Scattered Hamlet - Skeleton Dixie CD cover

Scattered Hamlet – Skeleton Dixie CD cover

1. Shelter

2. Outlaw Anthem

3. Warning

4. In Good Company

5. It’s Alright With Me

6. Falling Off The Wagon (Featuring Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper)

7. Guilty Plea

8. Mississippi Queen

9. Powder Kegs and Gasoline

10. Family Tree

11. Skeleton Dixie

     I have anxiously awaited this CD for a while now. Now that I’ve had the chance to listen to it several times, it was worth the wait. This CD restores my faith in good old-fashioned guitar driven Rock N’ Roll. With nods to their various influences the members of Scattered Hamlet infuse this CD with the sound that makes Scattered Hamlet  unique. This ain’t no pretty record, it’s loud, it’s dirty, and G-d bless it it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!! These new songs coupled with their live performance makes Scattered Hamlet a band not miss when they invade a town near you. There is an outstanding guest on the track “Falling Off The Wagon” guitar great Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper. Randy’s guitar work in the track shows off his amazing playing skills. One of the earmarks for a great CD for me is that when I listen to it there is no need to skip tracks, there is no filler or throw away tracks on this. I cannot pick a favorite track because they are all worthy of that praise, I can, however, point out a couple of standout tracks: “Warning”, “Shelter”, “Powder Kegs and Gasoline”, and “Skeleton Dixie”. If you want a good time, feel good, driving down the road with the windows open, drinking beer with your buds, CD this is the one for 2013, look no further. Scattered Hamlet……HELL YES!!!! Pick it up here:

Whet your whistle on this track and get your “Outlaw Anthem” on: 


the Hellion

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