Talking about Strange Days with Chip Z’Nuff




Features Robin Zander, Steven Adler, Dale Bozzio


I had the chance to speak with Chip Z’Nuff on the phone today about his upcoming solo release. Check out the interview here:

     Be sure and check Chip Z’Nuff out online:

     Thanks Chip for the great conversation and a great new record

     -the Hellion

introducing CONVICT


It is a proud moment when your son is part of something cool. Convict is that something. I have known several of the members for several years and am proud of the musicians  they have become.  Convict is a metalcore band from Edgewood New Mexico. Formed in 2014 Convict has recorded an album set to release in 2015. Get ready for something new! Convict consists of the following members:

Daniel Leseberg-Lead Vocals

Daniel Cumiford-Guitar/Backing vocals

Daniel Anaya-Guitar

Chris Giovenco-Bass

     Here are their online links:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s CONVICT!!!

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Talkin’ about Star Treatments with Matt DiRito from Pop Evil




Matt DiRito called me up and we were able to have a discussion about the Star Treatments organization.  We were able to talk about how it all came together and what you can do to help this great cause. Thanks for listening. Here’s the link:

     Thank you Matt, you are an honorable man. Here are the page links:

     by giving, we receive the greatest gifts of all

     -the Hellion


Nothing More in Albuquerque NM


Albuquerque was fortunate to have Nothing More hit the town. Mike Araiza and the Hellion himself were out in full force covering the show. We managed to get an interview with bassist Daniel Oliver and got some killer shots of the band enjoy!

DSC08589 DSC08613 DSC08620 DSC08630 DSC08643 DSC08703

DSC09600 DSC09612 DSC09619 DSC09623 DSC09626 DSC09634 DSC09638 DSC09640 DSC09642 DSC09656 DSC09662 DSC09666 DSC09670 DSC09677 DSC09678 DSC09682 DSC09697 DSC09702 DSC09714 DSC09726 DSC09732 DSC09750 DSC09787 DSC09873 DSC09883 DSC09889 DSC09893

      Nothing More shows us that a great Rock N’ Roll show still exists. Don;t miss out! Check them out online at:

     it’s loud , it’s dirty, it’s Rock N’ Roll!!!

     -the Hellion

Matt DiRito from Pop Evil making a difference




Here at the Hellion Rocks we are all about taking care of each other and helping those in need of help. Our friend Matt DiRito from Pop Evil has stepped up and is giving back in a big way. We are proud to share this uplifting plan with all of you – the Hellion 

For those who don’t know me, my name is Matt DiRito. I play bass guitar in a rock band called Pop Evil. I’ve grown up seeing a lot of rock and roll bands using their names for less than admirable things. For example, you may hear stories of people pushing their weight to get free drinks or admission to an event by using the line, “Don’t you know who I am?” I believe in breaking these cliches. I am trying to deflect that attention we receive and focus it on people who need it. It has become clear what I want to do and how to use that “power” of my name, and I encourage other public figures to do the same.

I have always wanted to work with kids. Children have no control over the circumstances they grow up in. They ALL deserve to be healthy and happy. In recent years of touring I have met an amazing family with a little girl who overcame cancer. Even more incredible than her triumph over cancer, was watching the way her family handled her recovery. They put an emphasis on having fun and lifting her spirits. Part of her recovery process was to FEEL good. Once she had the right mindset, her body seemed to follow. They often brought her and her sister to our concerts where I would play outside with them for hours. We’d doing things like skip hopscotch, blow bubbles, draw with sidewalk chalk and just act goofy. Being a part of this process made me want to reach out and help more kids in her position…. I started brainstorming ways that I could help families like hers and incorporate what I do for a living.

I started thinking about all of the out-of-pocket expenses they had on a regular basis. Families will often times throw fundraisers to help offset the cost of their large medical bills, but what about the smaller ones? All of the out-of-pocket expenses from day to day could potentially drown a family already struggling to get by. What happens when the nearest Children’s Cancer treatment center is 400 miles away? Things such as the cost of gas back and forth, a car breaking down, or even taking time off from work could make things very difficult. The last thing anyone should worry about is being able to get their child safely to the care they deserve.

Along comes “Star Treatments.” This idea, in its most basic form, is designed to take care of transportation needs to and from these facilities. Additionally- the child would receive the “Star Treatment” on the way to their chemo treatments. A family will have a tour bus pick them up at their front door, take them to the hospital and then back home… Simple right? Keep in mind that these tour buses are very accommodating. If the child is feeling sick after their treatment they can use the restroom on board or lay down in one of the beds. Without being restricted to the drivers seat, the parents are free to tend to their child during the lengthy trip.

In addition to comfort, we want to keep the element of fun too! The inside of the buses will have things such as kids movies, video games, coloring books, various toys and healthy snacks. Part of the “Star Treatment” means that the children will get care packages from different bands. Each time the the child gets picked up they can look forward to t-shirts, posters, CDs, or maybe a signed teddy bear from a different band. Even a 10 second video of the band saying something like, “Stay strong! You can get through this! We believe in you!” Anything fun or creative that these artists can think of. There will always be something for them to look forward to as they experience this very special way to travel. The idea is to have the children get to the hospital with a happy heart, instead of being overcome with nerves and anxiety.

With this transportation in place (and driver included), it is possible for other people to chaparone trips. If it lands within the work week, the child’s grandparents can opt to ride along. Having options like this could help these families retain a sense of normality or keep the parents from having to take too much time off from work. There is enough room on the bus (typically 12 bunk beds) that the child could have a few schoolmates ride along for support and company. This could be fun over summer break! Each trip could be something a little different.

I am starting by finding bus companies to work with. If they own 12 buses and only have 10 leased out, I can offer them a tax write off for a bus that would otherwise be sitting. Most drivers (in their downtime) are very willing to write off a few drives. My goal however, is to own a bus that has only ONE purpose, and is always stocked up and ready. Then, a fleet of buses, all in different regions of the U.S. to continually pick up and drop off these families. They could use the hospitals as hubs and make multiple runs each day. I can already see a bus pulling up with the words “” written down the side of it! I want to get bands, artists, athletes and even celebrities involved. I think it’s a fantastic way to take the spotlight that’s on them and divert it in the direction of someone who really deserves it. Giving them the star treatment, helping their families financially and keeping their attitudes positive will all greatly impact the healing process. I encourage all of you to share this with your friends, families, communities, celebrities, or anyone you feel could help! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

~Matt DiRito- Founder

There you have it, you can find out more online at:

thank you Matt for caring enough to make a difference

-the Hellion








Announcing “Immortal RANDY RHOADS – The Ultimate Tribute” – A Celebratory Album Feat. All-Star Guests SERJ TANKIAN, TOM MORELLO and More‏

Announcing “Immortal RANDY RHOADS – The Ultimate Tribute”

A Celebratory Album Feat. All-Star Guests SERJ TANKIAN, TOM MORELLO and More


Out March 3, 2015 via UDR Music


The Late Legendary Guitar Hero Memorialized in Sensational Cover Tracks


Featuring an All-Star Line-Up of Music Greats:














         BERNIE TORME              



… and More


Album Includes Bonus DVD w/ Artist and Producer Interviews and More


image001 (2)

One of the most venerated guitarists ever to grace hard rock music, the late, great Randy Rhoads (heralded as the legendary lead guitarist forOzzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot) will be celebrated in the truest of fashions with the release of Immortal Randy Rhoads – The Ultimate Tributeon March 3, 2015 via UDR Music.


A collection of 11 classic Rhoads co-written songs, Immortal Randy Rhoads – The Ultimate Tribute is performed by twenty top contemporary artists, including old friends and performing partners Rudy Sarzo and Frankie Banali, his brother Kelle Rhoads and more designated musicians like Serj Tankian, Tom Morello, Vinny Appice, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Chuck Billy, Alexi Laiho, George Lynch, Gus G., Bruce Kulick, Doug Aldrich, Dweezil Zappa and others.


The album was produced and compiled by the Grammy-award winning guitarist and producer Bob Kulick at his own studio.


Along with the album, Immortal Randy Rhoads – The Ultimate Tribute will also contain a bonus DVD available in the digipack version, including interesting interviews with some of the involved artists, hosted by Bob Kulick and a feature on the Musonia School of Music, a teaching school on North Hollywood, California, set up by Randy’s mother and run by his brother Kelle Rhoads.


Pre-order details coming soon! Immortal Randy Rhoads – The Ultimate Tribute will also be available in double vinyl gatefold and digital formats.



Full track listing with performers:


1. Crazy Train

Vocals: Serj Tankian

Gtrs:  Tom Morello

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums:  Vinny Appice


2. Over the Mountain

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs: Jon Donais

Bass:  Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Frankie Banali


3. Mr Crowley

Vocals: Chuck Billy

Gtrs:  Alexi Laiho

Keyboards: Kelle Rhoads

Bass Rudy: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Vinny Appice


4. Believer

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs:  Doug Aldrich

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Vinny Appice


5. Back To The Coast (Quiet Riot)

Vocals: Kelle Rhoads

Gtrs:  Bruce Kulick

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Frankie Banali


6. I Don’t Know

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs: George Lynch

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Brett Chassen


7. S A T 0

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Rhythm guitars: Bob Kulick

Lead guitar: Dweezil Zappa

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Vinny Appice


8. Killer Girls (Quiet Riot)

Vocals:  Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs: Joel Hoekstra

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Brett Chassen


9. Goodbye to Romance

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs: Gus G.

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Brett Chassen


10. Suicide Solution

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs:  Brad Gillis

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Brett Chassen


11. Flying High Again

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs:  Bernie Torme

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums:  Brett Chassen



A lover of classical music, Rhoads had taken initial steps into rock’n’roll as a 16 year old when he formed a band, that soon became Quiet Riot. Rhoads was vaulted to the limelight in 1979 when Ozzy Osbourne chose the relatively unknown guitarist to help shape a new future for him via his band, Blizzard of Oz. The result saw Rhoads co-script two of the most famous albums in hard rock history, Blizzard Of Oz and Diary of A Madman, and rapidly ascended the stairway of fame and recognition for his virtuoso playing and writing. Famed for the way he fused classical flavors with technically-excellent hard rock, Rhoads became one of the most influential lead guitarists in rock.


When he tragically passed away on March 19, 1982 in a plane accident, Rhoads was only 25 years old, but thankfully, the legend of his work, ethos and their continuing influence on a whole new generation of guitarists, has never dimmed.


Celebrate the life and legend of Randy Rhoads with Immortal Randy Rhoads – The Ultimate Tribute.


     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

     -the Hellion



Dewey Bragg talks about MӦTH!

Catching up with Dewey Bragg, vocalist of Kill Devil Hill and the supergroup MӦTH!


     Also check out their  video for the track “Womanizer” :

     Catch up with MӦTH on the web:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s MӦTH!!!

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     (New York, NY) – Razor & Tie announces the addition of the Akron based rock band Red Sun Rising to its worldwide label roster. The band will work with producer Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Shinedown, Seether) in early 2015 and will release its debut album in 2015.  Red Sun Rising is confirmed to play Rock on The Range as well as a number of additional festivals.  Fresh off tour with Pop Evil the band will be hitting the road hard this year. 
Listen to the song “Abort” now on the band’s site here:
Mike Protich of Red Sun Rising comments, “Red Sun Rising is what rock was built on but is not today’s rock, but a new rock alternative. Subtle touches of blues mixed with the dark minor tonality of today. Our music allows the listener to travel through a song that is anything but linear. With soaring vocals we strive to find melodies that convey the passion of our thought provoking lyrical content and push the boundaries that rock today has somewhat forgotten.” 
“From the minute we heard Mike Protich’s one-of-a-kind, huge voice to seeing Red Sun Rising take the stage and literally flatten the audience, we knew we watching a great band ready to take on the world. We left their packed hometown show in Akron, Ohio, convinced we had seen a true star on the rise,” adds Razor & Tie Senior Director of A&R Mike Gitter who signed the band.
Red Sun Rising is Mike Protich (vocals/guitar), Ryan Williams (guitar) and Tyler Valendza (guitar).  The trio, from Akron, Ohio, came together in 2012 and is quickly becoming an Active Rock/Alternative music force. Protich and Williams grew up together and have been songwriting partners for half their lives.  Valendza, the uber young, and once child prodigy guitarist has been with the band for the past 20 months and has become a key part of the songwriting team.  Additionally, Williams and Valendza have perfected their “twin guitar” vibe reminiscent of the Gossard/McCready and Delson/Shinoda partnerships.  RSR is perhaps best known for the live performance and have spent the last 18 months supporting bands including Pop Evil, Seether, Sevendust, Shinedown, Chevelle and others.   The band is managed by The Elevation Group & G&G Entertainment Consultants.
Red Sun Rising joins Razor & Tie at an exciting time in the label’s history as R&T finished 2014 as the #2 overall label at Rock Radio and the #1 indie label.  Led by breaking stars The Pretty Reckless, Starset and Attila and established greats All That Remains and The Sword, Razor & Tie is becoming the leading label in rock. 
     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N; ROLL!!!
     -the Hellion

SANTA CRUZ Premiere “Shred Til You Drop Vol. 2” on Guitar World

SANTA CRUZ Premiere “Shred Til You Drop Vol. 2” on Guitar World

ImageProxy (4)

Here’s one of life’s most critical questions. Who’s ready to shred?

The answer is quite simple.

It’s those Finnish rockers in SANTA CRUZ, a quartet of long-haired, leather-clad, Motorhead-shirt wearing young turks who aspire to one thing in life and that’s to R-O-C-K.

The band will release a new album via Spinefarm this year, but in the meantime, Guitar World is premiering “Shred Til You Drop Vol. 2” clip, which is exactly what the title implies. View the video :

The clip features the SANTA CRUZ boys knuckling down and totally improvising the solos on their Gibsons and shredding…hard. Fingers be damned!

For More Info Visit:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

     -the Hellion

Guitar Maestro ULI JON ROTH to Release “Scorpions Revisited” – A Double-Disc Collection of Re-Imagined SCORPIONS Classics‏

Guitar Maestro ULI JON ROTH to Release “Scorpions Revisited”


A Double-Disc Collection of Re-Imagined SCORPIONS Classics


Out March 10, 2015 (US) via UDR Music


…Feast your ears, heart and emotions on ULI JON ROTH’s unique return to his most famous musical legacy…


US Tour Dates Below – Jan/Feb 2015


     UDR, The Home Of Legends, is set to release guitar legend ULI JON ROTH’s brand new double album of 19 re-invented Scorpions tracks, entitled Scorpions Revisited, on March 10, 2015. Pre-orders for the album will be available soon.

     For over four decades, ULI JON ROTH has forged new frontiers in the world of guitar, both in terms of approach and style. He even managed to invent the sky-guitar, a six octave lead instrument that remains unparalleled. But before he started to explore the creative worlds of music, philosophy and art, ULI JON ROTH was a member of European rock giants, the Scorpions, a band with which he helped create a new path in hard rock music. In 2013, venerated for his originality and dynamism at the time, Roth found himself intrigued by the memory of those early days which began 40 years ago, and specifically by the music he helped write, perform and occasionally sing on the albums Fly To The Rainbow, In Trance, Virgin Killer and Taken By Force. It lead to Roth deciding to spend a year re-visiting, exploring, performing and re-recording his favorite Scorpions songs.

     The first results of this magical, mystical journey into his own past can be heard on ULI JON ROTH’s Scorpions Revisited, a double-disc CD recorded in Hanover, Germany which sees the maestro re-harness all the collective power and poise of those original Scorpions classics, and re-imagine them as he feels today. No one in their right mind would dare call these mere re-recordings, as it’s clear that ULI JON ROTH reinvents these songs from the soul up.

Track listing – CD1:

1.       The Sails Of Charon

2.      Longing For Fire

3.      Crying Days

4.      Virgin Killer

5.      In Trance

6.      Sun In My Hand

7.      Yellow Raven

8.      Polar Nights

9.      Dark Lady

Track listing – CD2:

1.      Catch Your Train

2.      Evening Wind

3.      All Night Long

4.      We’ll Burn In The Sky

5.      Pictured Life

6.      Hell Cat

7.      Life’s Like A River

8.      Drifting Sun

9.      Rainbow Dream Prelude

10.  Fly To The Rainbow

     “The material for this double CD was recorded last year in the same hall in Hanover that we used for the Scorpions rehearsals 1973-1978,”explains Roth. “Together with an amazing bunch of very talented young musicians, I revisited my personal favourites from the early Scorpionsperiod, some of which were written in that same hall. It was an emotional few days and I am very pleased with the results in more ways than one. The idea was to stay truthful to the original spirit of the music, while also putting a new slant on it whenever it felt like the right thing to do. I feel we really succeeded in this and I’m very excited about this project. It was a intense journey into the past and I think we really managed to bring the songs back to life with a vengeance.”

     The band which performed with Roth for these historic shows was Nathan James (vocals), Jamie Little (drums), Ule W. Ritgen (bass), Niklas Turmann (guitar, vocals), Corvin Bahn (keyboards, vocals) and David Klosinski (guitar).

     As noted, this is the first fruit from a re-engagement with his history that left ULI JON ROTH enjoying a surge of fresh creativity and approach to this classic material. Expect a further announcement for 2015. But for now, feast your ears, heart and emotions on ULI JON ROTH’s unique return to his most famous musical legacy.

2015 ULI JON ROTH US Tour Dates:


21.01.2015 – California – Ramona – Mainstage
22.01.2015 – California – Anaheim – House of Blues

23.01.2015 – California – Hollywood – House of Blues
24.01.2015 – Nevada – Las Vegas – Vamp’d
25.01.2015 – California – San Josè – Rock Star Bar
26.01.2015 – Oregon – Portland – Tonic
27.01.2015 – Washington – Seattle – Studio 7
29.01.2015 – Minnesota – Moorehead – The Garage
30.01.2015 – Minnesota – Spring Lake Park – POVS
31.01.2015 – Illinois – St. Charles – Arcada Theatre


01.02.2015 – Illinois – Chicago – Reggie’s (& Sky Academy)
02.02.2015 – Michigan – Detroit – Token Lounge
03.02.2015 – Toronto – Mod Club
04.02.2015 – Ohio – Cleveland – Agora Ballroom
05.02.2015 – Connecticut – Hartford – Infinity Hall
06.02.2015 – New Hampshire – Londonderry – Tupelo Music Hall
07.02.2015 – New York – Poughkeepsie – The Chance
08.02.2015 – New York – Manhattan – BB King’s
09.02.2015 – Virginia – Springfield – The Empire

2015 ULI JON ROTH International Tour Dates:

19.02.2015 – Japan – Nagoya – Bottom Line
20.02.2015 – Japan – Tokyo – Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
22.02.2015 – Japan Osaka – Quattro

11.04.2015 – Full Metal Cruise II –
to                   Mediterranian Sea –
16.04.2015    Plama de Mallorca/Barcelona/Ibiza

24.04.2015 – Germany – Lauda-Königshofen – Keep it True Festival
22.05.2015 – Germany – Bocholt – Alte Molkerei
23.05.2015 – Germany – Bocholt – Alte Molkerei
22.08.2015 – Germany – Balve – Balver Höhle

27.08.2015 – Full Metal Cruise III –
to                  North Sea –
31.08.2015   Kiel/Copenhaven/Gothenburg/Hamburg

 For more information, please visit and

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCKN N’ ROLL!!!

     -the Hellion