Marty Casey – A Rock N’ Roll Champion

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Sometimes people cross your paths and leave a positive impact on you. I found one of those people in Marty Casey.

From first seeing him on Rockstar INXS, then meeting him when he was singing for LA Guns, and now a conversation with him, Marty has had that positive impact on me.

Please take a moment and listen to our conversation and understand who Marty is and the message he brings right here:


After listening do yourself a favor and click the link below the album cover and order the new record.


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     Here’s a couple of videos from the new record, enjoy:

    it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

     -the Hellion

The top 10 of 2015

     2015 is over but it brought us some great new music. Here are my top 10 in no particular order, enjoy:

Stryper – Fallen


Stryper’s new release, Fallen, is a supercharged release to say the least. For a band that has been around for 32 years they have continued to impress. This record is full of killer riffs and powerhouse vocals. I am totally impressed by the production quality of this record. I was even surprised to see a Black Sabbath cover on here “After Forever” is done very well by Stryper.  The track that grabs hold and will not let go is “Fallen” :

     Check out Stryper online:

Ugly Kid Joe – Uglier Than They Used Ta Be


     Ahhh Ugly Kid Joe, 19 years after Motel California UKJ is back with a full album. These hold a very special place in my heart and always will. This record shows that UKJ has not lost a bit of the attitude that made them so great. This is rock n’ roll pure and undistilled. The stand out here is “Hell Ain’t Hard To Find”:

     Ugly Kid Joe online:

Throw The Temple – No Way But Down


     Throw The Temple is a hard working band that takes itself serious without being serious about it. Believe me, every move they make is calculated and planned. After seeing them perform for several years they have finally put out and album to be proud of. Full of deep lyrics and catchy tunes ( I even persuaded them to provide the theme song for the Hellion Rocks) this is an album which should be garnering national attention. Enjoy the video for “We Got It Goin'” right here:

     Throw The Temple online:

Devil City Angels – Devil City Angels


     This record was a complete surprise to me. While technically a “supergroup” it sounds nothing like one. I was ina bad mood the first time I played this record, by the end not so much. This is just a feel good record that you can tell was fun to make.  Comprised of the legendary Tracii Guns, Rudy Sarzo, Rikki Rockett, and Brandon Gibbs, this is a DO NOT MISS record. Here’s the video for “Boneyard”:

     Devil City Angels online:

Motorhead – Bad Magic


     Motörhead has always been a guilty pleasure for me. I have always listened to them and probably always will. I have seen the fairweather fans come and go as the trends change. I was extremely saddened to hear of the deaths of Lemmy and Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor. This final album from Motörhead is to savor and enjoy.  Take a listen to “Electricity” and pay your respects:

       Motörhead online:

Skulldron – Through The Smoke


     Skulldron rocks, plain and simple. I have known these guys for years and years and enjoyed them immensely. Skulldron falls into the Stoner/Doom metal category and they do it so very well. This is a band that NEEDS some worldwide acclaim. This is another record that SHOULD be in your collection. Well crafted and put together Through The Smoke takes you on a trip to a very cool place in your head. Take a peek at G.O.A.T. :

     Skulldron online:

Clutch – Psychic Warfare


     Clutch is band that, to me, everyone should be running to the store and buying all of their records. Firing on all cylinders and then some,  Clutch  simply rules. This album continues Clutch’s streak of aggressive, hard charging rock. I have one thing to say about Clutch, if you don’t like them, you haven’t listened  to them. Psychic Warfare is a great record to introduce you to the awesomeness that is Clutch. “X-Ray Visions” will whet your appetite:

     Clutch online:

Dellacoma – South Of Everything


     Dellacoma Rio, vocalist for Dellacoma is one of the hardest working men in rock n’ roll. Hailing from Australia, Del continually works on world domination. Putting together an outstanding band of three world class musicians: Art Struck, Matt Cook, and Rick Reynolds,  Dellacoma wrote and recorded a well crafted piece of art. No frill, no filler, just straight up feel good music. This is my pick for road music of the year. Put this on, roll down the windows,  and hit the road. Let me show you what I mean:

     Dellacoma online:

Red Sky Mary – River Child


     Red Sky Mary was an accidental find for me. I was completely taken aback by the soul in this young band. It was as if someone jumped into a time machine and collected the DNA from several 70’s bands and somehow fused them into Red Sky Mary. I find so much depth and beauty in this record it amazes me that their are bands still making music that you can truly feel. Here is the latest from Red Sky Mary:

     Red Sky Mary online:

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators – Live at the Roxy 9.25.14


     Slash and crew deliver on this live recording from the Roxy. I f you have never had the chance to catch them live this is the next best thing. Relaxed and fun this record showcases Slash’s and Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators talent. With songs that span throughout Slash’s career from GNR, Velvet Revolver, through today this one is a winner. My favorite track from this record:


Slash and the boys online:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

     -the Hellion

Devil City Angels releases a really fun debut record

ALBUMARTDevil City Angels - Devil City Angels

You ever listen to a record and “feel” the fun that was had in making it? I heard rumors of this band and have been patiently awaiting their debut release.  I am fortunate and have the opportunities to have spoken with Rikki Rockett, Tracii Guns, and Rudy Sarzo (Rudy replaced previous bassist Eric Brittingham) during the past several years so I know of their enthusiasm and passion for music.

I have been listening to this record for a while now and find myself returning to it again and again. Let’s get one thing straight right out of the gates: there is no trace of L.A. Guns, Poison,  Cinderella, or Quiet Riot on this record. It’s just good old fun Rock n’ Roll!

I received this record at work and was a captive audience for it on my 90 minute drive home. From the opening notes of “Numb” to the closing of “Bad Decisions” it grabs you and makes you feel like you were actually sitting in the studio having a good time while they were recording.

It seems to me that more and more “seasoned ” artists are getting back to their roots and getting involved with these kind of projects. Rikki Rockett’s drumming shines throughout this project. Many people seem to have written Rikki off because of his work in Poison. He is really a heavy hitter and very talented. I have been a Tracii Guns fan since forever and he steps outside of his normal playing and brings us some solid feel good riffs here. While Rudy Sarzo has taken over bass duties Eric Brittingham was the one who laid down the heavy groove this record brings. Brandon Gibbs is unknown to many but brings a style that fits the vibe of Devil City Angels to a T.

The track listing is as follows and I can’s recommend any one track above any other because this is a whole package that should be enjoyed in its totality. So grab this record, your best girl/guy, your friends, the car keys, and just drive around and listen.

 1. Numb

2. All My People

3. Boneyard

4. I’m Living

5. No Angels

6. Goodbye Forever

7. Ride With Me

8. All I Need

9, Back To The Drive

10. Bad Decisions

06-08-15 - DCA Promo Rev3 at 300 dpi for CMR

Rudy Sarzo, Brandon Gibbs, Tracii Guns, Rikki Rockett

     This is one record that gets a 15 out of 10 stars folks, seriously. Check out Devil City Angels online at:

      Check out the track “All My People” right here:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s DEVIL CITY ANGELS!!!

     -the Hellion

the Hellion Rocks top 16 (started at 10, then 16) CDs of 2013!!!


Well it’s rapidly approaching the end of 2013 and time for my top releases of the year. While there were so many fantastic records from both new and established artists, there are a few that just burrowed into my brain and I couldn’t shake them. There are 16 that I am going to mention here and they are in no particular order as they are all incredible in my book. To those bands who aren’t listed here, relax I have another post planned to address you.



When you have a CD from a band that has members like Vinny Appice, Rex Brown, Mark Zavon, and Dewey Bragg you know your’re in for a treat. This CD kicks ass on so many levels. The music of KDH sounds familiar and distinctly unique, giving you a feeling that this band has been around for years but yet remaining fresh. Do NOT miss out on this CD, here’s a taste:


Scattered Hamlet - Skeleton Dixie CD cover

Scattered Hamlet – Skeleton Dixie CD cover

My boys in Scattered Hamlet deliver on their full length release and then some. Remember when music made you feel something? Skeleton Dixie gets right in and touches your musical soul. Throughout the years these guys have become family to me and I have the great fortune of being mentioned in this CD as well. You WILL love it! Get some:



     When Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy, and Richie Kotzen get together you know you’re gonna get something great. There was a lot of buzz around this project and when it came to fruition it delivered in spades. Great straight up rock n’ roll, there needs to me more records like this one. Check it:



     Tom Keifer has always been one of my favorite vocalists. The gritty soulfulness of his voice is iconic. It has been quite a while since we have had new music from Tom and it has been worth the wait. Bluesy with a razors edge is what you find on this record. Take a listen:



     I find it funny that I have included Stryper on this list. I’ll admit that I was not really the biggest Stryper fan back in the day, I have found a new respect for them in this record. They have a tenacity that will not quit. Strong in their beliefs, and strong in their musical passion is what landed them here. (On a side note, I recently interviewed Michael Sweet and have one coming up with Oz Fox). Here’s the title track:



     Black Water Rising has been honing this record for a few years, and it shows. These guys have been in my ears for a few years now and I finally got to see them live and hear some of these songs live. BWR brings powerful rock n’ roll and here is some for ya :


Adrian Galysh Tone Poet Cover

     Adrian Galysh is one of hidden talents that the world has yet to discover. I received this CD for review and was completely amazed by it, and I believe you will be too. listen to this CD and hear a mans passion transferred to his music.



     Korn has welcomed Head back into its fold and released one of their best CDs to date. I believe that their life experiences has caused this band to grow and mature and that growth is reflected in The Paradigm shift. “Never Never” has become one of my favorite tracks. Check out the video and see why:



     Death Alley Motor Cult is one of those bands that you want to hang out with but you remember what your mom said to you about the company you keep. Their music is like that too, when you listen to it you feel dirty, dangerous, and cool, very very cool. The Outlaw Chronicles needs to be played at 11 and in a conspicuous place so you can “enlighten” those in need of a visceral experience.



     Sometimes I catch grief for listening to A7X, but this band gives me hope for newer music. upon the heels of suffering the loss of their founding drummer “The Rev” they have come back with strong music that has shaken up the pop laden music charts. Hail To The King pays homage to the bands that inspired these guys. Hail To The King:



     Clutch is one of those bands that will always remain just under the radar. Earth Rocker is a great album that unfortunately many people will not get to hear. Clutch is a band that gets ignored by the mainstream and yet I think they are happy with that. Great band, great show, great record. Do yourself a favor and listen to Earth Rocker and then dig into the music of Clutch. Here’s “Crucial Velocity”:



     Adrenaline Mob put out this CD of covers that is just incredibly awesome. They cover Van Halen’s “Romeo Delight” with the power and aggression that I think it deserved from the beginning. I usually do not put cover albums on my list, but this one has a place. Check this out:



     Last Patrol takes you on a psychedelic journey into the mind of Dave Wyndorf. Monster Magnet is back on their game with their latest release. Just caught these guys on tour in support of Last Patrol and the songs kick ass live!



     Mindcage came out of left field and socked me in the head with this one. Our Own Devices creates a magical world with their powerful music. I have said that is transports you away from the mundane and I stand by that statement. Here you go:



     Those of you who know me knew this one would end up on here. Zakk and co. have always and will always be one of my favorites. Unblackened gives new life to some of the most iconic BLS tracks. While the members may change, Black Label Society will remain STRONGER THAN DEATH.



     Of all of the great and wonderful 2013 releases on my list, this is most magical for me. Having considered Tracii Guns one of my favorite guitarists for years and years I was supremely stoked when I caught wind of this project. When I finally had it in my  hands it was all that I expected and then some. Trippy , ethereal and full of passion, and soul the music found on here is the kind we grew up listening to. Thank you Tracii!

     its loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

     the Hellion




!. Everything Everything

2. The Witch

3. Sugar Mama

4. The Sound

5.  Jealous Of The Rain

6. Painted Lady

7. Taste Your Fear

8. Feathers In A Hurricane

9. Long Way To Heaven

10. One

11. Saginaw Blues

12. Without You

13. Space And Time Collide


Remember when people made music for the love of music? I do and this is one of those records. I have been a fan of Tracii Guns and his guitar playing for many years. Through Early GNR,  LA Guns, Brides Of Destruction, Contraband, and his solo stuff  I have paid attention to what he was doing. I have been fortunate to have met him a couple of times throughout the years.

the Hellion and Tracii Guns

the Hellion and Tracii Guns

I was geeked when I heard of the Tracii Guns’ League Of Gentlemen project. Little did I know how great of a record this would turn out to be. TGLOG features Scott Foster Harris – lead vocals/acoustic guitar, Craig McCloskey – bass guitar/vocals, Tracii Guns – lead guitars/vocals, Doni Gray – drums/percussion/ vocals, and John Bird – keyboards/vocals. This record is from another time and place and it will transport you there as well. There is no reason to skip any of these track as this is a record that should be consumed by your ears in an entire dose. The soul and spirit of this record flows though you. One can feel the love these artists have for their craft. Scott’s vocals are pure and beautiful, Tracii shows a side of his playing the proves he belongs in the hall of guitar gods, Craig provides solid bass lines that helps to keep it all together, Doni gives the songs the perfect rhythm, and Johns’ keyboards set the tone of the record.  Emotions raging from melancholy to outright fun and everything in between fill this record. If I am hard pressed for stand outs on this record I would recommend the following: “The Sound”, Painted Lady”, “Long Way To Heaven”, and “Backside OF The Moon”. I think I am gonna start a campaign to get “The Sound” played on regular radio rotation, it’s that good. Check out the video and see for yourself: 


Thank you Tracii and crew for making this record and giving me hope for the future of new music!


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion



VEGAS Vacation!!! The Beatles LOVE, Raiding The Rock Vault, Cabo Wabo, and Vince Neil’s Tatuado

images (9)

Well, I’m back! Took some time off from the site to go to Vegas and celebrate Mrs. Hellion’s birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary.

After a relatively easy bit of Sunday traveling we arrived at the Monte Carlo, checked in and started out our Vegas excursion by hitting up Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina for an early dinner. I had some extremely good pork carnitas with a nice heffeweisen beer, while Mrs. Hellion (a steak fajita connoisseur) had steak fajitas (which she said were some of the best she has ever had) yummy dinner indeed!

2013-06-09 18.55.13

      We were then off to The Mirage to see The Beatles LOVE Cirque Du Soleil show.

2013-06-09 20.26.17

      WOW!!! This was an amazing show! I was completely impressed with the way they put this show together. The energy of the performers combined with the state of the art scenery, and the INCREDIBLE music of The Beatles lent to an amazing evening. Everywhere you looked there was something going on, dancing, trapeze, lights, and music. The highlight of the show for me was when several actors were on a poster bed and a silken cloth came from beneath the bed and grew and grew until it enveloped the lower level audience and it appeared that the bed was floating on it. Then, like magic, it was sucked back underneath the bed in an instant. This is a show that is a MUST see.

2013-06-09 20.32.08

     We hopped a cab back to the Monte Carlo and rested up for another assault of Vegas. We spent the next day roaming about seeing the sights and enjoying the company of each other. We did a little bit of gambling (no luck) and just had a great time.

2013-06-10 14.32.362013-06-10 13.14.212013-06-10 15.01.402013-06-10 15.11.352013-06-10 15.13.25

     After a wonderful day went back to the Monte Carlo to clean up and get ready to head to the Las Vegas Hotel for Raiding The Rock Vault! Thanks to my lovely wife she scored us VIP to the show!!!

2013-06-10 18.53.322013-06-10 19.53.19

     We had a quick dinner at Tatuado Vince Neil Cantina where we saw vocalist Paul Shortino having dinner with his family (Paul and I shared a wave and a nod).

2013-06-10 18.42.332013-06-10 17.57.10

     RAIDING THE ROCK VAULT!!! We got early admittance to the venue and were ushered into the green room to meet the guys from the show. Tracii Guns, John Payne, Paul Shortino, Andrew Freeman, Robin Mc Auley, Jay Schellen, Michael T. Ross, and Jason Boyleston came in and were very gracious and friendly to us and the other four people that were there. My wife (Dani) and Tracii had a fun discussion: my wife: Hi, I’m Dani.” Tracii: “Ha ha you have a boys name” pause “Ha ha I have a girls name.” Paul Shortino gave me a hug and we took some photos. We chatted for a few then it was off to our seats.


2013-06-10 19.42.59

     Our seats were KILLER! Second row right in front of Tracii Guns. There was a pretty cool story line to the show. It was based around it being the future and scientists finding a time capsule from earths past. Upon opening it the rock n’ roll poured out to the delight of the audience.

2013-06-10 21.46.01

     The show took us on a Rock journey from the 60’2 to the 80’s. These world class musicians played the familiar songs to perfection. They had funplaying off of each other. Paul Shortino, John Payne, Robin Mc Auley, and Andrew Freeman all shared lead vocal duties as well as guitars and bass (Andrew and John). Tracii Guns and Jason Boyleston traded smoking guitar licks back and forth through the entire show. Jay Schellen provided perfect timing behind the drums. Michael T. Ross added the right touch of keyboards to the mix.

Andrew Freeman

Andrew Freeman

John Payne

John Payne

Tracii Guns

Tracii Guns

Jason Boyleston

Jason Boyleston

Robin Mc Auley

Robin Mc Auley

Paul Shortino

Paul Shortino

Jay Schellen

Jay Schellen

Michael T. Ross

Michael T. Ross

     This show exceeded all of my expectations and then some. Classic, iconic songs performed oustandingly!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    The rest of the time in Vegas is ours and we had fun!

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

the Hellion