Black Sabbath


Summer of 1977…

I had just met the neighbor kid in the apartment complex we had just moved into. He invited me over to hang out and listen to music one afternoon. He asked me if I liked Black Sabbath and I told him that “Iron Man” was a cool song but that was about all I knew. He then proceeded to play Master of Reality. The music was like an adrenaline shot to my senses. I was hooked immediately and had to have more and find out all I could about Black Sabbath.

Over time I managed to collect their music and it became a part of my regular listening schedule. I couldn’t explain it but the music reached me on many levels. And then, as quickly as I had found them, there was news of a band split.

Back then (before up to the minute news from the internet) rumors began circulating of Ozzy leaving the band. This unfortunately became truth.

It came to pass that Black Sabbath had hired Ronnie James Dio to sing and Ozzy launched a solo career. I was a long time Rainbow fan and was curious to see what Dio would bring. I was positive that Ozzy would have some cool stuff as well.

Let’s talk Black Sabbath first. With the addition of Dio they brought us Heaven and Hell. I like this record but it brought about a sense of change to the Black Sabbath style. I always felt that this record took them in a more pop rock oriented style. It wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t MY Black Sabbath that I’d grown to love. It proved to be the same with the Mob Rules. They had just failed to reach as had been done with their previous work. I like both records and still listen to them today but not nearly as much as the earlier work. And then Dio was gone.

To be honest I left them at that point not even bothering to listen or seek out their music. Black Sabbath was lost to me at that time.

Ozzy went on to great success as a solo artist. He surrounded himself with stellar musicians and made some good records. Like Dio era Sabbath it was different. Ozzy tried to cultivate the Prince Of Darkness image but it failed to reach me. The music while great again, in my opinion, leaned a little more towards the pop rock side.

I know, I know, I can just see some of you rolling your eyes at this. Change is ok and sometimes can be good. It was good for Ozzy’s career and not so much with Black Sabbath. Sabbath eventually reunited with Dio for Dehumanizer before parting ways again.

Eventually Ozzy and Sabbath got over the past and reunited for 13 (without Bill Ward), but, for me, the magic just wasn’t there anymore.

Over time we lost Dio to cancer, Ozzy’s solo career kind of came to a slow down, and Sabbath again had some infighting leading to a permanent split with Bill Ward. But, as I have said in other conversations, that is band business of which we as fans have no part.

All in all, it’s been a good ride with Sabbath and Ozzy. I will always have and cherish the early music they made. Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master of Reality, Vol. 4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabotage, Technical Ecstasy, and Never Say Die! will ALWAYS be the definitive Sabbath albums for me. I will still continue to support anything Sabbath or Ozzy does because that’s what we as music fans do. I don’t have to love it but without that support it will go away. The bands that were influenced by Black Sabbath are countless.

Thank you Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward for the hours upon hours of enjoyment you have given to me over the years. You four will forever be Black Sabbath in my heart and mind. To all of the others who have had a hand in the Sabbath legacy: Geoff Nicholls, Craig Gruber, Vinny Appice, Ian Gillen, Bev Bevan, Ron Keel, David Donato, Eric Singer, Dave Spitz, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Bob Daisley, Tony Martin, Cozy Powell, Laurence Cottle, Neil Murray, Bobby Rondinelli, Mike Bordin, Adam Wakeman, Tommy Clufetos, Rick Wakeman, Gerald Woodroffe, Don Airey, Brad Wilk thank you for being a part of such legends. Zakk Wylde, ZAKK SABBATH?!?!?! That’s what I’m talking about!

Dio, you just rule, period.


It’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s mother#$%*ing SABBATH!!!

-the Hellion


Stacey Blades gives us an update on Let It Rawk and the new single “American Rebels”



It’s definitely cool when Stacey Blades gives me a call. We had a chance to talk about the impending release of the new Let It Rawk single “American Rebels” which drops on May 6th. I have had the chance to preview the track and it is a KILLER piece of work! Check out the conversation right here:


     Thanks Stacey!

     let it be loud, let it be dirty, LET IT RAWK!

     the Hellion


“Innovation and Controversial” are two terms synonymous with Rik Fox; these two terms are defined and closely associated in the world of Marketing with High Media Ratings and Successful Sales of Products and Magazines. Ergo, Rik Fox equals high ratings and sales.

Among his many accomplishments and achievements as the first officially recognized living history re-enactor in U.S. History, responsible for introducing and representing the 17th Century Polish Winged Cavalry in America as well as having served for five years in the California State Military Reserve (C.S.M.R.), as an E-4 Corporal in Communications/Electronics, places Rik Fox at a definite advantage over the average, screaming, brainless fist-pumping rocker. “I have an ‘AGOD’ – Air, Ground, Offensive, Defensive – Systems Capability that places me second to none; my opposition will be destroyed and left as ashes.” His band SIN (Systems Interdiction Neutralization) is coming back and meaner than ever!

As one the largest and most promising rock metal bands of the mid-1980’s, SIN and Rik Fox’s performance reputation for tearing up full-house stages is the stuff of legend – that is what made SIN the top drawing metal band of Los Angeles in 1984 by a voters choice poll – Rik Fox’s vision, tenacity and driving force.
As an original founding member of WASP and creator of the bands’ moniker, to keeping the solid backbone of Shrapnel Records’ legendary cornerstone metal band STEELER with Ron Keel and Yngwie Malmsteen, to lending his solid bass to such bands as BURN (under Niji Mgt.), and Arizona’s SURGICAL STEEL, to his own bands such as SIN and THUNDERBALL, burning down the competition is nothing new to Rik Fox.

And yet, such a successful reputation brings with it a tendency to create potential jealous rivalries along the way, which apparently persist to the present day; (There exists, bands and individuals who actively attempt to prevent his progress which, when the worm turns, ultimately will be pushed aside and left behind in the return and rise of SIN) – It is said that people love to root for the underdog, and so, like ‘ROCKY’ – “When this thing is over, there will be a lot of people who will owe you an engraved apology” – Everyone else, gets to enjoy the ride.

Rik Fox is one of the most well-known and highly popular and legendary rock and heavy metal bassist’s and performers since the mid 1970’s. He has created recorded with and or performed or been featured in many known bands, such as WASP, STEELER, SIN, BURN, THUNDERBALL and SURGICAL STEEL among others. He has had shared the stage and performed with some of Rock’s Legends, such as the late Ronnie James Dio and rock comedian Sam Kinison, Randy Hansen, Ozzy Osbourne drummer Randy Castillo, and ‘Little Steven’ Van Zant, as well as KISS’s Mark St. John, Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Mighty’ Max Weinberg, Roseanne’s John Goodman, producer Jean Beauvoir, as well as Warrant, Guns n’ Roses, Dokken’s Mick Brown and others at various all-star jams, or jamming with the likes of Steppenwolf’s legendary guitarist Michael Monarch, and was the creator of the band name WASP.

Rik Fox has been featured in rock and heavy metal magazines and publications around the world though the 1980’s and continues to be a sought-after interview subject for his many rock stories. He has been featured on Television and in Film. Among his many legendary interviews, Fox has been a popular interview subject, being sought-after and written about in such books as Darren Upton’s “WASP; A Sting in the Tale”, David Konow’s “Bang Your Head; The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal” , and the upcoming book: “KISS; Nothin’ to Lose;The Early Years” by famed KISS author Ken Sharp. More can be seen at his Wikipedia page: . As a rocker who, time and again, shows promise in his work, over that time, he has earned many endorsements by actively promoting the gear and instruments by those companies he has endorsed. Although, in addition to major recording acts such as Dokken and Def Leppard, Rik Fox and his band SIN was one of the most popular and highly-visible Hollywood rock bands that popularized Randall Amplifiers, on the local level receiving the deal from Don Randall himself! (Although, to their detriment, and that of several other companies), the Randall Amplifier company today, has no previous knowledge on record of this.

Despite which, Fox still faithfully endorses many companies who don’t even acknowledge or realize it; Rik Fox has been one of their longest unsupported endorsees, still promoting their gear…As seen in the photos, just to name a few various Musical Gear Endorsements by Rik Fox and of the bands SIN, THUNDERBALL and SURGICAL STEEL as seen in magazines around the world; Showing in all the photos: Randall Amps, Ampeg Amps, B.C.Rich Basses, Ibanez Basses, ARIA Pro Basses, Gibson Basses, Epiphone Basses, Esp Guitars, Charvel-Jackson Guitars, GHS Strings, Nady Wireless, Ludwig Drums, Paiste and Zildjin Cymbals, Dunlop Picks, Vans Footwear (Boxing boots)…

In 2012-13, Rik has recently re-signed an endorsement deal with GHS Bass Strings and Dunlop Custom Picks as Rik Fox and SIN prepares to rise and, as many 1980’s bands are doing, making a much-anticipated comeback, meaner than ever. Thanks for your consideration.