BEARD took the stage to celebrate the release of their highly anticipated debut cassette (yes I said cassette) Black unicorn. After a brief introduction by Steve Beneath, it was on. The place was packed to the brim with friends, fans, and family all in a festive mood and ready to rock!

There are two things about BEARD that impress me, the fact that they don’t take themselves seriously, and that they DO take their music serious. They have FUN on stage and in turn, that fun is infectious to the crowd. Bringing their form of straight up Rock N’ Roll, BEARD takes me back to the days when life was still fun, and we were ten feet tall and still bulletproof.

BEARD doesn’t act like rockstars, or claim to be rockstars, yet they are. I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting and talking with the band several times and they are not only fantastic performers, they are great people.  Let me introduce you:

M. BEARD – lead guitar/ lead vocals

D. BEARD – lead bass

K. BEARD – lead guitar/ lead vocals

K. BEARD – lead drums

The show came off in true Rock N’ Roll style, gritty, loud, in your face, spot on. The crowd sang along to their favorite songs, the band called out to friends and family in the crowd, brought up guests to sing with them, a true Rock show.

The Mighty “Beard Beneath” guest vocalist on “Larry” 

The nights revelry culminated by an all out silly string assault on the band by friends and family. It was a virtual jungle of silly string, it was everywhere and it was wonderful.

BEARD is a band that truly deserves a shot in the world. The new “cassette” (the release is actually in digital download format) is utterly amazing (an in-depth review will be posted here very very soon) and the live show holds par with some of the national acts I have seen.

Thank you BEARD, thank you very much for helping modern Rock N’ Roll music keep its validity. Be sure and check them out at and like their page.

the Hellion



It was a Sunday afternoon, that being said, I was feeling a bit “Beardish” and it seemed like a great day to interview them. I pulled into the parking lot of Charley’s Records and Tapes (yes tapes) and saw the Bearded ones awaiting my arrival. We snapped a few shots while we waited for my beautiful camera woman to show up and shoot the interview. When she arrived in all her  glory we retired to the inner sanctum of Charley’s to get into the heads of Beard. We talked, held hands, and sang “Kumbaya”. When we were done we had all reached spiritual nirvana,  a Black Unicorn appeared, and I finally was able to comprehend the band that was Beard. If you want to see the interview check it out at:




Their CD: Black Unicorn will be released on 10/26/12 at Hooligan’s nightclub. This will be an event not to be missed. You want more? Here is the video for “Amp Whore”:


Now that I have seen the Black Unicorn I have achieved a new plane of existence and shall now be known as H. Beard…….


the Hellion (a.k.a. H. Beard)