it’s all you


With all of the news of racial/social/political unrest as of late it has caused me to reflect on things, and I have come to the conclusion it is all because of you.

You have the choice to not hit your child or your spouse. Sure you might have grown up in a home where domestic violence was the norm (I myself witnessed my mother beaten by my stepfather and I was at the end of a few myself), and yet I choose to respect my wife and children. I choose to not follow that path.

You have the choice not to sexually abuse others. Again, I knew  people who were abused by people they trusted and yet they grew up and made choices to help others that were being abused.

You have the choice to not abuse alcohol. Again I have firsthand experience with alcoholism in the home. This is a devastating problem int he country today. I have again made the choice to stay away from that lifestyle.

You have the choice to not abuse drugs. Once more, I have experienced this in my home as a child. This is another choice I am proud to have made in staying away.

You have the choice to obey the law and not run from the police. I am saddened to see all of the death and destruction in the news today regarding this issue. Think of how many would still be alive if they had just obeyed the law and the police. I say again, you have the ability to choose the right thing.

There is only one race, the human race. We are all brethren and should not be afraid to embrace each other publicly and claim our love for one another. We could achieve miracles then.

Choose wisely my friends

-the Hellion

Go home iHeartRadio, you’re drunk


I used to enjoy listening to the radio. Now it’s just a jukebox with the selector buttons broken so we hear the same songs over and over. While I enjoy all forms of music, I predominantly listen to Rock N’ Roll. Recently one of my favorite long time radio stations, KZRR 94 Rock, was assimilated by the collective known as  iHeartRadio. This assimilation has brought with it inane commercials for  iHeartRadio advertising artists and events that have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GENRE OF ROCK N’ ROLL!!! I also tried out their streaming of 94 Rock while I was out of state for three months. With their streaming they have something called “Fast Tracks” which turn out to be an abbreviated version of a song…wait, WHAT? PLAY THE WHOLE SONG!!!! Here’s another idea for iHeartRadio, how about playing some of the new artists trying to break through? I mean as much as I love the artists that do get play, there are many others out there.

I get the feeling that iHeartRadio is actually trying to kill off live radio and music as well. Just the other day another station that I listened to, 104.1 The Edge, dismissed its long running morning show personalities. This dismissal has led to an out-crying of support for said personalities. The reason was given as “restructuring” of the radio station…sigh.

I think we need REAL radio stations back with REAL DJ’s who played the music that they loved and had some control over it. I mean think about how many bands you were turned on to by a DJ.

I say now go home iHeartRadio you are not welcome anymore.

-the Hellion.

Rock N’ Roll is NOT dead Mr. Simmons


So I recently read the article where Nick Simmons interviewed his father Gene Simmons in Esquire:


The Kiss rocker expands on his thoughts about the past, present, and future of recorded music.

I have a few things to say about this. I have seen that this article has recently been trending on Facebook. I am of the opinion that it is indeed NOT dead.  Gene has pretty much killed the hopes and dreams of future musicians. I remember when music was made for the sake of creating art, the success that followed was a bonus. Imagine if Beethoven or Van Gogh only were only creating art for commercial or monetary gain. That is where the music industry has seemed to have gone. I blame the industry itself for becoming too corporate. If they don’t see an immediate gain for it they don’t see fit to put any money behind it. THAT is the problem. I think that someone that holds the status of Gene Simmons should put his experiences back into helping the industry not discouraging it.

I have a very good friend who is named Dellacoma Rio. He is a vocalist from Australia. He, to me, embodies the spirit of Rock N’ Roll. While he was in previous band Sunset Riot they managed to book shows and gain exposure in the US while still being based in Australia. They toured the US extensively and successfully gaining ground at every turn. Unfortunately due to creative differences and life changes Sunset Riot chose to mutually dissolve. Dellacoma Rio, however, was not done. The spirit and fire of Rock N’ Roll burned passionately within him. With a little bit of reinvention and tenacity he put together a new band and hit the road again. Booking gigs and festivals across the US the newly formed DELLACOMA began the process of making themselves seen and heard. In the midst of touring across the US they took the time to stop and make an old fashioned Rock N’ Roll record. No processing, no extreme overdubs, just raw and fresh. A record that translates to live performances seamlessly. The evening of finishing in the studio they played a gig and set off on the road again. All of this from a gentleman who comes from modest means. There is no one bank rolling this gentleman or his band, just blood, sweat, and tears. Rock N’ Roll is alive and well within DELLACOMA. That is an example of one of many bands I know and love who work equally as hard.

Getting back to Gene Simmons, KISS has always had the opportunity to be trend setters. I feel that they have let us down as of late. When the reunion, and farewell tours were done they had the chance to reinvent themselves and continue to gain new ground. Instead of putting others in the classic makeup they could have invented new “characters” for Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. It was done before with Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent. I am of the opinion that what we have now is Diet KISS, or KISS Lite now with 50% less KISS. They have put out two mediocre records and continue to rely on their back catalog instead of searching within and getting in touch with  the part of them that drove them in the early days.

Now, to basically tell young rockers to give up is a pretty crappy thing to say. When Rock N’ Roll was in its infancy there was no one there handing out checks or promoting or playing the music. It was all word of mouth and shameless self promotion. I feel that we have returned to those days. While the internet has been a curse to the industry due to the whole downloading issue it has also allowed bands to use it to promote and reach out on their own. OK in the vast sea of bands putting out their stuff on the internet how do they get heard? Well that falls to people who do what I do and the bands themselves. By taking that step and getting out, touring, not taking no for an answer and promotion, promotion, promotion they can be heard. Is the money still there, of course not,  it is still lining the pockets of the greedy corporations. I’m sure Gene has his pockets full. I challenge those rockers who have “succeeded” to reach out and help bands be heard and succeed in their musical endeavors. There IS new music being made that defies the current slop being force fed to us by corporate radio and the bloated industry, you just have to open your ears and eyes and look and listen for it.  No Gene, Rock is NOT dead by any means, like everything else we just have to work a little harder at it.


thump thump, thump thump, THUMP THUMP….

you hear that? That’s the pulse of Rock N’ Roll and it’s still strong.


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL…and we love it!

the Hellion






375273_10150521102730972_923334663_n     I’ve spoken upon this subject before and an event that occurred last night has fired me up again. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE ROCK N’ ROLL COMMUNITY?!?!?!

Let me set the stage: Last night I was fortunate to have been granted coverage of the Saint Vitus show here in NM. The venue does not have a photo pit so you have to shoot from the crowd. I usually shoot and move and work with the crowd to shoot the event. Well last night there was this cat to my immediate left who was flailing about like a man possessed knocking into people and making a general nuisance of himself. Now, I don’t mind someone getting totally lost in the music at all but one should realize there is a world outside of their five foot space. This guy continued bumping, elbowing, and knocking into people with complete disregard and then it got worse. Dave Chandler, the guitarist for Saint Vitus, posed in front of my camera for some choice shots and this idiot next to me shoves into me and starts throwing his hands in front of my camera thus ruining any chance of a good shot. I politely said “Hey man, I’m working here” his response was “FUCK YOU” he then continued to thwart every shot by reaching and flipping the bird in front of my lens. An altercation was imminent when my security bros came and confronted his guy who fronted on them as well. The girl he was with was begging him to chill but he was having none of it. They grabbed this guy gave him and his girl the boot. The crowd cheered his ejection as they were tired of him as well, we all enjoyed the rest of the show and I was able to get back to shooting a kick ass show.




We all know show attendance is down across the board and completely sucks. I heard several people make comments after that guy was thrown out. “And that I why I don’t go to shows much anymore.” “Who needs to go out and see shit like this?” “Fuck it, people suck. I knew I should have stayed home.”

What happened to the world? The Rock N’ Roll community used to be about being cool and having a good time, not about fighting and being an idiot. Sure there were hose occasions  but they weren’t that common. Come on people if we want to revive the music scene we need to look within ourselves and our own actions.

be the community, be the music, BE COOL!

the Hellion

what do YOU want?


There’s been a lot on my mind as of late. I see people  complaining about so much but not finding solutions. They complain when others achieve success, “they sold out”, they’re kissing so-and-so’s ass”, “they have money”, on and on.

In 2013 I was part of a local music interview/live performance show. I was part of the team that created and wrote said show. I even was the host for many interviews. It rapidly expanded out of control with too many hands in the pot. We made many attempts at nailing down interviews and coverage of bigger name artists with little or no success. Ultimately I left the show behind and started the Hellion Rocks.

I began my new adventure by reaching out to the band contacts that I did have and began doing written interviews. This led me to purchasing a DSLR camera to shoot shows and do video interviews my self. The site was growing as readers across the globe were taking notice. I began to study photography techniques and revisited the works of some of my favorite Rock photographers like Bob Gruen, Robert John, and Chad Lee. I learned the editing process and kept on learning. Eventually I began shooting festivals and big name artists. I also began to interview big name artists on video and phone as well.  Now I receive major label releases for review before they hit the stores, and am invited to cover shows and receive press releases from many big name publicists and the acts they represent. Several of my interviews have been featured on as well.

The Hellion Rocks site is now viewed in over 140 countries with a weekly reach of 3500. Am I satisfied? HELL NO!!! I want more and more and more. I want to be able to do this for a career and continue to bring music to the eyes, ears, and minds of the world!!!. I am not satisfied with being that guy from Albuquerque, NM with a website that takes pictures and interviews bands. I want the name the Hellion Rocks and the music and bands I report about to be synonymous with Rock N’ Roll!

I also have become involved over the past couple of years with Charlie Owens and Randy Norris of Bleach Bangs Radio. These two individuals have the same mindset as I about their internet radio station. The offer a no-holds-barred approach of interviewing bands and bringing their music to the masses. They offer bands a chance to offer their uncensored opinions on life, music, and the industry. I am proud to be a part of their team.

So what is my point of the post? Why am I writing this today? STOP COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

Are you satisfied with being the best band in your hometown? Are you satisfied with covering the same shows over and over? How far are you willing to go? Make a name for yourself, take that leap of faith. Remember, Motley Crue is a local LA band,  Slipknot is a local Des Moines band, KISS is a local New York band. They had the faith and perseverance to break out. Sure it means sacrifice and struggle but it is worth it to achieve your goals. If you are happy just playing local gigs and just covering local bands. more power to you, just don’t complain  about lackluster attendance or site views.

Am I making a living with the Hellion Rocks, no. I have been paid for a photo shoot and my photos have been used by a touring band and that’s a start. I will not complain about that, instead I will continue to forge ahead and make a name for myself and eventually I WILL get that paying gig.

Now, who’s with me?

It’s loud, it;s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion


We need Rock N’ Roll heroes



Remember when Rock Stars were larger than life? Glammed out superheroes we stuck on our walls and tried to emulate? Over the top looks and lifestyles were the norm for them. Not to mention we had a lot of cool music to listen to. We need them back in our lives, and then some.

Turn on the news, read a paper and it’s doom and gloom with no end in sight. It’s getting old and tired to me.  Remember how you felt when you saw you favorite Rock Star or picked up a new record, poster, or magazine? Remember how good it felt?

There are still real Rock Stars walking the earth. They are out there and we need to step up and support them and what they do. Go to a Rock Show and help it to be all that it can be. Buy the records, shirts, and hit them up for posters and such. Let’s enjoy ourselves and revel in Rock N’ Roll once again!

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ F’N ROLL!!!

the Hellion

Help support the Hellion Rocks with a T-Shirt!!!







Help the Hellion Rocks by purchasing a T-shirt at the link below! Thanks for all of your support!!! – the Hellionfront-big



2013 was a great year for the Hellion Rocks, bring on 2014!!!

178928_10150973183505972_426071352_n 2013 was great year for us here at the Hellion Rocks. Killer interviews, great shows and hanging with even cooler people. It’s very cool when you get to talk to artists you have grown to admire. It’s even cooler when they message you and stay in contact with you. It’s a great feeling when you also help to spread the word of a new up-and-coming band as well. In the past year I have learned how small the music community really is. It is amazing the connections that lead to other connections and how the music brings us all together.

I have to give thanks to my cohorts at Bleach Bangs Radio, Charlie Owens and Randy Norris. These guys are my brothers plain and simple. They are the embodiment of awesome and I am proud to work with them.

     Eddie’s Mates holds a special place in my heart as well. Sandy and Sean have not only helped us with Bleach Bangs Radio they also made the logo for the Hellion Rocks! Thanks EM!!!


I have to thank my wife Dani for giving me the courage and strength to reach out and chase this crazy dream. She is ALWAYS there for me.

There are so many people who mean the world to me as well: Mike Araiza, Jeff Sandoval, Adam Joad, Jake Delling LeBas, Redd Yoachum and the rest from Scattered Hamlet, Craw Cajun and Kat Ford, Death Alley Motor Cult, Kurt Arft, Wornstar Clothing, Justin Manning and Crowned By Fire, and Dellacoma Rio and the Sunset Riot guys, Steve Helmer, Dave Gold, and Bobby Siekkinen . Those are just a few from an incredible list.

Thank you to all of the publicists that have worked with me this year as well. Here’s looking towards a productive 2014!!!

Thanks to and Circus Magazine for picking up some of my interviews! I am honored and humbled.

Lastly but far from least I wish I could personally thank each and every one of the 60,000 people from the 140 countries around the world who dropped in on this site last year. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you want to see here in the future.

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!

see ya in 2014 – the Hellion

Happy Holidays from the Hellion Rocks!



2013 was an AWESOME year! I got to photograph and interview some GREAT artists and make  a lot of new friends. Thank you to you all for stopping in and checking things out! We’re planning on bringing you bigger and better things in 2014! I’m already backed up with CD reviews!


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion

What is music to me?


What is music? Wow, what a question. I’ll try to tell you what it is to me.

I remember being alone a lot when I was younger, I also remember a painful childhood. Yet there was always a friend around to whisk me away from reality, music. I would often find myself listening to the world around me and the music it contained. There were birds chirping, the wind in the trees or against a building, the rain, sometimes the music of people going about their lives. That was natural music and it lives within us all, it is primal.

I remember radio becoming a close friend to me as well. I would listen to the various stations open minded to all that I was hearing. Through it all Rock N’ Roll called to me and welcomed me with open arms. There was such feeling in the music, and I identified with it. I was carried away from the everyday world by Rush, Van Halen, Boston, Peter Frampton, KISS….on an on. I was safe with them and I felt good. I give thanks to the live DJs who turned me on to the music they were listening to. I remember being able to call them up late night and discuss music with them and learn of bands and songs that still hold meaning to me today.

Ahhh the rock show, I have many fond memories here. When I was old enough I started going to live concerts and experiencing live music. What a joy to hear the songs I had come to know and love in a live setting. It was magical to see the songs being played to the moment. There is nothing like a live song played with the passion and emotions of the artist in the now. It was a party going to a live show, no fighting (well not like today, there were a few at times), no animosity, such a gathering for a good time. You could find out about bands you might not have heard of yet from others and you could turn them on to bands you have discovered. It was FUN!!! No cellphones, no leaving before the show was over, you were on from the first note to the end. Then the post show hangout and discussions, oh the times we had.

The event  of a new release, yes I said event. Once upon a time there were music stores and that was their main focus. Many of us would read every scrap of print we could find in order to know about upcoming releases. We would hang around in the record store talking music, and about the bands we loved. When a new record came out we would eagerly shell out our hard earned bucks, race home heart pounding, rip off the plastic, smell the fresh vinyl, drop the needle, and escape into the album artwork and liner notes.

What is music? Well, to me it is life, love and who we are. Our styles and preferences may change throughout the years but that love lives on within us. It is a different world today, the demise of the big labels, record stores closing, live radio traded for corporate canned programming. And yet, I raise my horns high and rock on as I have always done. The spirit lives on in me as I know it does in others and I am taking it back from the corporate world and I am gonna pass this message on to the world. Go to a live show, buy a t-shirt, buy a physical copy of the bands music, read the liner notes, TALK to people at a show, live the music because it lives in you.


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL (and I love it)

-the Hellion