Outlaw Metal Band ATTIKA 7 Appearing Live this Friday (Sept 13) and Saturday (Sept 14) at KUPD’s Desert Uprising in Phoenix, AZ and Operation Kick Ass in San Diego, CA‏

Outlaw Metal Band ATTIKA 7 Appearing Live this Friday (Sept 13) and Saturday (Sept 14) at KUPD’s Desert Uprising in Phoenix, AZ and Operation Kick Ass in San Diego, CA



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ATTIKA 7 will be performing new material ‘Dance of the Dead’ and ‘Darkness’ along with their instantly famous cover of The Eagles’ ‘Witchy Woman’, which is exploding on the radio all around the country as we speak… Look for the release of ATTIKA 7‘s  Dark Metal version of ‘Witchy Woman’ coming soon!


Also, make sure to watch the new current season of SONS OF ANARCHY, co-starring Attika Axe Man RUSTY COONES as “Rane Quinn”, SOA Nomads President!


For Booking and info contact info@attika7.com / visit www.attika7.com.

my bro Rusty gave me a special autograph

my bro Rusty gave me a special autograph


Attika7? Hell yes what are you waiting for? Time get your ass kicked!

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10th album “X” out now via Nuclear Blast

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Helsinki vampire rock outfit, The 69 Eyes, has posted its latest music video for the song, “Borderline,” on YouTube. Check out the video, shot in New Orleans, La. with acclaimed producer, Patric Ullaeus, online at: 


The video starts with a scene in which the local vampire tour legend Lord Chaz draws five X’s on the crypt door of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau’s resting place in Saint Louis Cemetery #1. “Easy Rider’s” famous psychedelic scene was also filmed there.


Commented lead vampire Jyrki9, “It’s like our ‘Love Me Tender’ – a soft, timeless ballad. But it also has that dark, mystic Southern vibe (some said ‘True Blood’), so naturally we had to go to Louisiana to shoot the video! Mark Twain’s books, Elvis, ‘King Creole,’ ‘Easy Rider,’ blues, jazz, voodoo, vampires – so many reasons for The 69 Eyes go to N’awlins. We’ve played there twice; I’ve hosted two DJ club nights there called “Fangtasia” over the last two summers. The leading rock/metal video director of these latter days, Swedish Patric Ullaeus was also interested in coming to NOLA to make this masterpiece, so all was set for it! The mid-October was perfect for a long-lost weekend in the South.”


“Borderline” appears on the band’s 10th studio album, X, which hit stores last month via Nuclear Blast Records.


Fans can order the new album online via iTunes at: http://bit.ly/69xitun, complete with the bonus track “Rosary Blue” featuring Kat Von D, the “Red” music video plus digital booklet. Physical copies of X can be ordered via the Nuclear Blast web-store at: http://bit.ly/69eyesxlp.


To purchase X in person, head over to:http://www.facebook.com/the69eyes/app_190322544333196 for more information on how to find a local retailer.



1. Love Runs Away

2. Tonight

3. Black

4. If You Love Me The Morning After

5. Red

6. I Love The Darkness In You

7. Borderline

8. I’m Ready

9. I Know What You Did Last Summer

10. When A Love Comes To An End


Bonus DVD *Digi Edition*

– “Red” (video single)

– Made In Sweden – Stockholm and The 69 Eyes (documentary)


Check out the recently released “Red” music video, also filmed with Patric Ullaeus and complete with a special message from the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira, online at:http://youtu.be/hVLMZEFXWxA.


A preview video featuring audio samples of each of the album’s tracks, plus commentary from lead vampire, Jyrki69, can be seen on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtBjQ9P1LG8.


A series of album trailers providing further insight into the release can be seen at: http://youtu.be/s-SVq2hK1e4 (Part I), http://youtu.be/TEMvkQvfsWg (Part II) andhttp://youtu.be/ch7Y3CPS2iM (Part III).


Stay tuned for more information on The 69 Eyes and X.



The 69 Eyes online…








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