I just saw this on a friends wall and nothing grinds my gears more than when a band doesn’t respond, answer, interact with their fans. What’s even worse is this was a local band that snubbed this fan. And they wonder why they don’t have a fan base or are not getting anywhere. Local or national, it’s total BS and a total lack of respect being shown when a band does this. Being in a band does not give you a license to be a dick!
“I bought a CD from a local, popular band a very long time ago. I misplaced it and was heartbroken. For months, I called, messaged, texted and posted on the FB walls of the members of this band to please please let me buy another one. With no response AT ALL for months, I found my misplaced one!!! What’s sad, is I don’t even feel like listening to it now because of the blow offs and snobby attitudes from this band for months. Way to go guys! You will not keep fans acting like that!!” – Kurt Arft

good words Kurt

the Hellion

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