Pop Evil, a great show, a great friend, and an interview with Matt DiRito


Pop Evil rolled into Albuquerque, NM this Monday and kicked some serious ass. It had been a bit since I had last seen them so it was an event I was looking forward to. It was even better because this go around I was going to get to shoot their set AND get to interview bassist Matt DiRito. When I found out about scoring the interview I remembered my very good friend guitarist Mike Araiza (Of The Earth, Frank Hannon Band, the Jeff Sandoval and Mike Araiza Project) telling me about getting to hang with them the last time they were in NM. I called him up and asked him to co-host the interview with me.

We met Matt at the tour bus and it was good to see Matt and Mike great each other like old friends. It was then down into the basement of the iconic Sunshine Theater to have our candid conversation with Matt. After some “mood lighting” adjustments we got around to our raw, unedited, casual conversation with Matt which you can check out right here:

     Very cool, very relaxed, friends and musicians talking amongst themselves. After a few more minutes of friendly talk we snapped a few pics and walked Matt back out to the tour bus and said our “see you laters”.

Matt DiRito and the Hellion

Matt DiRito and the Hellion

Matt DiRito and Mike Araiza

Matt DiRito and Mike Araiza

After the interview Mike and I went for a quick bite and some stimulating conversation. A brief walk back to the venue and the Rock N’ Roll merriment was on. We enjoyed sets from Glamour Of The Kill, Avatar, and Escape The Fate. The evening, however, was owned by Pop Evil. From the minute they took the stage to the minute they walked off of it it was a 100 miles per hour adrenaline rush. A blistering set of songs from a set designed to give the fans a maximum Pop Evil experience filled our ears. Here is the setlist:

“100 in a 55”
“Behind Closed Doors”
“Monster You Made”
“Boss’s Daughter”
“Last Man Standing”
“Goodbye My Friend”
“Sick Sense”
“Torn To Pieces”
“Deal With The Devil”

Leigh Kakaty

Leigh Kakaty

Matt DiRito

Matt DiRito

Chachi Riot

Chachi Riot

Dave Grahs

Dave Grahs

Nick Fuelling

Nick Fuelling

Pop Evil is a band on the move, in all of the right ways. They present an image, a sound that pays homage to their influences and yet remains original, they deliver a live show worthy of seeing. If Pop Evil roll into a venue near you make sure you go and see them.  Thanks guys!

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Pop Evil!

the Hellion





We are continuing our quest to put some new music in your ears. Here ‘s another few bands worth checking out.





I have to thanks my friends in the band SUNSET RIOT for pointing these guys out to me. Hearkening back to the dirty sound of the rising Hollywood bands, The Black Saints fit right in. If you like some loud, dirty, hard Rock N’ Roll These guys are your ticket. Don’t miss out, I picked up their CD, single for “Capone” and a shirt and plan on keeping them in my player for quite a while! Here’s “Capone”:






Saw these guys at the UPROAR show recently. They put on a great set and had GREAT crowd response. I got to talk to some of them for a minute and they are very humble and personable guys. Check out their video for “Remember Your Ghost” :





Dunderbeist has been at it for 6 years with the same amount of releases together with extensive touring. The Norwegian six headed locomotive embarks on their sixth release, their second one outside of Norway that follows their first international effort this year, “Black Arts & Crooked Tails” , with an album of great depth and sharper edges. Here’s “Fear and Loathing” :






Hailing from the blistering valley of Los Angeles and touted as Rock’s New Generation is Cherri Bomb, a badass all girl rock band who has already shared the stage with such bands as Filter, the supergroup Camp Freddy and toured with the Smashing Pumpkins. Check out the hard charging “Mirror Mirror” :




Since Messer’s beginning in the summer of 2009, this Dallas, Texas group has raised the attention of industry and music lovers alike.
Their music can be described as a nod to the 90’s, with their roots firmly planted in the present while still honing their original sound for 2012 and beyond. Here’s some live footage of “Coming Back Again”:





Got to interview this band a while ago and been listening to them ever since. FRETLESS might be one of the most exciting hard rock orchestras of today. This band features 3 experienced multi talented musicians with more than 25 years/member in the business. They have been compared with music giants such as Dio, Thunder, Pretty Maids and Running Wild among others. “Here We Go”:





Starseed produce some of the most satisfying melodic hard rock you’re likely to hear. Soaring melodies and epic energy, powerful, riff driven rock with electrifying stage shows, their music grasps many elements of the post grunge scene drawing influences from early Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains to the power and torment of Soil. More recent comparisons include the tenacity and energy of Stone Sour and intense melody of Alter Bridge. Check out “See Through Your Lies” live:





“Glamour of the Kill” were formed in January 2007. They take their name from a line in a He Is Legend track – I Am Hollywood The band’s mainstream popularity was assisted by a 10/10 Metal Hammer review for their debut demo ep Through the Dark They March. This led to tours with Bullet for My Valentine, Darkest Hour and Avenged Sevenfold. “Feeling Alive” :





Got to see these guys live as well as interview them. Melodic hooks, outstanding vocals, and engaging stage presence are what this band is about. A hard-working band that does their homework. The band name is a descriptive theme chosen to represent the group’s belief and path to success. Stellar-(defined as, “pertaining to stars”), By Night-(defined as, “faster than usual”, or “overnight”). “Wink Of An Eye” will stick in your head for quite a while:





A young band from Seattle WA that throws back to the early sound of Rock N’ Roll. Bluesy, raw, and unafraid to show their roots,  this band has what it takes to stand out! : “Feel So Blue” :


now you’ve heard it!


the Hellion