Guns N’ Roses…you know where you are???


So, I have been sitting some info for a while. As most of have heard, some form of Guns N’ Roses will be performing at Coachella and a possible tour. Keep in mind this is some form of a reunited GNR. Stay tuned right here for more information to come….

You know where you are?

-the Hellion

Guns N’ Roses, my thoughts as of today.

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As I sit here watching Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Democracy, and with the internet buzz of Axl and Slash making up, I am full thoughts and conjecture.

When Guns hit the scene they were so incendiary I predicted imminent flame out, and was correct. The original five members were an alchemic formula that gave us some iconic music though.  Magic happened when those five guys put their talents together. When it all fell apart I was disappointed but not surprised.

Axl, in my opinion became infected with delusions of grandeur which took the chemistry away from the band. I remember reading somewhere that Duff said when he looked across the stage and couldn’t see Slash past the backup singers, keyboards, orchestra and such that he knew it was over.

I, like others, mourned the loss of what could have been another Stones, or Aerosmith rocking us for many years to come.

The demise of Guns was survived well by Slash, Duff, and Izzy, and not so well for Axl and Steven.  (remember I’m only talking about the original five).

The breakup gave us Velvet Revolver, Slash’s Snakepit,  Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds and Adler’s Appetite all of which I still listen to. They continued to evolve and move in different ways Giving us Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, Duff McKagen’s Loaded, The Walking Papers, and Adler.

All the while we waited out the infamous Chinese Democracy from Axl and co. We heard all of the stories of lineup changes and recording shenanigans and waited, and waited, and waited…

When Chinese Democracy finally dropped, so did my jaw. Personally I found the record unlistenable, believe me I tried and tried. There are a couple of ok tracks but that was it for me.

Axl put together to some stellar musicians like Bumblefoot, DJ Ashba, and Richard Fortman and took to the road. Well I am of the opinion that despite the talented players Axl put together, It was nothing but a GN’R cover/tribute band.

I remember having several discussions with peers and friends about the possibility of the reuniting of the original members and at the time I didn’t see it happening.

Now we find out that both Bumblefoot and DJ Ashba have left the band and like I stated earlier, Slash and Axl have reportedly made up.

We have seen Duff and Izzy make appearances with GN’R and Steven has said he would play with GN’R again.

I am now  of the opinion that an reunion is in the making but I don’t think it would last. While we could only hope that some new music and a tour with the original five would happen, I think the old demons would surface and end it all in finality.

Just some thoughts on the current GN’R stuff.

it’s loud, it’ dirty, it’s Guns N’ Fuckin’ Roses!!!

-the Hellion


Revolver Magazine and Guitar World Magazine Reveal RONNIE JAMES DIO “Rainbow In The Dark” Cover Track – Featuring Corey Taylor, Roy Mayorga, Satchel, Christian Martucci & Jason Christopher‏

Revolver Magazine and Guitar World Magazine Reveal RONNIE JAMES DIO “Rainbow In The Dark” Cover Track –

Featuring Corey Taylor, Roy Mayorga, Satchel, Christian Martucci & Jason Christopher


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his Is Your Life Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Ronnie James Dio With Renditions of his Greatest Songs from Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Dio

Available April 1, 2014 via Rhino



Dual premiere alert! Today, Revolver Magazine and Guitar World Magazine have partnered up to reveal a stellar rendition of ‘Rainbow In The Dark’, performed by Corey TaylorRoy MayorgaSatchelChristian Martucci, and Jason Christopher. The track appears on the upcoming Ronnie James Dio tribute compilation This Is Your Life, available April 1, 2014 via Rhino in physical and digital versions. Take a listen now at or!

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Local to New York City? Duff’s Brooklyn is hosting the official This Is Your Life east coast listening and release party this Saturday, March 29th at 10:00PM. The event is free and you must be 21+ to attend. Duff’s Brooklyn is located at 168 Marcy Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For more information, visit

In other Dio event news – on March 17th, the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund hosted its 3rd annual Awards Gala at the Avalon nightclub in Hollywood, CA, and raised in excess of $90,000 for cancer research and education. Thank you to all who attended and donated! The event included all-star performances from Halestorm, Oni Logan, Rowan Robertson, Jimmy Bain, Brian Tichy, Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), Tim “Ripper” Owens, Craig Goldy, Bjorn Englen, Simon Wright, Scott Warren, Corey Taylor, Christian Martucci, Scott Ian, Duff McKagan, Jason Christopher, Roy Mayorga, and more – and awards were presented to distinguished honorees for their contributions to spreading awareness of Fund’s important work. The red carpet was star-studded, with appearances from Rob Halford, Pearl Aday, Vinny Appice, Mark Boals, Ann Boleyn, Dewey Bragg (Kill Devil Hill), Maxwell Carlisle, Mikey Doling (SNOT), Lita Ford, Jeff George, Rita Haney (Dimebags Hag), Kathryn Hanneman (Jeff’s/Slayer widow), Nik Kai, Sin Quirin, Jack Russell (Great White), Rudy Sarzo, Tommy Vext (SNOT), Mark Zavon (Kill Devil Hill), and more.


This Is Your Life is a tribute album created to raise funds for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund(, which features an all-star group of his friends and fans performing 13 of their favorite Ronnie James Diotracks. The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable fund dedicated to supporting cancer-prevention research, raising awareness and educating the public about the vital importance of early detection and prevention, and was co-founded by Dio’s longtime manager and wife, Wendy Dio. 100% of the monies received from this album by the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund goes directly into cancer research.

Produced by Wendy Dio, widow of Ronnie James Dio and Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer FundPresident/Founder,  This Is Your Life includes contributions by such metal heavyweights as MetallicaScorpionsAnthraxGlenn Hughes and Rob Halford, as well as appearances by many of the musicians who performed with Dio over the years. See below for a full tracklisting, chock full of renditions by today’s most stellar classic, heavy metal and hard rock artists!

Ronnie James Dio This Is Your Life Track Listing:

  1. “Neon Knights” – Anthrax*
  2. “The Last In Line” – Tenacious D*
  3. “The Mob Rules” – Adrenaline Mob
  4. “Rainbow In The Dark” – Corey Taylor, Roy Mayorga, Satchel, Christian Martucci, Jason Christopher*
  5. “Straight Through The Heart” – Halestorm*
  6. “Starstruck” – Motörhead with Biff Byford*
  7. “The Temple Of The King” – Scorpions*
  8. “Egypt (The Chains Are On)” – Doro
  9. “Holy Diver” – Killswitch Engage
  10. “Catch The Rainbow” – Glenn Hughes, Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Scott Warren*
  11. “I” – Oni Logan, Jimmy Bain, Rowan Robertson, Brian Tichy*
  12. “Man On The Silver Mountain” – Rob Halford, Vinny Appice, Doug Aldrich, Jeff Pilson, Scott Warren*
  13. “Ronnie Rising Medley (Featuring A Light In The Black, Tarot Woman, Stargazer, Kill The King)” – Metallica*
  14. “This Is Your Life” – Dio

Digital Bonus Track: “Buried Alive” – Jasta*

* Previously unreleased


Team HellBangs correspondent Gabe Gambino gives his perspective of Revolt On The Rio Grande Day 2/Rock Star Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013

   The Hellion here,  We tried something different this with our coverage of the Revolt On The Rio Grande Day 2/Rock Star Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013. We asked a local New Mexico musician to be a guest correspondent and give us his perspective of covering the show, we even gave a camera to him.  We are proud to announce Gabe Gambino as a member of Team HellBangs. What is Team HellBangs you ask? Well, as you know, I co-host an internet radio show called Bleach Bangs Radio with Charlie Owens and Randy Norris. There are times when Charlie and I (who live near each other) have the opportunity to cover shows and do on camera interviews with artists. We do this a joint venture between the Hellion Rocks and Bleach Bangs. This team was dubbed HellBangs by Mr. Charlie “MF” Owens and it has stuck. Now here is his perspective along with some shots from the “Gambino-cam”: 

Ryan Johnson - Lead Vocals, Guitar: The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show - photo "Gambino-cam"

Ryan Johnson – Lead Vocals, Guitar: The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show – photo “Gambino-cam”

How do you summarize a day as amazing as Day 2 of the Rock Star Energy Drink Uproar Festival? I ask because I’ve been asked to do so. It’s hard because the good times seem to scream out at me all at once. Either way, as the local music ambassador to Team HellBangs, I’m proud to say I got to experience this day with my buds Charlie “MF” Owens and The Hellion and see a different side of things.
I’ve played a few music festivals personally, but I never understood or was part of anything like the Rockstar. This time, I was behind a camera and asking some of these musicians the questions that help get my fellow musicians names out there.
The day started out with the late-August heat attributed to this arid desert we live in. As we navigated through the venue in the hot sun, we headed backstage to meet up with the guys from Chuck Shaffer Picture Show. The guys led us through the back and got us into the catering room, where I shared a beer compliments of Pabst Blue Ribbon with drummer Adam Gilbert. We entered the room and the gravity of the day hit me. A table over, my music hero, Jerry Cantrell, was enjoying some lunch with Duff McKagan and some members of Jane’s Addiction. Big and small bands alike were enjoying food and each other’s company here in this tour and a feeling of camaraderie was spread throughout the back.
Chuck Shaffer Picture Show are a three-piece band with a huge sound. The vocalist/guitarist used some great effects to make their sound really big. As a three-piece, they sound bigger. The rhythm section (bass and drums for the unfamiliar) really held it down and helped give them the big sound they had. They had a very powerful heavy pop-rock sound.

Jon Stevens - Vocals :The Dead Daisies - photo by "Gambino-cam"

Jon Stevens – Vocals :The Dead Daisies – photo  “Gambino-cam”


One band we got to interview as well was The Dead Daisies. What a band! The singer rocked out despite an injured hand and a broken leg due to a crocodile-related fishing accident that occurred right before the Uproar Tour. The guy was a class act and had one of the best voices I’ve heard in a live setting.
Honestly, there wasn’t a bad band all day on the supporting stages. My local friends in Port Alice took the stage and put on a great sounding show on the Coldcock Whiskey stage. This festival kicked ass.

     The Hellion here, We were not fortunate enough to have obtained photo access to the main stage so there are no pictures.

As far as the main stage, I was very impressed with Circa Survive and Coheed and Cambria. I hadn’t been that into Coheed and Cambria before but I feel I left a fan of their music. They put on a great show and sounded amazing.
Enter Jane’s Addiction. I honestly felt the most disappointed by Jane’s Addiction. I found the fact that they suspended a couple of models up pretty interesting as well as their dancing, but Perry Farrell just doesn’t sing like he used to. You can hear that they had to use lower tunings and Farrell still struggled with many of the notes. The rest of the band was kind of the saving grace for Jane’s Addiction, they were tight but Perry Farrell’s tone-deaf performance really left a lot to be desired. I don’t feel that the direct supporting band should’ve been out-shined by the band before it, and Coheed really put on a better show with less special effects or performance aspect than Jane’s did.
The main event of the night was Alice in Chains. I’m by far biased to Alice in Chains as Jerry Cantrell is my favorite musician and the man I look up to most when it comes to songwriting. I’ve heard complaints of their live show but they far surpassed my wildest expectations. Everything about it, from the songs they played to the cool video effects that correspond to the songs was really cool.
Very impressive was William DuVall, the oft-complained-about vocalist that took the spot of Layne Staley. He truly did every song justice, from the old stuff to the new stuff. He passionately sang “Nutshell” in tribute to fallen Alice in Chains members Layne Staley and Mike Starr, during which the letters “LSMS” were lit up on Sean Kinney’s kick drum. I really enjoyed their set list, they played new headbangers “Stone” and “Hollow” while reaching far back into the band’s storied history and played classics like “Man in the Box”, “Down in a Hole” and “We Die Young”. The band played these songs with perfection and really set a mood in the venue. One of the biggest moments was the band closing with “Rooster”, before which Jerry Cantrell, Sr., the focus of the classic song, took to the stage and was applauded by the thousands in the venue. Prior to AiC’s set, he accepted a guitar signed by all of the bands and came out again before they played “Rooster” to give the band members a hug. It was an extremely emotional moment, When Jerry, Sr. left the stage, they went right into Rooster and rocked it out. After they finished, there were no encores or anything, but the entire audience left satisfied with Alice’s very solid performance. Again, I’m biased, but I felt as if there was a religious experience personally. I truly enjoyed that show and I’d easily put it on top as far as concerts I’ve been lucky enough to go to.
I’d like to thank Charlie and the Hellion for dragging me along and getting a local musician’s perspective on the show. I really took in a lot of the sights and sounds of the show and really felt like a kid again, before that point in a musician’s life when they become jaded and take the things at a big concert for granted. It was a great experience. – Gabe Gambino

     There you have it! Enjoy!

     Team HellBangs

DANKO JONES Live Down Under! SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Kicks Off on Saturday, February 23rd in Brisbane, Australia‏

DANKO JONES Live Down Under!

SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Kicks Off on Saturday, February 23rd in Brisbane, Australia


North American Tour with VOLBEAT Begins on March 6th in Dallas, TX

image001 (1)

DANKO JONES – frontman, spoken word artist, journalist, radio DJ/podcast producer and beyond – will head out next week with bandmates Atom Willard and John ‘JC’ Calabrese to take on the Soundwave Festival! The fest kicks off in Brisbane, Australia on Saturday, February 23rd and will tour through major Australian cities into the month of March. All dates are currently SOLD OUT. Check out a personal Soundwave Festival greeting video from DANKO JONES at this link.

While in Australia, DANKO JONES will also be performing two dates with Duff McKagan’s Loaded in Sydney and Melbourne. See below for details.

After finishing their run with the Soundwave Festival, DANKO JONES will head out on their long-awaited full North American tour with headliners VolbeatGet your tickets now – tickets are selling fast for this tour and many dates have already completely SOLD OUT! The tour kicks off in Dallas, TX on March 6th and features new drummer Atom Willard (The Offspring, Angels & Airwaves, Rocket from the Crypt) behind the kit for DANKO JONES for the first time on tour in the U.S. See below for all currently confirmed tour dates and stay tuned for more being added soon.

As mentioned above, DANKO JONES is known around the world as a literary and musical “jack-of-all-trades”! Make sure to check out hisoutspoken podcasts as well as his brutally honest weekly blog encompassing every subject from “How Rock n’ Roll is Starbucks Coffee?” to “How American Idol Killed the Music Star”.

The first single cut from the band’s new album Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue, ‘Just A Beautiful Day’, is now DANKO JONES ‘s biggest single in the US to date! Since last week, the track climbed from #30 to #28 on the Active Rock charts. To purchase the new album visit iTunes or Amazon, or stream it on Spotify!


2/23     Brisbane @ Soundwave                      RNA Showgrounds ***SOLD OUT***

2/24     Sydney @ Soundwave                        Olympic Park ***SOLD OUT***

2/25     Sydney w/ Duff McKagan’s Loaded  Manning Bar

2/28     Melbourne w/ Duff McKagan’s Loaded         Gershwin Room

3/1       Melbourne @ Soundwave                   Flemington Racecourse ***SOLD OUT***

3/2       Adelaide @ Soundwave                      Bonython Park ***SOLD OUT***

3/4       Perth @ Soundwave                            Claremont Showground ***SOLD OUT***


DANKO JONES 2013 Direct Support Tour Dates with Volbeat:

3/06     Dallas, TX                               Palladium Ballroom

3/07     Oklahoma City, OK                 Diamond Ballroom

3/09     San Antonio, TX                      Freeman Coliseum

3/10     El Paso, TX                              Speaking Rock Entertainment Center – FREE SHOW

3/11     Lubbock, TX                           Lonestar Pavilion

3/12     Denver, CO                             Ogden Theatre

3/14     Las Vegas, NV                         House of Blues at Mandalay Bay

3/15     Los Angeles, CA                      House of Blues

3/16     Anaheim, CA                           House of Blues ***SOLD OUT***

3/17     Reno, NV                                Knitting Factory

3/19     Boise, ID                                 Revolution Center

3/20     Missoula, MT                           The Wilma Theater ***SOLD OUT***

3/22     Seattle, WA                              Showbox At The Market ***SOLD OUT***

3/23     Spokane, WA                          Knitting Factory

3/24     Calgary, AB                             MacEwan Hall

3/25     Prince George, BC                   CN Centre

3/27     Dawson Creek, BC                  EnCana Events Centre

3/28     Edmonton, AB                         Shaw Conference Centre ***SOLD OUT***

3/29     Medicine Hat, AB                    Cypress Center ***SOLD OUT***

3/30     Regina, SK                               Brandt Centre

4/01     Saskatoon, SK                         Credit Union Center

4/02     Winnipeg, MB                         MTS Centre

4/03     Minneapolis, MN                     Mill City Nights ***SOLD OUT***

4/05     Chicago, IL                              Aragon Ballroom

4/06     Ft. Wayne, IN                          Piere’s

4/07     Toronto, ON                            Sound Academy

4/09     New York, NY                        Best Buy Theatre ***SOLD OUT***

4/10     Baltimore, MD                         Rams Head

4/11     Philadelphia, PA                      Trocadero

Make sure to keep up with DANKO JONES online: