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I have been fortunate in my life. I have a solid family, am gainfully employed, and in relatively (there have been some issues) good health, and I have my extended music family. We are a community and we need to stand strong for those in our community. In the last few years I have met some great bands and some great fans. The only way the music community can succeed is by the support given by EVERYONE. We need to remember this every day.  We also need to take the time and try to get to know each other and help each other through our various hard times. Sometimes a crisis can be averted by someone just listening to someone else. There have been many times that a simple phone call has made a difference in my life when I’m feeling down. The world used to seem such vast place when I was a child, not so anymore. As of this post, we are at 121 countries actively reading the blog, 121 countries! Music lovers from around the globe, FAMILY from the four corners of the earth. What does this mean? To me it gives me the ability to share bands that I know and the music they make with people who might not have ever had the chance to hear them. I also get to find and hear bands that I would not necessarily have heard as well. One of the things I am passionate about is helping these various bands break out from their respective “local” areas and bring their music and live shows to the world. Remember: KISS, Motley Crue, Metallica, etc. are ALL local bands somewhere. Do me a couple of favors today in your travels: 1. take the time to stop and tell someone that you care for them, and LISTEN to what they have to say. 2. Share a piece of music or a band with someone that might not have heard it/them. Let us as musicians/fans make a difference and show people the strength of our music community.


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     I just learned of the school shooting and we here at the Hellion Rocks, Bleach Bangs Radio, Music U-Night, Rock U-Night, send out our deepest sympathy. Hold your family close and show them love. Let us, the music community, stand strong for those in need.



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     John Winston Lennon October 9th 1940 – December 8th 1980

     John Lennon will always be a part of my life. As a small child I  loved his music, as a young man I learned to appreciate his style of writing, as an adult I learned to appreciate the man and his craft. Thank you John for sharing with us and giving up so much for the world. I will do my best to keep your music in the ears of those I can reach.


Darrell Lance Abbott August 20th, 1966 – December 8th, 2004

     Dime gave me new hope in Rock N’ Roll. He cam and kicked our asses and made us feel good about it. The people who were fortunate to be close to him spoke of his kindness and willingness to give. His guitar playing was innovative and carried on (and, dare I say, improved  upon somewhat) the legacy of his mentors before him. His life was short but impacted the music world and he was taken from us doing what he loved. I will always miss you Dime.

     We remember John, Dime, and all of the fallen people who have given up their lives doing what they love or in protecting others. We humbly thank, and respect you all.

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I’ve remained relatively quiet on the whole Randy Blythe/Lamb Of God issue up until now. I have been doing a lot of thinking about this recently. First off, I wasn’t there so everything I read and see is from the other persons point of view, so I can only speak as to how I feel. This whole incident is a great tragedy for everyone involved. I do not think the fan went to the show with the outcome that occurred in mind. Nor do I think Randy took the stage with the intent to cause any one harm. I believe an unfortunate sequence of events led to this tragedy. When Dimebag Darrell was murdered in cold blood on stage it got real for performers. It is unfortunate that now an artist has to fear for his/her life when performing so I can see reacting to someone “invading” your work space (yes the stage is a performers work space). Venues hire security to try and help prevent madness like this from occurring. As fans we need to act responsible as well, I know we are to have a good time, but let’s not ruin it for others by acting a fool. I have witnessed up close fear in the eyes of the performers when a crowd gets to unruly. All in all, an unfortunate sequence of events indeed. Should Randy be punished? In my opinion no, I believe he is punishing himself enough. These are just my thoughts and I do not expect everyone or any one to agree with them.

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