Nuns, Crossbows, and the Devil…An interview with Charming Liars at Revolt On The Rio Grande Day 2/Rock Star Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013

photo courtesy of Charming Liars

photo courtesy of Charming Liars

Charlie Cosser, the Hellion, Mike Kruger, Charlie "MF" Owens, Gabe Gambino - photo by Mrs. Hellion

Charlie Cosser, the Hellion, Mike Kruger, Charlie “MF” Owens, Gabe Gambino – photo by Mrs. Hellion

One of the caveats to covering a show like Revolt On The Rio Grande Day 2/Rock Star Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 is sometimes when you have several interviews scheduled you sometimes miss other bands sets. This, unfortunately, was the case with Charming Liars. We were off interviewing The Dead Daisies during their set so we do not have live photos or a review of their set. We do, however, have a kick ass interview with Charlie and Mike. I will also post a link to the video for “New Disorder” which is where the nun/crossbow/devil reference is from. Here is the interview:

     Really digging this band ad their music. Make sure to check them out at: and at

     Check out their video for “New Disorder” :


     Charming Liars, pretty kick ass band, great attitude and we wish them all of the success in the world!

     Team HellBangs


     We were fortunate to attend the 2012 ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK UPROAR FESTIVAL in Albuquerque NM on 09/30/12 as media guests.

We were able to do some interviews and take photos with some of the appearing bands. Be sure to go to our website: for the FULL interviews!!!


P.O.D. “Wuv” promo

     Also make sure and check out other interviews with bands from all over the planet at our internet radio show at:

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the Hellion


The Ernie Ball stage before the madness.

The “Jager” stage ready for action.

We started our UPROAR journey with a visit to the tour bus of P.O.D.  and an interview with Wuv. (Interview soon to be posted on

We then scrambled to catch Albuquerque NM’s own SKULLDRON. They put on a blazing set to open the day and fire up the  crowds for the rest of the amazing artists. The doom laden melodies of SKULLDRON are reminiscent of DOWN and CROWBAR. Thanks SKULLDRON for starting us off right! We also caught up with them towards the end of the day for an interview.(Interview soon to be posted on

We then prepared for our good friends in MINDSET EVOLUTION. We had previously interviewed them on Bleach Bangs Radio. ( We found them to be down to earth people and easy to talk to. They actually turned the interview around on us and began to fire questions at us! This episode remains one of our highest listened to. MINDSET EVOLUTION took the stage and claimed it as their own. Even with bassist Joshua Bodeen nursing an injured knee and performing from a chair, these Illinois boys got it done. We tried an interview but the wind blew the tent over on us, so we’ll see what our editing dept. can do! .(Interview soon to be posted on

It was then time to see a band that has piqued my interest since their album BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES dropped earlier this summer: ATTIKA7. The sheer brutality and aggression of this CD floors me. I could only hope for their live performance to be as brutal. The crowd was fired up as well to see them. Featuring Evan Seinfeld (BIOHAZARD), Rusty Coomes (Illusion Motorcycles, SOA cast member) this band came ready to kick some ass. They engaged the crowd and owned them from the first to the last note of their set. Evan left the stage and joined the crowd at the barricade at one point. We then went to meet ATTIKA7  for an interview at their merch booth. Evan had pressing matters and the rest of the band was loading out equipment, leaving Rusty to man the booth and greet the throngs of people gathering there. We patiently waited for Rusty to have a free moment but the crowd was relentless. Finally Rusty had a few minutes for us which we captured and will be seen soon on

We were then invited to come on stage and take pictures of the P.O.D. performance. Having interviewed P.O.D. drummer Wuv he said we could take pictures from the stage which was an honor to us. The band hit (and I do mean HIT) the stage running. Their set included classics as well as tracks off of their new release MURDERED LOVE. The energy, raw power, passion, and talent this band possesses never ceases to amaze me. The songs were performed flawlessly and even their older tracks still sounded fresh. They made sure to include audience participation and Sonny (lead vocals) even gave a shout out to some fans from Las Cruces NM. As we watched from side stage we felt as if we were part of the power that emanated from P.O.D.

We would like to give a special shout out to Kristine Ashton-Magnuson/AM Media, Sarah Facciolo, Publicity Assistant Razor & Tie, Brian Simpson, and Ryan Feldman, Fresno Media for giving us the opportunity to meet, photograph, and interview some wonderful artists. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And thank you to ALL of the music supporters WORLDWIDE!

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