what just hit you. On “Outdoor Plan” he sings of fishing and hunting as a way of life, and it’s a fact that more than one deer and turkey has met its maker at the end of HANK3’s gun’s barrel. The title track, “Brothers of the 4×4” celebrates the wide open full throttle love of off roadin’ and rootin’ in a four wheel drive- the cover of the record shows Williams mud bogging in a custom 4×4, and it’s not some redneck rental- that’s his ride. And because life ain’t always happy, when the heartbreak and hard times cracks through the sonic celebration on songs like “Loners 4 Life” and “Ain’t Broken Down”, it’s because HANK3 is well acquainted with the darker side of life, and not as some tourist. The album is a rich and gritty sounding mixture of sadness, pride, hope- in other words, it’s a great country record.



As mentioned above, HANK3 will head out on a headline tour of select major markets on August 24th. The tour will kick off in Austin, TX at The Austin Bat Fest, and will tour several cities, coming to a close on September 8th in Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade.


With Brothers of the 4×4 and A Fiendish Threat set for release October 1st, Williams is ready to hit the road, and when he hits the road, he hits it much harder than most. Hank 3 shows are legendary for their length and intensity, averaging three hours a night, starting with a country set and ending with whatever his latest musical experiment happens to be. For this touring cycle, fans will get to taste the hardcore punk horror rock of A Fiendish Threat, a rippingly fast blast of sounds reminiscent of The Misfits, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, The Ramones and other punk rock greats that are as much a part of Hank 3’s musical identity as his country roots. But A Fiendish Threat, like all of the man’s musical output, is anything but a formulaic, by-the-numbers rehash of what has been previously done by others. Stand up bass, fiddle, and banjo are not exactly standard instruments in punk rock, but they are on this record, riding beneath 3’s howling distorted vocals. Perhaps this is the birth of rebelcore punk? Whatever you want to call it, Williams has left his own touch on the genre, even utilizing a bizarrely beautiful Hula-music-on-acid sounding Hawaiian guitar at times. Some of the songs can make the listener feel like someone dropped LSD in their cheap draft beer at a CBGB matinee show headlined by a ghoulish Hawaiian punk band. A Fiendish Threat is yet another of Williams already numerous signature sounds, and he’s excited to put it in front of the audience for the first time. “You know when you do a new record, you just want to play it for all your friends. That’s what I’m excited for with this punk record, I get use a voice that doesn’t get used that often, and pay respects to some of my influences at the same time. Doing this record made feel like I was growing stronger- it took some of the years off me, to tell you the truth. Playing it makes me feel young again,” he laughs, “How long I will be able to pull it off all depends on the voice, man.”

With these dual releases, Brothers Of The 4×4 and A Fiendish Threat added to his already huge and varied arsenal of music, HANK3 will be raising all sorts of hell on stage while the fans raise their glasses in the audience once again, and you can bet your last dollar a damn good time will be had by all. The man goes full throttle all the time, every time, as anyone who has ever been to one of his innumerable shows will attest.


Listen to Brothers of the 4×4 and A Fiendish Threat, go to a show, and find out for yourself. Just remember the next day, after a few aspirins, a dinner at your own table, and a sleep in your own bed, that HANK3 will be down the road doing his thing again, and for that rebel, “doing the best I can” means something a little different than it does for the average man.


HANK3 Tour Dates:

8/24 Austin, TX @ The Austin Bat Fest

8/25 Ft. Worth, TX @ Rail Club

8/26 Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom

8/27 Lawrence (KC), MO @ Granada

8/29 Sauget, IL @ Pops

8/30 Ft. Wayne, IN @ Pierre’s

8/31 Flint, MI @ Machine Shop

9/1 Indianapolis, IN @ The Vogue

9/2 Pittsburgh, PA @ Alter

9/4 Lancaster, PA @ The Chameleon

9/5 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

9/6 Richmond, VA @ National

9/7 Charlotte, NC @ Amos Southend

9/8 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade



HANK3’s new biography was recently penned by none other than heavy metal renaissance man and self-proclaimed redneck Randy Blythe of Lamb of God. Who better than a backwoods brother from another mother to conjure up a personal summary of HANK3’s recent successes and future plans?




The Legendary EXODUS Announces European Tour Dates – New Album Coming in 2014

The Legendary EXODUS Announces European Tour Dates – New Album Coming in 2014

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Veteran thrashers EXODUS have some big news— the band is set to release a brand new album in 2014! They are currently immersed in the writing process and will issue more updates as they near the recording process.


EXODUS will head across the pond this week for a tour of 17 European cities, with stops in Barcelona, Dublin, London and more. Although Slayer is currently tapping the talents of guitarist Gary Holt for their European tour, Holt is confirmed to perform at select EXODUS dates. When Holt is not performing with EXODUSHeathen guitarist Kragen Lum will fill in on guitar.


EXODUS Tour Dates

8/2 – Santiago de Compostela, ES @ Resurrection Festival

8/3 – Barcelona, ES @ Razzmatazz 3

8/4 – Luynes, FR @ Le Korigan

8/5 – Pisa, IT @ The Jungle

8/6 – Graz, AT @ Explosiv

8/7 – Lindau, DE @ Club Vaudeville

8/8 – Eindhoven, NL @ Dynamo

8/9 – Gävle, SE @ Getaway Rock Festival

8/10 – Deinze, BE @ Alcatraz Festival

8/11 – Derby, UK @ Bloodstock Festival

8/12 – Dublin, IR @ Button Factory

8/13 – London, UK @ Underworld

8/14 – Dinkelsbühl, DE @ Summerbreeze Festival

8/15 – Kufstein, AT @ Kulturfabrik

8/16 – Colmar, FR @ Grillen

8/17 – Geneva, CH @ Biubstock Festival

8/18 – Theix, FR @ Motocultor Festival



EXODUS recently revealed two brand new, exclusive t-shirt designs, available now only via their official merch store atwww.jsrdirect.com/merch/exodus. The new designs, “Only Death Decides” and “Horned Skull”, come with a free sticker (with mail order only).


For more information on EXODUS, please visit:







Ex-MISFITS Guitarist DOYLE Releases Debut Solo Album ‘Abominator’ 07/30/13

Ex-MISFITS Guitarist DOYLE Releases Debut Solo Album ‘Abominator’ Today


Punk Rock superhero and former Misfits guitarist DOYLE Wolfgang Von Frankenstein releases his brand new album Abominator today with his own label, Monsterman Records (in partnership with Brain Muscle Media), via INgrooves, the leading global independent music distributor. The album is available digitally at all major digital retailers, and will be available in CD and vinyl form in October 2013.


Abominator, which has been called by critics, “perhaps the best Misfits-related record in over a decade”, features Alex Story (Cancerslug) on vocals, “Left-Hand” Graham on bass and Dr. Chud (Misfits) on drums. DOYLE‘s nuclear guitar riffs are mixed to melt speakers, while Alex Story’s screaming vocals add to the sonic attack that is Abominator.


DOYLE released the main single from the new album, ‘Valley Of Shadows’, becamed available on iTunes worldwide on June 25. All of the tracks on Abominatorare rife with horror imagery, while telling the tale of a sick and twisted love story. The songs tell stories of murder, disembowelment and necrophilia and DOYLEcontinues to take the horror metal genre to new levels with his combination of epic guitar playing and memorable melodies.



01. Abominator

02. Learn To Bleed

03. Dreamingdeadgirls

04. Headhunter

05. Valley Of Shadows

06. Land Of The Dead

07. Cemeterysexxx

08. Love Like Murder

09. Mark Of The Beast

10. Bloodstains

11. Hope Hell Is Warm



DOYLE is currently on the road with Danzig revisiting the magic of their legendary early collaborations, this time taking the mayhem to European shores, with the DANZIG 25 tour. On each date, DOYLE hits the stage with Danzig to run through a set of Misfits classics, paying homage to their legacy as, arguably, the most influential horror-punk band of all time.


Remaining DOYLE/DANZIG 25th Anniversary dates:










     Sometimes you stumble upon a band that gets in your head and takes up residency. Crows Cage has been the house band in my head for a few weeks now. If I had only two words to describe “Forgiven Sins” they would be: groove laden. Crows Cage consists of   EJ (vocals), Aaron (guitar), Tommy (bass), and Clint (drums). One of the signs of a good CD for me is when you put it on you do not skip tracks, trust me you will NOT want to miss a single track on this. Another sign is that when the CD finishes the first thing that comes to mind is “It’s over already?” As far as standout tracks go “American Monster”, “Grindstone”, “Fly”, and “Skin” quickly come to mind. To describe the sound of Crows Cage, it has familiar elements to it, and yet they have a sound that is distinctly their own. Dark, brooding, dirty, and infectious. Crows Cage is an awesome new find for your ears. Here is a link to their video for “Grindstone” :

     You can find Crows Cage on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/crowscage and on their website: https://www.crowscage.com/ do your ears a favor and check these guys out and support a hard working independent band!

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

the Hellion

New York Dolls celebrate 40th anniversary of their debut record



     The New York Dolls are a far too overlooked band. The Dolls influenced many bands that we all know and love: Sex Pistols, Kiss, the Ramones, Guns N’ Roses, the Damned, the Smiths, it goes on and on. They began a movement which gave us the “spectacle” of rock. It was ok to glam it up and go to a show. It was ok to be over the top. The Dolls made us feel good about who we were. Today 07/27/13 marks the 40th anniversary of their debut studio album “New York Dolls” on Mercury Records. Produced by the legendary Todd Rundgren it is a record that I find still relevant to this day.

Thank you David Johansen, Arthur “Killer” Kane, Jerry Nolan, Sylvain Sylvain, and Johnny Thunders for making this wonderful record. Do yourself a favor and give it listen and see why the bands we love were influenced by them.

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

    the Hellion


at the meet and greet

at the meet and greet

Rudy Sarzo, his accomplishments are many: Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, M.A.R.S., Manic Eden, Michael Angelo Batio, Dio, Bassinvaders, “Ripper” Owens, Animetal USA, Queensryche, Project Rock, TRED, and several others. Rudy has become a legendary bass player that has inspired so many musicians. I was fortunate to have met him recently after a Queensryche show. Imagine my response  when I confirmed an interview with him. The interview went well (a few rude people make noise in the beginning though) and Rudy  was certainly a warm and down to earth person. I cannot thank him enough for taking the time to do an interview with me. Here’s the link and enjoy:


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion

LAMB OF GOD Partners with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE for North American Tour

LAMB OF GOD Partners with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE for North American Tour

Testament and Huntress to Support



Long-time friends LAMB OF GOD and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE have joined forces for what will undoubtedly be one of the essential “can’t miss” tours of the fall of 2013.  The tour launches October 22 in Toronto and canvases much of the U.S and Canada.  The two bands are a dominant live pairing, and will combine for 28 North American shows in total.  Support for all shows except Los Angeles will be provided by thrash legends Testament, with Huntress opening all shows.


LAMB OF GOD will end the North American portion of the Resolution record cycle with this tour.  It will include a coast to coast visit to all major Canadian cities which will be LAMB OF GOD’s first visit to Canada on this cycle other than a festival play in June in Montebello and a show in Toronto in January 2012.  In the last year, both Ashes of the Wake and Sacrament have been certified gold in Canada.  LAMB OF GOD will finish the Resolution cycle completely with a visit to Europe and South Africa in January 2014. Details on that tour will be released late August.


KILLSWITCH ENGAGE released their sixth album Disarm the Descent this April, which debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard Top 200; at No. 1 on Hard Rock Chart; and at No. 1 on the Rock Chart. It marked the first album with frontman Jesse Leach at the vocal helm since 2002’s now-classic Alive or Just Breathing.  The album has been warmly embraced and well-received by both fans and the media, as it has just crossed the 100,000-sold mark in only three months of release.  Having just wrapped a highly successful U.S summer headline tour, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE look to continue their Disarm the Descent record cycle with this fall trek.


Both LAMB OF GOD and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE have been wanting to hit the road together for quite some time now and are both excited to finally get the chance.  They have also made sure to keep the ticket prices as low as possible so that all of their fans can come out and have a good time with them on this tour.


All dates go on sale this weekend July 19th-20th. Dates for the tour are below.


Tue/Oct-22      Toronto, ON @ Kool Haus – Tickets

Wed/Oct-23    Quebec City, QC @ Pavillon de la Jeunesse – Tickets

Thu/Oct-24      Montreal, QC  @ Metropolis – Tickets

Fri/Oct-25       New York, NY @ Roseland Ballroom – Tickets

Sat/Oct-26       Wallingford, CT @ Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre – Tickets

Mon/Oct-28    Columbus, OH @ LC Pavilion – Tickets

Tue/Oct-29      Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit – Tickets

Wed/Oct-30    Chicago, IL @ Congress Theater – Tickets

Fri/Nov-01      Kansas City, MO @ The Midland by AMC – Tickets

Sat/Nov-02      Grand Prairie, TX @ Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie – Tickets

Sun-Nov-03    Socorro, TX @ Socorro Entertainment Center – Free Show

Tue-Nov-05     Denver, CO @ The Fillmore Auditorium – Tickets

Thu/Nov-07     Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theater – Tickets

Fri/Nov-08      Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Palladium * – Tickets

Sat/Nov-09      Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater – Tickets

Mon/Nov-11   Kent, WA @ ShoWare Center – Tickets

Tue/Nov-12     Vancouver, BC @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre – Tickets

Thu/Nov-14     Edmonton, AB @ Shaw Conference Centre – Tickets

Fri/Nov-15      Calgary, AB @ Big Four – Tickets

Sat/Nov-16      Saskatoon, SK @ Saskatoon Prairieland Park – Tickets

Mon/Nov-18   St. Paul, MN @ Myth – Tickets

Tue/Nov-19     Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom – Tickets

Wed/Nov-20   Grand Rapids, MI @ Orbit Room – Tickets

Fri/Nov-22      Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom – Tickets

Sat/Nov-23      Boston, MA @ House of Blues – Tickets

Sun/Nov-24     Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory – Tickets

Mon/Nov-25   Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE – Tickets

Tue/Nov-26     Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore Silver Spring – Tickets


*Testament will not be on the Los Angeles show.  Support will be announced in mid-September.


Gyre, MetalUnderground.com premiere new song “All Revealing Eye”‏



‘Second Circle’ EP out July 23 on Monolithic Records

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NEW JERSEY – Garden State progressive metal act Gyre has teamed up with MetalUnderground.com to premiere the first track, “All Revealing Eye,” from the band’s upcoming ‘Second Circle’ EP. Stream “All Revealing Eye” online at:http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=93709.

Regarding the track, the group commented, “We want to put out ‘All Revealing Eye’ first because we feel it really showcases the full dynamics of the band. The song moves from groove metal to rock metal to tech metal and is built with bridges along the way. The structure and build-up of the song is something we focus on all the time in this band. The song lyrics deal with the idea that our senses are filters and not receptors. Image yourself hearing all the frequencies that are buzzing around you constantly, usually imperceptible to the human ear. Image all the spectrums of color indistinguishable from the next because your eyes couldn’t filter and make sense of them. Your known world would crumble into senselessness. Our senses have one purpose: to give us a better chance to survive in this world. Not to tell the whole truth of what is actually around you, but to keep you alive.”

‘Second Circle’ will release digitally on July 23 via Monolithic Records.

A teaser video for the forthcoming EP can be seen on YouTube at:http://youtu.be/A4Z5EXr0Kqc.

ImageProxy (2)

 1.  All Revealing Eye

2.  Ever Devourer

3.  Circle to Feed

4.  I Receiving All

Recorded with Kevin Antressian at Backroom Studios (Dillinger Escape Plan, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Adrenaline Mob, Foxy Shazam), ‘Second Circle’ is inspired by T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland” – feelings of all-destructiveness, delusion, disdain and the understanding that we must consume to produce.

“Listeners can expect progressive metal that does not lose sight of the power of structure and song, and an understanding that it is the connection between our emotions that really get messages across to audiences,” added the band. “As Nietzsche said, ‘In music the passions enjoy themselves.’ Come enjoy our passion with us.”

Gyre will continue to play live throughout the Northeast in support of the new EP.

Stay tuned for more information on Gyre and ‘Second Circle.’

Gyre is…


Juan Soaz – Guitar

Pablo Carpio – Drums

Ian McCartney – Guitar

Chirag Bhatt – Bass

Giovannie Jeckler – Vocals


Gyre online…





Monolithic Records online…







Goblin Metal? You Heard Right! Los Angeles, CA’s NEKROGOBLIKON to Unleash “Power” on August 27, 2013‏

Goblin Metal? You Heard Right!

Los Angeles, CA’s NEKROGOBLIKON to Unleash “Power” on August 27, 2013

Official Music Video for ‘No One Survives’ – 2 MILLION VIEWS and Counting


What happens when you put a bunch of bloodthirsty music-loving goblins together? Well, a lot of disembowelment, but also a lot of catchy tunes. Formed six millennia ago, and practicing only every other leap year on a full moon, NEKROGOBLIKON has finally perfected their brand of crushing music. Arguably the first ever goblin metal band ever, NEKROGOBLIKON is pleased to announce the upcoming release of their brand new crusher of a record, Power, hitting stores on August 27, 2013. Power is produced byNEKROGOBLIKON, and is mixed by Matt Hyde (Deftones, Children of Bodom).


For a taste of what NEKROGOBLIKON is about, check out their recently released music video for the track ‘No One Survives’ (featuring Jon Lajoie of Comedy Central’s “The League” and adult entertainment star Kayden Kross), which went viral shortly after posting and already has 2 MILLION+ views. Check it out here: http://youtu.be/KsMKOx6fumc. The video is directed by Brandon Dermer, who has since shot a Major Lazer video, as well as the new Wavves video.  Dermer had the chance to catchNEKROGOBLIKON performing in front of a small crowd of people at The Cobalt in Canoga Park, CA, immediately fell in love with the band, the rest is history. The video for ‘No One Survives’ ended up pulling in 1 million+ views in its first week of release.


Currently hailing from the grim metal locale of Los Angeles, CA, the band started as a summer side project of vocalist and keyboardist Nicholas Von Doom and guitarist and back-up vocalist Tim Lyakhovetskiy. Their debut album, Goblin Island, a musical hell-storm of goblin proportions, was recorded over the summer and early fall of 2006. They released it themselves on New Year’s Day of 2007.


NEKROGOBLIKON did the usual band-member musical chairs for a while, but their current line-up is both awesome and rad. After spending years playing numerous shows and honing their craft, they released their second full-length album, Stench (2011), which was produced by NEKROGOBLIKON with Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios and the Goblin Fortress.


NEKROGOBLIKON is proudly endorsed by Vic Firth, Halo Guitars and The Mountain Clothing. They recently appeared as several top-notch Euro festivals, including Download Festival, Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park, etc.




Nicholas Von Doom – Vocals, Keyboards

Tim Lyakhovetskiy – Guitars, Backup Vocals

Goldberg (Alex Alereza) – Guitars, Backup vocals

Fingers (Brandon Frenzel) – Bass

Bready (Eddie “Drifty” Trager) – Drums

Raptor (Aaron Minich) – Keyboards


Learn more about NEKROGOBLIKON at http://www.facebook.com/nekrogoblikon.


Interview with Robert Sarzo about his new release AFTER THE STORM.



Every so often you run into someone who makes a positive impact on you. Robert Sarzo is one of those people. I was fortunate to meet him after a Queensryche show recently. He was extremely gracious to everyone he met and was genuine about it. That, my friends, is class. He recently released a solo record call After The Storm. Robert was kind enough to give me phone call and chat about his new record and music. Enjoy it right here:

     If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and go to http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertsarzo1 and pick up After The Storm.

     Thank you Robert, for everything!

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!