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A while ago we had the chance to speak with Black Label Society/Cycle Of Pain bassist John “JD” DeServio ( We now have the great fortune to speak with Cycle Of Pain vocalist Gregg LoCascio. We had a great chat and he’s a down to earth kind of guy. Enjoy our conversation right here:


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s CYCLE OF PAIN!!!

– the Hellion

Cycle Of Pain, Black Label Society bass legend John “JD” DeServio on the Hellion Rocks



I keep fighting to bring you pertinent interviews with musicians trying to keep kicking your  ass with new music. From time to time people step up to help these interviews happen. The Garcia family (Ish, Lacey, and Matt “The Cat”) put me in touch with Paul Byrne who set this interview up. Thank you guys for stepping up and making this interview with John “JD” DeServio!

Cycle Of Pain has already put out one quality record and is fixing to drop another killer EP on us soon. Cycle Of Pain is:

John “JD” Deservio (Bass)
Joe Taylor (Lead Guitar)
Gregg Locascio (Vox, Guitar)
Bob Pantella (Drums)
Troy Cromwell (Keys)





JD and I talked a little about his history, a little BLS, his Schecter endorsement,  and music. Enjoy the interview right here:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s JD holding down the bottom end!

the Hellion

DETHKLOK, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and DANGEROUS TOYS Members Comment on the Late MELDRUM Guitarist Michelle Meldrum‏


DETHKLOK, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and DANGEROUS TOYS Members Comment on the Late MELDRUM Guitarist Michelle Meldrum
MELDRUM are pleased to announce that their long awaited third album ''LIFER'' is officially out now via REVERSED RECORDS. ''LIFER'' was released as a proud tribute to the late MELDRUM founding guitarist MICHELLE MELDRUM. MICHELLE tirelessly spent her career touring the world and sharing the stage with the likes of MOTORHEAD, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, SEPULTURA, DANZIG and NASHVILLE PUSSY to name a few. During that time MICHELLE left a everlasting impact on the guitar world. To mark the release some of MICHELE's closest friends GENE HOGLAN (Testament, Death, Dark Angel, Dethklok) JOHN DESERVIO (BLS, Cycle of Pain), JAMES LOMENZO (BLS, Megadeth, White Lion) and JASON MCMASTER (Dangerous Toys, Watch Tower, Broken Teeth) have commented on their fallen friend. ''LIFER'' is available now on iTunes (,CD Baby ( and at

DETHKLOK’s Gene Hoglan states, “It was and still is an honor to know Michelle and it is indeed with great pride that we release "LIFER". I know she's watching over us and smiling along with us at this wonderful day. I know I'm a better person for knowing Michelle, and I know she feels all of our love for her, as we feel hers for us. Through tragedy may we find joy, and through "LIFER" and all her other works, may Michelle find immortality. She'll always be immortal to us. Remember, this is meant to be cranked up.”

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY’s James LoMenzo adds, “Michelle had the amazing ability to conjure almost any guitar style, from her earlier "Steve Vai" styled dexterity to the out and out muscular style that she later carried through with her own band Meldrum. A fine guitarist in the 80's/90's virtuoso tradition and one of the finest people you could ever come to know.”

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY’s John Deservio states, “First off I want to say how much I miss Michelle. She was a beautiful person inside and out and I am blessed to have known her. I miss you and love you Mich, R.I.P. baby.”

DANGEROUS TOYS/WATCHTOWER/BROKEN TEETH’s Jason McMaster adds, “Proud to call her a friend. Michelle Meldrum was and will always be one of my favorite and most inspiring guitarists and real people I've ever known. The world misses her.”

Listen to ''Blackened Blue'' now at:

Listen to ''A Toast To Romance'' now at:

Listen to ''Paid'' now at:

Multinational hard rock/metal band MELDRUM recently announce November 20, 2012 as the release date for their long awaited third album ”LIFER”. Founder and late ex-PHANTOM BLUE guitarist MICHELLE MELDRUM passed away at the age of 39 in May 2008. “LIFER” stands as a proud tribute to MICHELLE and her lifetime commitment to creating and performing music. In honor of their fallen bandmate remaining members drummer GENE HOGLAN (Testament, Death, Dark Angel, Dethklok), guitarist/bassist LAURA CHRISTINE (Warface) and vocalist MICHELE MADDEN (Tourette’s, Saint Cecilia) entered the studio in with Producer/Engineer/Manager ROB SHALLCROSS (Strapping Young Lad, GWAR, Zimmers Hole, West of Hell) to lay tracks for what would become ”LIFER”.

”LIFER” will be released via REVERSED RECORDS and was produced by Producer/Engineer/Manager ROB SHALLCROSS (Strapping Young Lad, GWAR, Zimmers Hole, West of Hell) and Gene Hoglan (Testament, Death, Dark Angel, Dethklok). MELDRUM have released three singles from ”LIFER”, ”A TOAST TO ROMANCE”, BLACKENED BLUE and ”PAID” are all available now via iTunes (

Gene Hoglan comments on ”LIFER”, “Let me say this: Never have I obsessed over the recording of any album I’ve been involved in as I have with MELDRUM‘s latest. The tragic circumstances that took Michelle from us also provided us with a raser-sharp focus to record the most amazing album we could. Michele Madden, Laura Christine, and hell, even Rob Shallcross, our engineer, put forth performances of a lifetime, with each member’s full love and respect going into every nuance of every song. Not only to honor Michelle, but to also lay down some bad-ass music, which was ultimately what she stood for what MELDRUM stands for. I think the songs speak for themselves, and I, for one, have never been prouder to be a part of a family, let alone a project such as this. Metal with balls. Crank it up, indeed.”

Follow MELDRUM online:

10 MORE bands you should be listening to!!!

In my continuing quest to bring you bands that corporate radio ignores here’s ten more:



I was fortunate to see this band at the Whisky-a-go-go in Hollywood this June. They put on a great set and I see great things in the future for this band. They are based out of Phoenix Arizona.

“The Verdict:





Ironcore Resistance is a Kentucky based band ready to put their brand of hardcore metal in your face. These will will kick your ass and make you like it. Hell even Father Zakk likes ’em, say no more!




FURYON is a new band from the UK who like nothing more than to challenge expectations. Raised on a diet of heavy metal, prog, and classic rock, FURYON mix all these components for a truly unique and contemporary sound. I stumbled upon this band and have been enthralled ever since.

“Disappear Again”:



I got to meet Erik from Gypsyhawk when he was filling in for mutual friends Scattered Hamlet. He is a great guy and Gypsyhawk is a great band. These guys are a straight up Rocking band and not afraid to tell it to you. Hell yes to bringing back the big sound. Catch these guys if they come ANYWHERE near you!




This world class guitarist is also a friend of mine. Ostrander can hold his own with the best of the best. His shredding and playing style a stellar. His greatness in playing is the complete opposite to his mild mannered quiet demeanor. Do yourself a favor and check out this axeman extraordinaire!

“Law Of Return”:



Again thank you internet, one of my internet friends turned me on to this band. REVERENCE features members from: Tokyo Blade and Savatage, Crimson Glory, Jack Starr’s Burning Starr. Power metal to the extreme these veteran performers have come to show the world how it’s done.

“Bleed For Me”:



Mushroomhead drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton and vocalist Waylon Reavis have teamed with Chimaira bassist Jim LaMarca and Tommy Church to form the band Tenafly Viper. The band has recorded fifteen tracks which have been submitted to Megaforce Records.  My friends in Scattered Hamlet pointed this band out to me. Love the vibe and sound and I think you will too!




SPEED X is the new band featuring ex-Queensryche guitarist Mike Stone on guitar, Black Label Society guitarist Nick Catanese, Doubledrive drummer Mike Froedge and former Doubledrive bassist Joshua Sattler, and the latest addition Jason Fowler on vocals. As a BLS fan I was glad to see this side project from Zakk’s “Evil Twin” . I can listen to this over and over. I think you should too.




I interviewed these guys on our radio showBleach Bangs Radio. Fun guys with a Rock N’ Roll mission. Good old school hard rock here and you WILL like it another GREAT band on the rise and you heard them right here on the Hellion’s Blog! Definitely check these guys out when they hit your town!

BNM Studio teaser:



Another side project band from BLS bassist John J.D. DeServio. Together with Joe Taylor (Lead Guitar), Gregg Locascio (Vox, Guitar),Bob Pantella (Drums), and Troy Cromwell (Keys) This band has elements of  Rock, Metal, and Funk. Great to see J.D. step up and put out a great side project CD as this.



There you have it! Ten more for your ears, I’ll keep ’em coming!!

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