the Hellion Rocks


AC/DC, INXS, Little River Band, Men At Work…Australia has given us some great music. Through my recent involvement as a co-host on the internet radio show Bleach Bangs I have found a new crop of bands that are carrying the torch. The 80’s have come and gone here in the US but the influence is still being felt in Australia. Let’s talk about a few of the stand out bands:



I have actually had the pleasure of hanging out with and seeing Sunset Riot perform several times.


The music Sunset Riot brings is addicting and worms its way into your head and you find yourself singing them without even realizing it. The guys themselves are extremely friendly and warm. They treat every one with kindness and respect and make their fans feel special. Del- vocals, JP – guitars, Ziggy- guitars, Resh – drums, and newly added Simo- bass have found the…

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