Guitarist CRAW CAJUN talks about his busy world



     It’s funny how fate works. Craw Cajun and I keep intersecting each others lives. Craw recently released the first of his solo works and let me be a part of sharing that with the world. Here is the link to that article:

     We then made contact via phone to set up an interview to talk about the many things he is involved in. Here is the link to that interview:

    Here are some links for ya to check out!:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

     the Hellion

Guitarist CRAW CAJUN unveils solo work!



My good friend and brother Craw Cajun (All Hail The Yeti) and I discussed his impending solo work during a phone conversation last year. Well, it has come to fruition and here’s the first taste, enjoy:





Music has helped me get through a lot of hard times in my life. I know our troops across the globe are having some rough times as well. I am starting this project to get bands to sign copies of their CDs and send them to me so I can in turn send them to the various branches of the military around the world. I believe a signed CD would help to lift their spirits and give them a moment or two of joy to their stressful days.

Please if you want to get involved send signed CDs to:

James Anaya

“Rock The Soldiers Project”

PO Box 2055

Moriarty, NM 87035

     This is a not for profit endeavor I just want to spread the gift  of music  to those in service to our great country. Thanks!

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

     the Hellion




     I was fortunate to meet Dave after a Tesla concert recently. We talked briefly about doing an interview around his upcoming Dave Rude Band release.

431942_569437749763601_506787307_n     Coincidentally a couple of hours before our scheduled interview I received the new CD in the mail. Thanks to Rat Pak Records! So it made it into our conversation. Enjoy this lengthy interview right here:

     I have thoroughly listened to this new CD and I HIGHLY recommend picking up a copy of your own! Thanks Dave!


     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

     the Hellion



     Pamela Moore came to most of our attention as “Sister Mary” from the EPIC Queensryche record OPERATION MINDCRIME. Well my friends, she’s back, and she has brought an AWESOME CD with her: Resurrect Me.

Front Cover

I will be reviewing the CD soon right here. Thanks to her label Rat Pak Records we were able to set up an interview. So, without further adieu, here you go:

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion

Johnnie Bolin Interview!!

205434_495365307174721_187542627_nTommy&Johnnie Bolin - August 1976

     Johnnie Bolin took some time to answer some questions for the Hellion Rocks!


1. There was always music of some form in my house as I was growing up. Was there a lot of music around the Bolin household when you were a child?

#1. Music non stop, Elvis, Beatles, Wes Monk, Hendrix, and later Tommy!

2. When did you start playing music? How did you end up behind a drum kit?

#2. I was playin’ my parents chairs wearin’ them out, but 1st I got a bass,then a Danelectro long-horn, THEN Finally drums-Tommy taught me guitar.

3. Do you play any other instruments?

#3. Guitar as U know.

4. I know you started performing at a young age. What can you remember feeling during those first performances?

#4. Scared, not knowing all the responsibilities of a drummer, I could play by myself but a drummer has to carry a heavy load, in time.

5. Were you into many bands during your youth?

#5. Probably around 4 till graduation. Horn bands as a kid, then Humble Pie, Spooky Tooth, Free, The Who…

6. Did you have formal music lessons?

#6. No formal lessons, just would watch and listened to every good drummer I could.

7. How did you get involved with Black Oak Arkansas?

#7. BOA used to play in Mpls. where I lived and played for about 12 yrs. Our band backed up Black Oak and I got to know Jim Dandy pretty well and he knew Tommy, so when his drummer left I jumped aboard, 22 yrs ago!!

8. Tell me about being inducted into the South Dakota Rock and Roll Music Association’s Hall of Fame.

#8. Tommy and I are in both Iowa and South Dakota Hall of Fame. It’s great being recognized for something you’ve done all your life.

9. What would you say to young artists trying to break out into the music world?

#9. This world is different then mine. One thing still applies, practice makes perfect!

10. What are you currently listening to new or classic?

#10. I listen to the same stuff I did when I was a kid, and some newer funk, soul, dance stuff!

11. The floor is open. Tell us what ever you wish:

#11. As Edgar Winter once said, “Keep playin’ that Rock n’Roll”, thank U James!

Death Of An Era’s New EP, The Great Commonwealth, Out Today (Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie)‏




(New York, NY)  – Death of an Era’s new EP The Great Commonwealth is out today(Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie) – on iTunes HERE (  The Great Commonwealth EP was produced by Kevin Lankford.

Watch the lyric video “A Mother’s Love” at Alterative Press
Formed last year, the Columbus, OH based death metal band Death of an Era is the latest addition to join the Artery Recordings, the joint venture between The Artery Foundation and Razor & Tie. After a year supporting their self-released Reviler EP, this collective of high school friends had risen out of the Ohio underground and into the national spotlight. Alternative Press featured them in AP&R, and they carved out a rabid core of fans through relentless touring and an incomparable sound.  Confronting everything from child abuse and  drug addiction to deceit and bullying head-on, the group—Daniel Simpson [vocals], Nathan Stewart [guitar], Dustin Colling [guitar], and brothers Chris [bass] and Michael Cooper [drums]—offer catharsis in the face of chaos.
Death of An Era Tour Dates
June 7 – Columbus, OH – The Basement