Throw The Temple gets ready to drop new video for “We Got It Goin’ “

TTT logo

ttt band

Some bands take themselves far too serious, and then there is Throw The Temple. Music should be fun and full of life and Throw The Temple understands that concept. Here a the Hellion Rocks we were allowed a sneak peek at their new video for “We Got It Goin’ “. This band gets it, they really get it. The video is fun and lighthearted and the song is catchy stays in your head long after the video is over. Throw The Temple is a band on the rise with the future WIDE open.  Be sure and stayed tuned for the official release of this very cool video from Throw The Temple as well as their new CD, we’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop. There also might be and incredible announcement involving the Hellion Rocks and Throw The Temple!!!


     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s THROW THE TEMPLE!!!

     -the Hellion

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