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Scars Blue is a project my good friend and brother Tim Griffiths Garcia is the guitarist for. I have watched this band come together for the past several months. The bits and pieces I have heard are exciting and fresh. Good solid Rock N’ Roll is the basis of this band. They are gonna surprise a lot of people with this release. They threw out the book  of songwriting and wrote from the heart to please the ears. Be sure to not miss this release when it drops in February 2013. Pre-orders are being taken now at

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So get ready for a dose of straight up Rock N’ Roll!



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Tell us a little about FDX

ADZ: It’s a long story my brother what would you like to know first.

How did it all come together?

   ADZ: Well its been GA our front-mans’  baby for a long time , things only really hit a pro stride when myself and Davie joined just under two years ago and introduced our style and drive into the mix.


Speaking of style and drive, describe the sound of FDX.

ADZ: That’s not an easy one to define , GA would probably give a much more apt description than me but I would say that the X are the next natural evolution of metal music.
How has the recording process been?

ADZ: Long and stressful as its been a self funded and mostly self recorded album between our home rehearsal area and couple of local studios here in south Wales but given the situation I believe we’ve done some pretty hefty work for the first official FDX release.

Is there a title for the record?

     ADZ: The current title is ” Killer. “

Is this a “Full” release or an EP?

 ADZ: A full album.

How will it be released?

   ADZ: Both physically and digitally through PolyRam records.

Do you plan on touring to support the new record?

 ADZ: Oh for sure bro , weve a couple of small festival slots booked here for February and a small run. f dates then were planning a small U.S. Promo tour in late march sorta time with fellow PolyRam  label mates still to be confirmed.

Tell us anything else you want about FDX

ADZ: Well the only thing to really say is expect the unexpected in the most bad-ass way and finally as we always say ” Prepare to not know what the f**k hit you ” we’re coming.

Thanks for this quick Q&A, any shout outs you want to give?

 ADZ: Anytime brother , a massive shout out to the incredible DBZ guitars and diamond amplification for the support and yourself for your amazing support brother , what you’re doing with Bleach Bangs and the blog is awesome and you will always have my support.



GA Calford – Vocals, Guitars
Adz Redpath- Guitars
Rob- G- Bass
Kristofer Davies- Drums




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the Hellion



One of the most “colorful” local performers I know is Gutter. He’s a hard-working, fun-loving musician that doesn’t EVER slow down. Let’s see what he has to say:

Tell me about how you were introduced to music.

     Gutter: When I was just a little kid my Dad played guitar and harmonica plus my Grandfather played classical guitar. I used to sit around and thought it was so cool just to listen to them play.

My mom, may she rest in peace,  was one of my greatest music mentors. To whom do you attribute your love of music to?
Gutter: As a young tyke I used to listen to American top 40… he-he. Plus I hung around the older kids in the neighborhood and they turned me on to Deep Purple, Montrose, Robin Trower, Sabbath and I was hooked early on to some killer rock n roll!

What was the catalyst that  lead you to decide to become a musician?
     Gutter: While listening to my Grandfather play and saw how it mesmerized people, I said that want to learn to do that.

Did you have any formal musical training or did you just wing it?
     Gutter:  yes, I took a few lessons from my Gramps then took guitar lessons at Luchetti’s music store back in the day and learned the basics and pretty much winged it from there.

I know you as primarily a bassist, was that your first choice? Do you play other instruments?
Gutter: I was originally a guitarist. I played guitar in my first two bands but there were no bass players so I bought a Rickenbacker and started becoming a bass player. I still write my originals on guitar and have to figure out bass parts later.

What are some lessons from previous bands that you carry with you through today?
Gutter:  Just be true to yourself and play what you feel and what makes you happy. Playing music is supposed to be great fun and never a chore.

Tell me about the “Gutter” moniker?
Gutter:  Well, back when I was in a band in Hollyweird my only transportation was my motorcycle so my singer & guitarist would pick me and my bass up for band rehearsals and they would always be late. So there I’d be sitting on the curb waiting for them with my bass and they would say, “There’s the Gutter Dweller” and that became my nickname…Gutter Dweller, which was quickly shortened to “Gutter”…hah! and people still call me that to this day.

What are some of the many projects your working on these days?
Gutter:  Well, I’m currently playing in three bands. I’m in an original rock band called “Rusty Tramp” which plays awesome party rock. I also have another darker sounding rock band called “Darken the Day” and we are actually playing our debut gig opening for my other band Rusty Tramp’s CD release party coming up soon. Plus, I have an awesome classic rock cover band called “LocoMofo”


People are sometimes surprised at what they find in each others music collections. Are there any surprises in your collection?
Gutter: Oh man, I have a very extensive music collection. There are many surprises from Al Di Meola to Zeke.I have all kinds of styles in there but mostly metal, punk, prog and a lot of obscure stuff that a lot of people have never even heard of.

Speak your mind freely, the floor is yours:
     Gutter:  Well, like I said before, be true to yourself and your music and everybody has to support your fellow musicians and the music scene to keep it alive and well!! Cheers.

Here’s a taste of LOCOMOFO:


My man Gutter, thanks!

the Hellion




We are talking with Adz Darksite Redpath from all the way from Wales. He is the guitarist for Fear Death Xperience and Darksite.


What can you tell me about your first musical experiences as a child in the UK.
     Adz : For me its impossible to corner it to one individual event , I was born in 1978 and my father ran a successful folk club before I was born and is an incredible banjo player and often played with my mother who sang and played the Appalachian dulcimer , as well as this my father was a luthier so I was always in the workshop watching him work on instruments from the point I could crawl , henceforth the music thing is less events in my life and more a second by second interwoven part of my existence .

What are some of the most outstanding musical memories from your childhood that stay fresh in your mind today?
 Adz: again there are many but I remember many times before even my eighth birthday I used to sneak downstairs after my bedtime into the smoke-filled living room full with bikers and musician’s and just sit behind the sofa and just take in everything , which back in the early eighties just fuelled my mind to want more than being a member of the 99% and seeing all these at the time so-called outcasts who were actually doing something with their lives rather than the yuppie culture at the time that was just about work and not about fuelling the soul . my soul is music and without it both me and my soul die .
At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to play music?
 Adz: I truly think ive always known and wanted to be a musician , ive even got pictures of me with guitars when I was literally half their size so I guess it’s just something that has always seemed obvious for me , I just have never seen another real option for me as it has been my calling for as long as I can remember .

Was guitar your first choice? and why or why not?
     Adz: yes I would say it was my first choice I got my first proper guitar at 11 although by then I was insanely into iron maiden and Metallica so six months later I got a bass and that was my main focus until I was maybe 16 at which point the scope I felt I had on the guitar was just too enticing to stay away from any longer , although I did play guitar throughout the whole time I was a bassist I always knew it would come back to being an axe man.

What was the process by which you learned to play?
     Adz : I have had one proper lesson my whole life , when i was in secondary school the 4 people who took music for their exams were offered lessons , we had a guitar teacher brought in that my friend took to like an addict lol , myself I went to one class where we were shown the basic blues scale and that just bored me senseless as I was mad addicted to playing the likes of slayer and Metallica , Pantera etc at the time so I didn’t go again which I found out after was probably good for me as the teacher spent almost 2 months going over that scale apparently lol , so other than that I am totally self-taught.
What were/are some of your musical heroes that influenced your musical spirit?
 Adz: well band wise I was brought up on a crazy mix of hard rock and folk everything from Earl Scruggs to Little Feat and Zappa , but the bands I site as my original influences when i first got into music and really sparked my interest are without doubt , Metallica , iron maiden ,slayer , Pantera etc , at the moment im hugely into a massive variety of bands but in a big way the bands , Cirlces ,Textures , Neosis etc , on the other side as a guitarist ive a small number of players who truly interest me , for example , Zakk Wylde , James Murphy , Steve Vai , Tremonti are all players I can listen to all day , musically though I don’t have one hardened group of bands or any one style that I adhere to as I truly believe that to be a great musician you must listen to as much of all styles as you can to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge and inspiration
What do you think was/is different about being a musician in the UK?
Adz : that’s an awkward one to answer without pissing off a lot of people lol , lets just say its a very closed scene here at the moment , unless you’re in with the current trends and are constantly kissing up to the right people here then your fighting an ever increasing uphill battle and are more than likely going to be ignored shunned and just plain cast out .
If you could be a musician during any period of time what would that be and why?
Adz : Ah bro it would have to be the eighties , to be a part of the birth of thrash and death metal etc would have been insane although if im honest I think I would pick right now as I see huge advances ahead within music styles and scenes and I believe only for the positive .
Would I be surprised by anything on your MP3 player?
 Adz : quite possibly hehe.
What do you think of the happenings in the music world these day?
 Adz : I have very mixed feeling’s to be honest , it’s harder than ever to be a part of the scene as a band , I think we all see there simply aren’t enough people getting off their lazy asses and going to shows anywhere which is just shocking to myself . on the other side I hate the way everything has gone to iPods etc I miss having that vinyl or cd and reading the sleeve notes and having that tactile object that in some cases can change your life , like I remember taking the cassette of the black album to school every day and reading the lyrics all the time etc ,  I think losing these things is a shame although the changes do hold huge possibilities so I attempt to embrace it as much as possible when it’s warranted , I think the way labels play the game is also sadly hugely different , we don’t see any labels paying anything towards bands or investing anymore apart from major’s , they expect the bands to do everything unless you by some glance of fate land with a label that actually believes in what you’re doing and will put their money where their mouth is which is so rare now its a joke , however that’s only from what ive heard in the U.K. , I can only hope it moves forward in the future.


Interesting conversation with my brother from Wales. Make sure you go to the band pages and “like” them if you find them to your tastes (which I’m sure you will)


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Now and again you meet people who you connect with on multiple levels. Robert is one of these people for me, we are on the same wavelength on so many things, from musical tastes to life experiences. Robert and his band VOICE OF DECEMBER  are currently perfecting their craft and working on new music. Robert has also been busy recording other artists, side projects, and various other duties in the music industry. I cornered him for a few and got him to talk a bit.

I have heard  rumors that you have dark and mysterious origins which lead to your unique musical style. Are these rumors true?

The dark origins…..hmmmm I really don’t know how to answer that other than I was born in Roswell shortly after the UFO crash…..

Ha ha, right on, when did music become a part of your life?

      At a very young age, my mother was a folk singer/guitarist so I have always been exposed to some form of music.

What was your inspiration to start playing music?

KISS Alive One nuff said….

What some of your first band experiences?

I started as a Bass Player because I share a birthday with Gene Simmons but soon moved to guitar because it was easier to express myself.

How did you get to Voice Of December?

VOD happened after a series of events in my prior band (they kicked me out lol) and around the same time my long time partner in crime Traci had moved back to Albuquerque. Voice of December was up and running 4 days later, I hate idle time.

what inspired the imagery for Voice Of December?

That would come from Traci and our Artist Kreig, who creates the look based on Traci’s lyrics, which are inspired by the band’s music, so in a small way, we all contribute to the imagery.

Are you currently working on any side projects?

   I am involved with another band which also includes VOD drummer Mikey Kimura called Darken the Day. The band also includes Rusty Tramps Tommy Brown and Mike “Gutter” Garcia as well as Ace Armstrong from Green Street Elite. I also work with Polyram/Mysteria in various capacities.

What would your dream band lineup be?

Lol, it wouldn’t include me…. Geoff Tate on vocals, Chris Degarmo and Frank Aresti on guitars, Dug Pinnik on bass/vocals Neil Peart on Drum/Lyrics

What do you think of the goings on in the music world today?

 It is very disappointing right now, the ability for anyone to record/distribute is a double-edged sword, yes anyone can be heard but that in itself makes it harder for quality to shine through. That and downloading killing the record companies has really made it harder to make a living in music. That being said, there is some amazing stuff out there.

What advice would you pass on to young musicians?

 Be true to your self, be stubborn but open to suggestion, never be satisfied with where you are, always strive to be better and remember, those who support your music, allow you to do what you do, so do it for them as well.

There you have it, a little peek into the head of guitarist Robert Smith. Check out some Voice Of December here:

“The Guest”