STRYPER – To Hell With The Devil tour 2016 – 10/23/16 Albuquerque, NM

     It was a perfect Sunday afternoon as I pulled up to the Lobo Theater for the Stryper show. I was pleasantly surprised to see a line had already formed in front of the building. I made my way towards the door and sorted out my entry so I could prepare to shoot the evening’s festivities.  

     The people who had purchased the pre show meet and greet (there were quite a few of them) were finishing up and allowed to form a line in the lobby. The sound check was starting up and I decided to walk around and visit with the fans. I was shown various items that had been signed (one cool item was an original vinyl copy of To Hell With The Devil.


Steve Civerolo with his dad Paul

      Overall there was a sense of love for Stryper. I found it very cool to see people I knew to be fans of various Hard Rock bands that one usually does not associate with Stryper, telling me how much they meant to them. One special moment for me was seeing my good friend Derek Leyba be given the opportunity to help with load in for the band. The joy in his eyes was immensely satisfying. 


Derek Leyba

     I went back in and found the band taking their time with the sound check to get it right. The thing that impressed me was the fact that they were willing to take that extra time to give their fans a high-quality show. Eventually everyone was satisfied with the sound check and whisked off to don the Black and Yellow.


     I began my set up in the photo pit and waited for the crush of the crowd when the doors were opened. Funny thing, that didn’t happen. People were kind and civil as they packed in. I saw many friends of mine and many hugs were given. Then, the lights went down and business was about to begin.

     The show began with a cool video history of Stryper which led into a countdown. When the lights came there they were, in their Black and Yellow glory, STRYPER!!!



Michael Sweet


Robert Sweet


Oz Fox


Tim Gaines

     They took us back to 1986 instantly as they played through To Hell With The Devil in its entirety. The band was spot on not missing a lick of the album they had created so many years ago. Song after song was delivered and it seemed the band grew more energetic as did the crowd. After completing the album To Hell With The Devil Stryper ran through some of their crowd favorites and some more current songs. I can definitely say that they left the crowd satisfied.   There was a very cool moment during the set when Michael was talking to the crowd and one guy professed his love of the band and you could hear it in his voice.

     For moments here and there I actually felt like I was a 22-year-old again watching them for the first time. The playing, the vocals, the stage and the costumes were perfect. I am so very pleased to see that the years have only made them a better, stronger band. If you have the chance do yourself a favor and catch Stryper on this tour, you will NOT be disappointed!

     Thanks Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox, and Tim Gaines for a great time and a reminder of how the music community should treat each other.

   it’s the Yellow and Black Attack, it’s STRYPER!!!

     – the Hellion

The REVEREND HORTON HEAT – Albuquerque, NM 12/27/2013

the stage is set

the stage is set

It was a very cool show that I witnessed the night of 12/27/13 at the Launchpad in Albuquerque, NM. The Reverend Horton Heat was in town. I talked to some people waiting at the door and found that they were from Durango Colorado and had come for the stylings of the Reverend.

Jim "Reverend Horton" Heath

Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath

There was an interesting mix in the crowd from the young to the much older. There were people dressed “Rockabilly” style to some metal heads. I have not seen the venue that crowded in quite a while, it was very refreshing.

The Reverend and Jimbo Wallace

The Reverend and Jimbo Wallace

I listened to the crowd talk about RHH and heard some interesting tales:  “This is the 16th time I’ve seen them ” said one guy, “I remember when I was a little girl and my uncle took me to see them”, a lady recounted, “They are kinda like the Grateful Dead for me. When they tour I follow them around so I don’t miss out”, said an older gentleman, “The musical style of RHH is what I grew up on. I am so glad they are still carrying the torch”, from a 20ish guy.

Th Reverend and Jimbo showing how it's done!

Th Reverend and Jimbo showing how it’s done!

I have been to many, many shows. Been in the pits of destruction of metal mayhems, most were tame in comparison when RHH got down to business. There was hardly room to breathe much less try to take some pictures, but we all loved it.

Scott Churilla keeping time

Scott Churilla keeping time

Jimbo Wallace kickin' your ass!

Jimbo Wallace kickin’ your ass!

I was so glad to the support for this energetic and very talented band. I have enjoyed The Reverend Horton Heat for quite awhile now, and I can say they are here to stay! They played song after song and the crowd sang along right with them. There was a mixture of old and new songs from their upcoming release “Rev” which is due out late January on Victory Records Thanks guys, and thanks to Victory Records for inviting me to the show and setting me up with a phone interview with Jim Heath to take place this Monday 12/30/13 (look for it next week with more show photos!)

the rhythm section of RHH

the rhythm section of RHH

RHH in action!

RHH in action!

it’s loud, it’s a psychobilly freakout, it’s the Reverend Horton Heat!

the Hellion

Albuquerque NM – March 1st – Come one, Come ALL!!!


     Coming up on March 1st here in Albuquerque NM there is going to be a stellar alignment of Rock N’ Roll. Three of Rocks greatest newcomers will be playing a show like no other. Rusty Tramp, Scattered Hamlet, and Scars Blue!!!




     Even if you can’t make the show, check out these AWESOME bands, like their pages and SPREAD THE WORD!!!

the Hellion