ANTI-MORTEM Posts Band Introduction Video – New Album “New Southern” Out April 29, 2014 via Nuclear Blast‏

ANTI-MORTEM Posts Band Introduction Video –

New Album “New Southern” Out April 29, 2014 via Nuclear Blast

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Oklahoma natives and saviors of southern-infused hard rock, ANTI-MORTEM, have released a video in which singer Larado Romo introduces himself and his band mates to the rock and metal community: 

The band’s highly anticipated debut album, New Southern, will be released in North America in physical and digital formats on April 29th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The album was produced, recorded, and mixed by the esteemed Bob Marlette (BLACK STONE CHERRY, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, SHINEDOWN, ROB ZOMBIE) and features artwork by Brent Elliott White (DEATH ANGEL, JOB FOR A COWBOY, TRIVIUM).

The New Southern pre-order bundle – which includes the album + a t-shirt with exclusive artwork – is available now via the album’s landing page:

The track listing for New Southern is:

01. Words Of Wisdom (lyric video 

02. New Southern

03. 100% Pure American Rage
04. Hate Automatic
05. Black Heartbeat
06. I Get Along With The Devil
07. Path To Pain
08. Wake Up
09. Ride Of Your Life

10. Stagnant Water (music video 

11. Truck Stop Special

12. Jonesboro


13. A Little Too Loose (MR. BIG cover)

Purchase the ‘100% Pure American Rage’ single on iTunes:

For a taste of ANTI-MORTEM’s fusion of southern rock & heavy metal, check out the following videos:

‘100% Pure American Rage’ –

Stagnant Water’ –

‘Words Of Wisdom’
 (lyrics) –
‘Hate Automatic’ (acoustic):
‘Truck Stop Special’ (acoustic):
‘John The Revelator’ (acoustic):

What the American hard rock and metal scene needs right now is an infusion of youth and some new blood coursing through its veins. Enter ANTI-MORTEM and their upcoming debut album, »New Southern«. Formed in 2008 and with over 300 shows already to their name, the combined average age of this Oklahoma quintet is just 21-years-old. ANTI-MORTEM were raised on southern rock & heavy metal and driven by a hunger to make an impact. The band dole out bottom-heavy and groove-laden anthems with every track and infuse a modern sense of melody that is the signature trademark of all the metal greats they’ve learned from.  Also present and accounted for: southern swagger in spades, courtesy of the band’s roots and upbringing.

Larado Romo – Lead Vocals 
Nevada Romo
 – Guitar
Zain Smith
 – Guitar  
Corey Henderson
 –  Bass
Levi Dickerson
 –  Drums | |

Anti-Mortem – Loud, Hungry, and on the move. Live in Albuquerque 11/30/13

L to R  Nevada Romo - Guitar, Levi Dickerson- Drums, Larado Romo - Vocals,Corey Henderson - Bass, Zain Smith - Guitar.

L to R
Nevada Romo – Guitar, Levi Dickerson- Drums, Larado Romo – Vocals,Corey Henderson – Bass, Zain Smith – Guitar.

There has a lot of buzz about this hard charging band from Oklahoma, now I know why. I was recently afforded the opportunity to attend and photograph Monster Magnet here in NM and was doubly excited to find out that Anti-Mortem was on the bill as well. We have featured Anti-Mortem on our internet radio show Bleach Bangs Radio which was  a lot of fun. Anti-Mortem through their hard work and kick ass music were recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records.


     Anti-Mortem seized the stage with power and fury, then proceeded to kick the ass of every person in the crowd. I had heard their music and seen their videos, but those pale in comparison to seeing them live. Rockstar swagger was apparent from the get go. The twin guitar assault of Zain Smith  and Nevada Romo were reminiscent of the days of old. While Zain was more stoic and channeling the great Dimebag, Nevada was full of old school swagger reminding me of a younger Zakk Wylde.

Zain Smith

Zain Smith

Nevada Romo

Nevada Romo

Larado Romo delivered on all fronts as the front man. Engaging the crowd and drawing them in to the show. His powerful vocals complimented the music and then some. Gritty, and with a kind of southern feel, Larado gets the job done.

Larado Romo

Larado Romo

The rhythm section of Anti-Mortem keeps everything locked together nice and tight. Levi Dickerson worked the drum kit with a combination of  style and finesse  coupled with brutality. Old school drumming at its best, no bullshit just great drumming. Corey Henderson brought to mind some of  the great rock bassists, Steve Harris, Rex Brown, Jason Newsted. Delivering the goods with enough style and flair to keep everyone interested.

Levi Dickerson

Levi Dickerson

Corey Henderson

Corey Henderson

    Anti-Mortem is band on the move with big things in store. Be sure to catch them on tour right now with Monster Magnet. I listened to the crowd after their set and the general consensus was “THEY KICKED ASS!!! Check out their video for “Stagnant Water” right here:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ANTI-MORTEM!!!

     the Hellion