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at the Aria Booth - NAMM 2013

at the Aria Booth – NAMM 2013  – photo by Charlie “MF'” Owens


Spent the weekend chilling with the family and enjoying my birthday weekend. Remembering the loss of Cliff on my birthday, and just slowing down for a minute. Now, looking forward: We have tons of killer interviews in the works, shows we are going to shoot and review, CD’s to write about, and new bands to put into your heads. I am amazed at the growth of this site in a year. Thanks to all who support and have given us the opportunity to do what we love. Please hit us up with bands, features you’d like to see and your take on the site, love to hear from ya! Remember, the Hellion Rocks and Bleach Bangs Radio love you all!

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An interview with HANK 3!!!!



We have been trying to nail down our interview with the legendary Hank 3 for quite a while now. Hank is always busy and on the move, but we finally slowed him down for about 10 minutes. Enjoy this interview and be sure to check out the awesome music that Hank 3 makes. Here is his site:  http://www.hank3.com/ here’s the interview:

The bassists of Metallica, my thoughts and opinions

A conversation arose today at work about Metallica. This lead to talking about the various bassists that have been in the band. This conversation got me thinking and has led me to write my thoughts and opinions down.

Ron McGovney – 1982: Ron was the original bassist for Metallica. There are very few recordings of Ron with the band. It is said he left the band due to conflicts with band members. You can hear Ron if you are lucky enough to have Metal Massacre Volume 1. This, by the way, is a great record.  Ron left the band and closed his chapter with Metallica.




Cliff Burton – 1982 to 1986: Cliff Burton will always be my favorite Metallica bassist. It is my opinion that Cliff brought a sense of heaviness to the band. He was that “cool guy” that everyone wanted to be or that guy that we all wanted to hang out with, and the one that your parents wouldn’t approve of. The records Cliff made with Metallica remain my favorites. Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, are Metallica at its finest. Cliff had such a presence and skill about him. He inspired a lot of musicians in his time. Unfortunately the world lost Cliff on 09/27/86 (my 22nd birthday by the way). Thank you Cliff for the music you left with us.


Jason Newsted – 1986 to 2001:  Jason had some pretty big shoes to fill, and grieving band members to contend with.   The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited, …And Justice For All, Metallica, Load, and Reload are the studio albums Jason made with the band. In my opinion after …And Justice For All the band headed in a direction that began to alienate their hardcore fans. I feel Jason was grossly under appreciated during his time with Metallica. I was familiar with Jason from his previous band  Flotsam And Jetsam and was impressed with his playing. Unfortunately things didn’t work out with Jason and Metallica and they parted ways. Jason is currently killing it with his new band Newsted which showcases his talents.


Robert Trujillo – 2003 to present: Robert has always been one of my favorite bassists. However, not for Metallica (I know, I know, a bold statement.) Rob has only recorded one studio album, Death Magnetic. Rob is a seasoned bassist, I first heard of him with Suicidal Tendencies. Wow! I was hooked instantly by his style and stage presence. Infectious Grooves, Jerry Cantrell, Black Label Society,Glenn Tipton, Mass Mental? Ozzy, Robert got around. I was, however, disappointed when I heard of his joining Metallica. I just feel that his style and presence does not lend anything to Metallica (again, this is just my opinion).


Well, there you have it. My opinions on the bassists of Metallica. Not dragging anyone through the mud just voicing my thoughts. I think that Metallica has evolved as the members have grown and experienced life changes. While there is nothing wrong with this, they have grown into a band that no longer interests me. Their new music does not attract me in the least.

I am interested in your thoughts, please chime in and leave some feedback!

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

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RPR set to release “Live Fast Die Loud” featuring members of Alice Cooper!‏

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With influences ranging from White Zombie to Motorhead, Beasto Blanco’s “LIVE FAST DIE LOUD” is a full-length anthemic hard rock offering that keeps you amped on “10” from start to finish! The progeny of long time Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric, “LIVE FAST DIE LOUD” yields a powerful combination of heavy riffs, driving bass, and melodic choruses that are bound to stick in your head after just one listen! Beasto Blanco is quickly becoming a favorite of the music and movie industry’s most respected talents! Here is what just a few of them have to say about “LIVE FAST DIE LOUD”:

Johnny Depp: “What an honor to hear something as beastly and killer as this!!! It’s truly, truly great and wonderfully kind of life affirming! Makes one feel ownership of their being!”

Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden): “Chuck has got himself a ‘KIN’ blazing band here. “LIVE FAST DIE LOUD” from Beasto Blanco is a solid piece and rockin’ like there is no tomorrow! Well done me old china!”

Alice Cooper: “Beasto Blanco to me is an East L.A ‘Day Of The Dead’ kind of hard rock band. They seem dangerous – don’t stand too close, this is a band that I see exploding in the next few years. The “LIVE FAST DIE LOUD” video shows my grown daughter Calico crawling around like some sort of animal, which is of course, just how I remember her as a child!”

Bob Ezrin (Producer): “Chuck Garric is modern day monster, one of the most talented and heaviest rock musicians I’ve ever worked with!”

Mikkey Dee (Motorhead): LIVE FAST DIE LOUD is a real ass-kicker and I wouldn’t expect anything less when Chuck is at the forefront, keep slammin!

John Corabi: “I totally love “LIVE FAST DIE LOUD”! This is the real deal, it’s 100% raw energy from start to finish!”

“LIVE FAST DIE LOUD” features Chuck Garric, Calico Cooper, Glen Sobel, Jonathan Mover, Tiffany Lowe, Chris Latham and more! Official release date is scheduled for October 29 2013.
Pre-order your copy today at www.ratpakrecords.com/beastoblanco

Ill Nostro Spirito
Beasto Blanco
Blood Shot
Motor Queen
Beg To Differ
Live Fast Die Loud
No More Man

My interview with V.O.X. vocalist Don Chaffin


I recently heard of an awesome band: Voices Of eXtreme. Naturally I had to hear more about this band and was granted an exclusive interview with vocalist Don Chaffin. We had a great chat about things V.O.X. and rock n’ roll. Here is the interview for your enjoyment followed by a link to their video for “Apocalypse”. Their new record Break The Silence drops on November 1, 2013 via Smash-Mouth Records and features some of the band’s best songs to date.


     Don’t miss this great band! check them out at https://www.facebook.com/VOICESOFEXTREME and their website http://www.voicesofextreme.com

Special shout out to Maria Ferrero of Adrenaline PR for the heads up on this band!

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

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Some very cool HERETIC news!


MINDCAGE – Our Own Devices CD review


I receive a lot of CDs for review. Sometimes there are those which stand out from others. Our Own Devices is one such CD. While I have been hesitant about putting a genre to bands. sometimes it has to be done. I have had a while to digest this CD and delve into its depths and it falls into the Progressive Metal category. From the opening it grabs a hold of you. The formula that came together to make this CD come to life is nothing short of miraculous. The musicianship and vocal work are world-class and the world should step up and take notice. The CD is full of songs that are uniquely Mindcage and yet familiar to the ears. Just when you are lost within the dystopian  world Mindcage paints with Our Own Devices its over and you find yourself back in your own everyday world reaching for the replay button to hear it all again. Stellar vocals, killer riffs, chest crushing bass and thunderous drums all included.   There is a very cool story being told in this CD and I challenge you all to find it and come back here and post about your thoughts and musings.  Here is the track listing:

1.    Cadence March

2.    For All Mankind (The Dark Design)

3.    Our Own Devices

4.    The Human Race

5.    At Full Steam

6.    Firefly

7.    The One Constant

8.    Arabella’s Arc

9.    The Serenity Sequence (Renaissance Pt. I)

10.  The Grand Restoration (Renaissance Pt. II)

     I have been trying to pick some standout tracks and there are only two that I can put above any of the others. “The Human Race” and “Firefly” love ’em both and I think you will as well. Kudos to Mindcage for an OUTSTANDING piece of work.

Be sure to check Mindcage out online at: http://www.mindcagemusic.com and https://www.facebook.com/mindcageband and if that isn’t enough check out the video for “The Human Race” :

     Special shout outs to Kinematic Music for getting behind a band like Mindcage and to Michael Wagener for incredible mixing and production.

     “Our Own Devices from Mindcage will leave you breathless and wanting more.” – the Hellion





The official video for “The Human Race” from Florida-based progressive metallers Mindcage is now online athttp://youtu.be/uczkeEevnGc  The full album, OUR OWN DEVICES, drops Tuesday, September 17.

A dark and powerful short movie, the video introduces the character of Arabella Vash, a young woman who exists in a utilitarian clockwork society.  She is becoming empowered by visions and dreams, and about to start her journey to find the band of rebels, The One Constant (portrayed by the band), that she will lead.  “The Human Race” is her awakening, and call to power. 


In search of an appropriate post apocalyptic steam punk setting for their video, Mindcage chose to film in the historical district of their hometown of Pensacola FL. With the vision, creativity and costuming skills of Airship Isabella [http://airshipisabella.com/], an authentic and innovative steam-punk troupe from New Orleans, Mindcage was able to convey their vision of The One Constant and the dystopian world in which they live.

Jason Thomsen directed and edited “The Human Race.”   He recently served as assistant director on “Girl from Iceland” (a Kinematic Entertainment Production).  The track features vocals by Hydrogyn’s Julie Westlake.

OUR OWN DEVICES is mixed by rock legend Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Dokken, and Overkill).  The core members of Mindcage – Dietrick Hardwick (writer, guitarist), Brian Howell (bass) and Craig Nudo (drums) – have been connected personally and through music for almost thirty years.  Jeff Hignite, a recent but important addition, brought not only lyrical contribution but also his powerhouse vocals.


1.    Cadence March

2.    For All Mankind (The Dark Design)

3.    Our Own Devices

4.    The Human Race

5.    At Full Steam

6.    Firefly

7.    The One Constant

8.    Arabella’s Arc

9.    The Serenity Sequence (Renaissance Pt. I)

10.  The Grand Restoration (Renaissance Pt. II)

Dangerdog Music Reviews:  5/5 stars

Our Own Devices is quite impressive: between the idea, lyrics, vocal arrangements, brisk guitar, and accomplished arrangements, it easily stands in the fine tradition of conceptual progressive metal albums like Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime. Very recommended.Mindcage

OUR OWN DEVICES will be available on the band’s website www.mindcagemusic.com,

iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-human-race-single/id692323537, amazon.comhttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F7CDATY  and at your favorite record store.


I have had the chance to listen to this CD and it is GREAT! Review coming soon!

-the Hellion

Righteous Vendetta, Noisecreep.com premiere “This Pain” music video‏

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New full-length “The Fire Inside” out October 8 

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CODY, WYOMING – Wyoming rock/metal act on the rise Righteous Vendetta has teamed up with Noisecreep.com to premiere a music video for the band’s new single “This Pain,” taken from the upcoming release The Fire Inside, out October 8, 2013. Check out the clip online at:http://noisecreep.com/righteous-vendetta-this-pain-exclusive-video-premiere/.


Singer Ryan Hayes told Noisecreep, “‘This Pain’ was a song that came to us as we witnessed people in our personal lives become victim to suicide. The song exists to speak to both young and old that no matter what pain you may be going through in life it can be overcome. Love is the key and it is all around us. The video was a visual representation of what we wanted ‘This Pain’ to be.”


After checking out the new video, fans can pre-order The Fire Inside online at:http://vibedeck.com/righteousvendetta.


1. Defiance

2. This Pain

3. What You’ve Done

4. With Love

5. The Fire Inside

6. So Long

7. Inside My Eyes

8. Fight Back

9. Far Away

10. Back to Life

11. Losing Control

12. For the Skeptic

13. John The Revelator

Righteous Vendetta is currently gearing up for an upcoming run on the Taproot headlining “Fall to Action Tour” which will kick off on Wednesday.


The band will follow the Taproot quest with a stint of tour-dates in support of Trapt beginning on Halloween.


A list of all confirmed dates can be seen below.


ImageProxy (8)

With a fierce, DIY approach, Righteous Vendetta will look to build upon past successes, including multiple hit singles – “This Pain” spent 15 weeks in the top 20 on Billboard’s Christian Rock chart and “The Fire Inside” broke the top 10 at Christian Rock and spent 10 weeks in the top 20 – and over 800 shows played around the globe.


Stay tuned for more information on Righteous Vendetta and The Fire Inside.

Righteous Vendetta w/ Taproot “Fall to Action Tour”

9/18 – Milford, OH @ Bocca Billiards 
9/19 – Nashville, TN @ 12th and Porter 
9/20 – Montgomery, AL @ Rock Bottom 
9/21 – Biloxi, MS @ WCPR Fest 
9/24 – Merriam, KS @ Aftershock 
9/25 – Sauget, IL @ Pop’s 
9/26 – Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theater 
9/27 – Tupelo, MS @ Goodtime Charlie’s 
9/28 – Columbus, GA @ WRCG 1069 ROCKS Presents 
10/02 – New Port Richey, FL @ Bourbon Street 
10/03 – Clermont, FL @ The Q Room 
10/04 – Destin, FL @ Club LA 
10/05 – Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits 
10/07 – Charlotte, NC @ Chop Shop 
10/09 – Fayetteville, NC @ Drunk Horse Pub 
10/11 – Springfield, VA @ Empire 
10/12 – Woodstock, VA @ Chili Cookoff 
10/13 – White Marsh, MD @ House of Rock 
10/15 – Reading, PA @ Reverb 
10/17 – Akron, OH @ The Rock Factory 
10/18 – Battle Creek, MI @ Planet Rock 
10/19 – Fort Wayne, IN @ Piere’s

Righteous Vendetta w/ Trapt…

10/31 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
11/02 – Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory
11/04 – Minot, ND @ The ‘O’riginal Bar
11/05 – Bismarck, ND @ O.N.E.
11/06 – Fargo, ND @ House of Rock @ The Hub
11/08 – Dayton, OH @ McGuffy’s
11/09 – Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
11/10 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Intersection (Front Room)
11/12 – Rochester, NY @ Waterstreet Music Hall
11/13 – Syracuse, NY @ Three Fat Guys
11/14 – Luzerne, PA @ Brew Brothers West
11/15 – Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights
11/16 – Portland, ME @ Asylum

Righteous Vendetta online…







Righteous Vendetta is…


Ryan Hayes – Vocals 

Justin Olmstead – Guitar 

Isaiah Perez – Drums

Carl Heiman – Guitar

Zack Goggins – Bass

     trying to bring you cool stuff all of the time

     -the Hellion

Tad Morose releases “Beneath A Veil Of Crying Souls” teaser‏

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First album in 10 years “Revenant” out this fall 

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SWEDEN – Swedish veteran power metal act Tad Morose has uploaded a teaser of a new track “Beneath A Veil Of Crying Souls” to YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy5iIygNzj8. The song will appear on the band’s impending seventh studio album Revenant, out November 20, 2013 on Despotz Records. A music video for the track will surface in the coming weeks.

Regarding the signing of Tad Morose to Despotz Records, founder Ömer Akay said, “Tad Morose is a band that I’ve followed since my teenage days. They have their unique sound of melodic power metal and a touch of prog metal. After a decade of silence, it will be an honour to put Tad Morose back on the map again!”

Added guitarist Christer “Krunt” Anderson, “It was through our new management Lena Graaf on GMR Music Group that we came in contact with Despotz Records. They seem to be a hard-working and innovative record label, so to sign with them feels very good. It will be very exciting to work with them and we look forward to the release of our seventh album Revenant in November.”

Stay tuned to www.despotz.se for the latest information on Tad Morose and Revenant.

Tad Morose online…





looking forward to hearing more from these guys!

the Hellion