What is music to me?


What is music? Wow, what a question. I’ll try to tell you what it is to me.

I remember being alone a lot when I was younger, I also remember a painful childhood. Yet there was always a friend around to whisk me away from reality, music. I would often find myself listening to the world around me and the music it contained. There were birds chirping, the wind in the trees or against a building, the rain, sometimes the music of people going about their lives. That was natural music and it lives within us all, it is primal.

I remember radio becoming a close friend to me as well. I would listen to the various stations open minded to all that I was hearing. Through it all Rock N’ Roll called to me and welcomed me with open arms. There was such feeling in the music, and I identified with it. I was carried away from the everyday world by Rush, Van Halen, Boston, Peter Frampton, KISS….on an on. I was safe with them and I felt good. I give thanks to the live DJs who turned me on to the music they were listening to. I remember being able to call them up late night and discuss music with them and learn of bands and songs that still hold meaning to me today.

Ahhh the rock show, I have many fond memories here. When I was old enough I started going to live concerts and experiencing live music. What a joy to hear the songs I had come to know and love in a live setting. It was magical to see the songs being played to the moment. There is nothing like a live song played with the passion and emotions of the artist in the now. It was a party going to a live show, no fighting (well not like today, there were a few at times), no animosity, such a gathering for a good time. You could find out about bands you might not have heard of yet from others and you could turn them on to bands you have discovered. It was FUN!!! No cellphones, no leaving before the show was over, you were on from the first note to the end. Then the post show hangout and discussions, oh the times we had.

The event  of a new release, yes I said event. Once upon a time there were music stores and that was their main focus. Many of us would read every scrap of print we could find in order to know about upcoming releases. We would hang around in the record store talking music, and about the bands we loved. When a new record came out we would eagerly shell out our hard earned bucks, race home heart pounding, rip off the plastic, smell the fresh vinyl, drop the needle, and escape into the album artwork and liner notes.

What is music? Well, to me it is life, love and who we are. Our styles and preferences may change throughout the years but that love lives on within us. It is a different world today, the demise of the big labels, record stores closing, live radio traded for corporate canned programming. And yet, I raise my horns high and rock on as I have always done. The spirit lives on in me as I know it does in others and I am taking it back from the corporate world and I am gonna pass this message on to the world. Go to a live show, buy a t-shirt, buy a physical copy of the bands music, read the liner notes, TALK to people at a show, live the music because it lives in you.


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL (and I love it)

-the Hellion

Even more to come!!!

at the Aria Booth - NAMM 2013

at the Aria Booth – NAMM 2013  – photo by Charlie “MF'” Owens


Spent the weekend chilling with the family and enjoying my birthday weekend. Remembering the loss of Cliff on my birthday, and just slowing down for a minute. Now, looking forward: We have tons of killer interviews in the works, shows we are going to shoot and review, CD’s to write about, and new bands to put into your heads. I am amazed at the growth of this site in a year. Thanks to all who support and have given us the opportunity to do what we love. Please hit us up with bands, features you’d like to see and your take on the site, love to hear from ya! Remember, the Hellion Rocks and Bleach Bangs Radio love you all!

-the Hellion

Dellacóma Rio (ex Sunset Riot vocalist) gives us an exclusive interview!

Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot)

Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot)


We just received an exclusive phone call from the man himself. He gave us a look into his future musical plans. Listen to it here:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL

-the Hellion


Could it be? Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot) and Jody Row and John John(ex Glitterboys) joining forces?

I Heard something very interesting from a good source today. My source tells me that Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot) and Jody Row and John John(ex Glitterboys) have been in contact since the breakup of their respective bands. Could there be a joining of forces down the track? This is very intriguing and we will continue to keep our ears open.

Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot)

Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot)

Jody Row

Jody Row (ex Glitterboys)

John John (ex Glitterboys)

John John (ex Glitterboys)


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

the Hellion

PET PEEVES: Who’s your favorite/best guitarist?


There are so many polls, questions, battles, etc., etc., on who’s the best guitarist. I feel that this is a question that can never be truly asked or answered. In my opinion each and every guitarist that I listen to is distinctly different. I often wonder what Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Zakk Wylde, Tony Iommi, Dimebag, Randy Rhoads, and many more, would think (or would have thought) of all of these comparisons. For me, there is such joy in the diversity of styles in rock n’ roll. If everyone tried to sound like each other what would be the point? I say enjoy the bad ass guitarists that are out there and do yourself a favor and seek out the new crop of players that are trying their hardest to be heard. I just had to put this out there after seeing all of the recent polls and battles out there. Now, let’s talk about some  axe slingers you should be listening to.

     Justin Manning:


Justin is the guitarist for the band Crowned By Fire. Incredible riffs, blinding speed, and a certain uniqueness in style make Justin a player to watch. check Justin and Crowned By Fire in the video for “Witch In The Window” : 

 Redd Yoachum:


Redd is the lead guitarist for Scattered Hamlet. Redd plays with an old soul. He makes you feel the music that he plays, his passion fills your ears with sonic joy. I feel the guitar heroes who have passed on are smiling down on Redd. Here is the live version of “Skeleton Dixie”: 

 Craw Cajun:


Craw is the guitarist for All Hail The Yeti. Craw is another one of those guitarists that when they play it gets right into your soul. All Hail The Yeti’s self titled release  was my top CD for 2012. This is a band on the move and Craw is a player headed for legendary status. Check out Craw’s playing in “The Art Of Mourning” : 

These are but three of my favorite guitarists that I feel should be getting more attention in the world. If you have any by all means bring to my attention! You can reach me at janaya64@msn.com or on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/theHellionRocks

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion



Who says hard work and perseverance doesn’t pay off.  Rob has been a friend of mine for quite a while now and this news come with great joy to me. Rob truly deserves this endorsement. Rob has been a staple in the music industry for years. He has championed the local music scenes in everywhere he has called home. He lends his valued experience to so many people. I know he loves PRS guitars and he definitely knows his way around them. What’s cool about Rob is that he has his own distinct sound. With his bands Voice Of December and Darken The Day he will put this endorsement to great use.



Congrats to my brother Rob, you’ve earned it!!! Check out the release at http://www.prsguitars.com/artists/  under new artist profiles. Check out Rob and his bands at: https://www.facebook.com/vodband and https://www.facebook.com/DarkenTheDay?fref=ts


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

the Hellion






Music has helped me get through a lot of hard times in my life. I know our troops across the globe are having some rough times as well. I am starting this project to get bands to sign copies of their CDs and send them to me so I can in turn send them to the various branches of the military around the world. I believe a signed CD would help to lift their spirits and give them a moment or two of joy to their stressful days.

Please if you want to get involved send signed CDs to:

James Anaya

“Rock The Soldiers Project”

PO Box 2055

Moriarty, NM 87035

     This is a not for profit endeavor I just want to spread the gift  of music  to those in service to our great country. Thanks!

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

     the Hellion


SUNSET RIOT “All Class, No Trash” USA Tour 2013 – 5/4/13 THE FIRST SHOW!!!


     It’s been almost a year since I last saw Sunset Riot. I met this OZ-some band last year and it was love at first sight. Down to earth, personable, and hard working, Dellacoma, JP, Resh, Ziggy, and Simo welcomed me as family with hugs and much love. When we saw them before the show last night it was like seeing family that lives far away and you get to see sparingly. We caught up for a moment and then the madness began.

Ziggy, Simo, the Hellion, JP, Dellacoma, Resh

Ziggy, Simo, the Hellion, JP, Dellacoma, Resh

After an introduction by my brother Charlie Owens the band took the stage and never gave it back. Whirling about the stage like dynamos Sunset Riot delivered their brand of “OZ-some” Rock N’ Roll and then some. This combination of musicians has the right chemistry for success. JP owns the right side of the stage and delivers guitar playing like the guitar gods of old.

the ever amazing JP

the ever amazing JP

Like a madman about the stage, Ziggys’ guitars provide the perfect balance to JP.

Ziggy rockin' the mic

Ziggy rockin’ the mic

Simo, who joined the band on their tour last year, is the perfect fit for Sunset Riot. His bass playing style is aggressive and solid.

Simo, you know you love him!

Simo, you know you love him!

Ahhh Resh, this guy knows his way around a drum kit. He keeps the band in perfect rhythm.

Resh keeping perfect time as usual

Resh keeping perfect time as usual

And then there’s Dellacoma, the epitome of a rockstar. Slithering around the stage like a wild animal, driving the women crazy with his sensuality. Making the crowd feel like they are part of the show, sharing his microphone with various crowd members at times, singing to various people, thoroughly bringing  the crowd into his space.

Dellacoma - front man extraordinaire

Dellacoma – front man extraordinaire

What can I say about a Sunset Riot performance? Well here’s taste, and if you wanna know more you’re gonna have to see for yourself:


     After spending most of today with the guys just hanging out I was asked by Ziggy “Why do you like Sunset Riot?” Here is my answer:

     Sunset Riot is a band that just plain makes you feel good. Sometimes when things just seem to piss me off, there is Sunset Riot playing inside my head. The songs get inside you and just fill you with good vibes. Catchy, hook laden, flowing lyrics, combined with down to earth band members, what else could a music lover ask for? A Sunset Riot show? An hour of leaving your cares at the door, hanging with family and friends, a smile from ear to ear, and that smile will stay with you for a while.

     Be sure to check out Sunset Riot “All Class, No Trash” tour dates  at: https://www.facebook.com/events/165677166908228/

     band page: https://www.facebook.com/sunsetriot

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

     the Hellion

Drummer Mike Kimura from Voice Of December/Darken The Day lets us in on his busy world!!!

421377_391519667532308_391459060871702_1605880_2093042632_n   My good friend Mike Kimura took time out of his busy schedule to fill us in on what’s going on with his two bands Voice Of December and Darken The Day! Awesome guy to know and very cool interview. Be sure to check out both bands and give them a like! Here’s the interview:

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion

Chad Erickson’s CARVED ROCK LEATHER!!!

     I have met many great people in the music community Chad Erickson is one of them. He has made awesome leather works for a lot of people in the music world. He recently made a custom leather cuff for me with the Hellion logo. Check out his page and give him a like at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Carvedrockleather/

Adam Joad from Scattered Hamlet guitar strap.

Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper guitar strap

the Hellion custom cuff

custom strap for Justin Manning from Crowned By Fire!