Alive on the Road fund


In this day and age a band on the road faces numerous challenges. Stolen instruments, gas money, vehicle repairs,  feeding themselves, showering, where to sleep, and yet they keep doing it in order to share their music. I am constantly seeing posts about bands getting into some heinous situations every day. Most recover and carry on, others find the situation overwhelming. I am bouncing around the idea of creating a fund based upon donations to help keep bands in need on the road.

I am thinking if we can create a network of people around the USA willing to put their heads together and figure a way to help bands out when they get into a situation in which help is required. Keep in mind this is only in the exploration stage right now and I am open to any and all ideas. We might even be able to get help from some hotel, vehicle repair/rental, food, and musical instrument and supply companies.

My tentative name for this is the Alive And On The Road fund.

If you have an interest in this and wish to provide some input please contact me at

I can’t do this without the greater music community people so please help to keep young bands on the road.

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

-the Hellion

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