“Innovation and Controversial” are two terms synonymous with Rik Fox; these two terms are defined and closely associated in the world of Marketing with High Media Ratings and Successful Sales of Products and Magazines. Ergo, Rik Fox equals high ratings and sales.

Among his many accomplishments and achievements as the first officially recognized living history re-enactor in U.S. History, responsible for introducing and representing the 17th Century Polish Winged Cavalry in America as well as having served for five years in the California State Military Reserve (C.S.M.R.), as an E-4 Corporal in Communications/Electronics, places Rik Fox at a definite advantage over the average, screaming, brainless fist-pumping rocker. “I have an ‘AGOD’ – Air, Ground, Offensive, Defensive – Systems Capability that places me second to none; my opposition will be destroyed and left as ashes.” His band SIN (Systems Interdiction Neutralization) is coming back and meaner than ever!

As one the largest and most promising rock metal bands of the mid-1980’s, SIN and Rik Fox’s performance reputation for tearing up full-house stages is the stuff of legend – that is what made SIN the top drawing metal band of Los Angeles in 1984 by a voters choice poll – Rik Fox’s vision, tenacity and driving force.
As an original founding member of WASP and creator of the bands’ moniker, to keeping the solid backbone of Shrapnel Records’ legendary cornerstone metal band STEELER with Ron Keel and Yngwie Malmsteen, to lending his solid bass to such bands as BURN (under Niji Mgt.), and Arizona’s SURGICAL STEEL, to his own bands such as SIN and THUNDERBALL, burning down the competition is nothing new to Rik Fox.

And yet, such a successful reputation brings with it a tendency to create potential jealous rivalries along the way, which apparently persist to the present day; (There exists, bands and individuals who actively attempt to prevent his progress which, when the worm turns, ultimately will be pushed aside and left behind in the return and rise of SIN) – It is said that people love to root for the underdog, and so, like ‘ROCKY’ – “When this thing is over, there will be a lot of people who will owe you an engraved apology” – Everyone else, gets to enjoy the ride.

Rik Fox is one of the most well-known and highly popular and legendary rock and heavy metal bassist’s and performers since the mid 1970’s. He has created recorded with and or performed or been featured in many known bands, such as WASP, STEELER, SIN, BURN, THUNDERBALL and SURGICAL STEEL among others. He has had shared the stage and performed with some of Rock’s Legends, such as the late Ronnie James Dio and rock comedian Sam Kinison, Randy Hansen, Ozzy Osbourne drummer Randy Castillo, and ‘Little Steven’ Van Zant, as well as KISS’s Mark St. John, Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Mighty’ Max Weinberg, Roseanne’s John Goodman, producer Jean Beauvoir, as well as Warrant, Guns n’ Roses, Dokken’s Mick Brown and others at various all-star jams, or jamming with the likes of Steppenwolf’s legendary guitarist Michael Monarch, and was the creator of the band name WASP.

Rik Fox has been featured in rock and heavy metal magazines and publications around the world though the 1980’s and continues to be a sought-after interview subject for his many rock stories. He has been featured on Television and in Film. Among his many legendary interviews, Fox has been a popular interview subject, being sought-after and written about in such books as Darren Upton’s “WASP; A Sting in the Tale”, David Konow’s “Bang Your Head; The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal” , and the upcoming book: “KISS; Nothin’ to Lose;The Early Years” by famed KISS author Ken Sharp. More can be seen at his Wikipedia page: . As a rocker who, time and again, shows promise in his work, over that time, he has earned many endorsements by actively promoting the gear and instruments by those companies he has endorsed. Although, in addition to major recording acts such as Dokken and Def Leppard, Rik Fox and his band SIN was one of the most popular and highly-visible Hollywood rock bands that popularized Randall Amplifiers, on the local level receiving the deal from Don Randall himself! (Although, to their detriment, and that of several other companies), the Randall Amplifier company today, has no previous knowledge on record of this.

Despite which, Fox still faithfully endorses many companies who don’t even acknowledge or realize it; Rik Fox has been one of their longest unsupported endorsees, still promoting their gear…As seen in the photos, just to name a few various Musical Gear Endorsements by Rik Fox and of the bands SIN, THUNDERBALL and SURGICAL STEEL as seen in magazines around the world; Showing in all the photos: Randall Amps, Ampeg Amps, B.C.Rich Basses, Ibanez Basses, ARIA Pro Basses, Gibson Basses, Epiphone Basses, Esp Guitars, Charvel-Jackson Guitars, GHS Strings, Nady Wireless, Ludwig Drums, Paiste and Zildjin Cymbals, Dunlop Picks, Vans Footwear (Boxing boots)…

In 2012-13, Rik has recently re-signed an endorsement deal with GHS Bass Strings and Dunlop Custom Picks as Rik Fox and SIN prepares to rise and, as many 1980’s bands are doing, making a much-anticipated comeback, meaner than ever. Thanks for your consideration.



Sometimes a band impacts you, sometimes very hard. HAVOK accomplished this on me on 10/25/12 when I caught their live show. Straight out of the gate I was hooked. mid-set I went to their merch table and purchased their two CD’s POINT OF NO RETURN and TIME IS UP. 

Formed in Colorado in 2004, the band put out two self-released discs and quickly garnered interest from UK label Candlelight records. BURN was released in 2009 bringing forth an onslaught of brutal guitar riffs, chest crushing bass lines, jackhammer drums, and vocals from the depths of hell itself! 2011 brought forth their second album TIME IS UPFront to back this CD smokes. One can really appreciate the technical skill put forth on this album. Remember the first time you heard Metallica, Exodus, Overkill, Anthrax, Testament, or Obituary? HAVOK takes you back with this one. They deliver the same “We will crush you to the ground” punch on this one. In 2012 HAVOK put out the EP POINT OF NO RETURNThough it only has four tracks (one of which pays homage to Slayer’s “Reigning Blood”) it satisfies your need for metal.

Listening to the CD’s gives one a chance to appreciate the technical prowess of HAVOK but it is their live show that will completely blow you away. Energetic, engaging, powerful are but only a few words to describe them live. You HAVE to see them live given the chance.

HAVOK is comprised of David Sanchez – Lead vocals / Guitars, Jesse De Los Santos – Lead bass / Vocals, Pete Webber – Lead drums, and Reece Scruggs – Lead guitar / Vocals. I was able to speak for a moment with Jesse and Reece about their performance. They were very humble and grateful to my words of praise for them. They graciously signed my newly purchased copy of TIME IS UP. It was a great evening.

In conclusion, I would like to thank HAVOK for carrying the torch of Thrash that their forefathers lit for them.

Be sure and check out their Facebook page: and their website:

Here the video for “Covering Fire” enjoy!

the Hellion