Bar Bands, Bar Bands, Bar Bands…2

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First off I want to thank you all for the overwhelming response to last nights Bar Bands post. I was however, reminded of a few more things regarding bar bands and I am addressing them now.

Promoters, you need to do just that. I have seen an unfortunate trend as of late with putting up an event page on social media sites, dusting off your hands and calling it a day. I am sorry that is not good enough, period. I cannot tell you how many times at the last minute I get a message “hey you coming to the show tonight?” and because of the lack of show promotion this is the first time I hear of the show. Shame on you, shame. You are doing the band a complete disservice to say the least. EVERYONE should know about a show you put together.

Club owners, pay the bands a decent rate!!!!! These guys are traveling on their own usually on limited means throughout the country. Club owners wake up because you know they are talking to each other about clubs to play in and which to avoid. Imagine if you treat a band decently and they spread the word and you have bands knocking your door down to play your venue. Word gets around, locals will see the bands are dying to play your venue and will be beating your door down to attend.

Promoters and Club owners, ADVERTISE!!!!!! There are usually on most towns several means of advertising the show.  If people don’t know, they wont go!!! If you work with the advertising outlets I am sure a bond can be made and some kind of deal can be made.

Lastly, remember these bands are providing us a service and we should be thanking them.

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Rock N’ Roll!!!

-the Hellion

Bar Bands, Bar Bands, Bar Bands…


Recently a couple of people have made disparaging comments about bar bands. One person in particular  made it known that bar bands were beneath him and a waste of time. Well I am here to tell you that most bands you have heard of and listen to today got their starts in a bar somewhere. Ok, ok there are those few anomalies out there I’m sure who jumped immediately into arena gigs.

The Doors, Motley Crue, the Beatles, Guns N’ Roses, the list goes on and on. These bands played to small crowds at first and honed themselves into arena machines.

Now, in today’s world, arena bands are mostly extinct so the return of the bar/club band is more important than ever. There are several bar/club bands that live in my heart these days. They are there because I have insight as to the blood,sweat, and tears they exude. Their craft is important to them and they are willing to go that extra mile to give their all to their fans. I wish to personally thank the following bands/performers in no particular order: Dellacoma, Nomada, Skulldron, Throw The Temple, Scattered Hamlet, Darken The day, Wulf, Beard, Ragdoll, Crowned By Fire, Mike Araiza,  and many, many more. I salute you all for being the warriors you are and for flying the Rock N’ Roll flag high. All you other local bands, STEP UP!!! And to you naysayers out there, I’ll debate you on camera anytime, you know how to reach me.

it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Rock N’ Roll!!!

-the Hellion




Another smoking edition of bands you should be listening to! They just keep coming and coming, so listen up!



Soilent Green is:Ben Falgoust (Goatwhore), Brian Patton (Eyehategod), Tommy Buckley (Crowbar) and Scott Crochet. They say only the strong survive and for Louisiana swamp grinders Soilent Green, no truer words were ever spoken. Hardly strangers to adversity, Soilent’s two-decade-old history is fraught with lineup changes, van collisions, murder, suicide and a hurricane casualty. And yet, they soldier on, driven by passion, patience, perseverance and a will to dominate.


Goatwhore was formed by singer/guitarist Sammy Duet following the breakup of his previous band, Acid Bath. Soilent Green singer L. Ben Falgoust II, guitarist Ben Stout, bassist Patrick Bruders, and drummer Zak Nolan completed the lineup, which debuted with the demo Serenades to the Tides of Blood; Goatwhore’s proper debut LP, The Eclipse of Ages into Black, followed in early 2000. Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun appeared in 2003 before the band jumped to Metal Blade for the fall release of 2006’s A Haunting Curse. They performed at both Ozzfest 2008 and Ozzfest 2010.
In 2009, Goatwhore released their fourth album, entitled Carving out the Eyes of God, and toured with Obituary, among others.
In January and February 2010, Goatwhore embarked on the ‘Bound By The Road’ Tour with DevilDriver, Suffocation, and Thy Will Be Done.

In early 2012, the band released their fifth album, entitled Blood for the Master.


Weedeater is a sludge metal band formed in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1997 with members from the recently defunct Buzzov•en. The band has released four full length albums. In April 2007, the band signed on to the Southern Lord record label. In January 2010, vocalist “Dixie” Dave Collins lost his big toe in an accident involving his “favorite shotgun”, causing the recording of their fourth album to stall.


These guys play  “in your face” straight up metal. Representing the New Mexico music scene this band is on the fast track to success!


Foxy Shazam is an American rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, formed in 2004. The band is composed of lead vocalist Eric Sean Nally, guitarist Loren Turner, pianist Sky White, bass player Daisy, trumpeter and back-up vocalist Alex Nauth, and drummer Aaron McVeigh. The band released their debut album The Flamingo Trigger independently before signing with Ferret Records, under which they recorded their second album, Introducing. The following year, the band recorded its first major label record with multi-platinum record producer John Feldmann. Foxy Shazam signed with Sire Records (a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Records) and released its self-titled major label debut in 2010. The band’s fourth studio album, The Church of Rock and Roll, was released in January 2012.


Inspired by the gods of hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock and underground extremity, from Sabbath, Motörhead and Thin Lizzy through to Celtic Frost, Danzig and Black Flag, Orange Goblin were initially seen as major contenders amid the mid-90s stoner rock explosion, but it soon became apparent that this band had much more up their collective wizard’s sleeve than red-eyed boogie and flapping flares. In fact, over the course of their roller coaster career, the band have proved themselves to be one of the most consistent and persistent forces in modern heavy music, amassing a catalogue of albums that rivals anything released during the same period. From the rambunctious, heads-down exuberance of their Frequencies From Planet Ten debut in 1997 through to the multi-genre bonfire of insanities that was 2007’s Healing Through Fire, Orange Goblin have always kicked arse, always written songs that hit home like a stage diver’s boot connecting with your forehead, always delivered the rampaging heavy metal goods while meaning every last riff, beat, solo and bellow.


Musically THE WRETCHED END can best be described as EXTREME METAL, with influences from both black, death and thrash metal.


What do you get when you have an MTV “MADE” coach, two of the hottest indie-rock producers and one of Guitar Player Magazine’s top five guitar players under 30? You have Switchblade Scarlett!


With an authentic sound and an unrivalled dedication to the music, nothing’s discounted in developing a Ragdoll original, that’s why each and every tune evokes that certain something… something almost indescribable… something you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s that ‘something’ that’s at the heart and soul of every Ragdoll song and every Ragdoll performance. It’s music steeped in tradition, paying homage to the greats and ghosts of the past while forging its own exciting new path through the Rock wilderness.


A Pale Horse Named Death is an American goth metal band based out of Brooklyn, New York. It was created by Sal Abruscato (a former drummer for Type O Negative) and produced / engineered by Matt Brown of Seventh Void / Uranium 235. The band currently has one album released called And Hell Will Follow Me.


the Hellion

09/03/2012 SHOW!

How my relationship with BLEACH BANGS RADIO started

During the process of doing interviews for Music U-Night I was given an interview with Charlie Owens from Bleach Bangs Radio. I always like to spend some time before the interview getting to know my subject on a personal level. For me it helps to make the interview process flow easier and seem more natural. In getting to know Charlie it was if we were long lost brothers. We have so many common interests and likes, it was fate.

Charlie Owens from Bleach Bangs Radio on Music U-Night:

A little bit later I was asked to be interviewed on Bleach Bangs Radio. The on air chemistry continued and I was able to “meet” Randy Norris, and john Hennis, Charlie’s co-hosts on the show.  It was a great experience.

Bleach Bangs interview


A few months later I was invited to be a permanent co-host on Bleach Bangs and the rest is ….in the future!!!!

the Hellion

A message From Charlie Owens of BLEACH BANGS RADIO!


So… September 23 2009 was the very first time we were on air with BleachBANGS. That date is right around the corner. Crazy. Sitting back listening to some of our very first shows and enjoying. We’ve come along way in 3 years and we’re not done yet. Very happy and proud to have had all these amazing bands on with us over the course of this ride. It’s about you and your music! We’ve had some ups and downs. Tech issues, money issues, idea issues. We’ve overcome all of em. Onward and upward from here. No matter what it is, promoting, housing, feeding, booking, or just talkin it up & playin the tunes on air BleachBANGS is here for you… The bands. Thank you!

We’ll even bang your ugly friends

Charlie Owens.

I have been fortunate to have been asked into the Bleach Bangs family as a co-host, Thanks guys!

the Hellion

Australia ROCKS! Sunset Riot, RAGDOLL, My Dynamite, Sisters Doll, BABYJANE


AC/DC, INXS, Little River Band, Men At Work…Australia has given us some great music. Through my recent involvement as a co-host on the internet radio show Bleach Bangs I have found a new crop of bands that are carrying the torch. The 80’s have come and gone here in the US but the influence is still being felt in Australia. Let’s talk about a few of the stand out bands:



I have actually had the pleasure of hanging out with and seeing Sunset Riot perform several times.


The music Sunset Riot brings is addicting and worms its way into your head and you find yourself singing them without even realizing it. The guys themselves are extremely friendly and warm. They treat every one with kindness and respect and make their fans feel special. Del- vocals, JP – guitars, Ziggy- guitars, Resh – drums, and newly added Simo- bass have found the right equation for feel good Rock N Roll. do yourself a favor and check out this band. Here is a link to their video for Save Me From L.A.



Ragdoll brings forth some powerful music that pays homage to some of the hard rock acts we all know and love. I have not had the privilege of seeing them live but my co-hosts have and I can appreciate them through their experience. I find this band easy to listen to and am glad they are writing songs in the style of 80’s feel good rock! Their appearance at Rocklahoma was good and I am glad to see they are able to come here to the US and share with us. Ragdoll is: Ry Dash – VOCALS/BASS,  Le’on Todd – GUITARS/BACKGROUND VOCALS, and  Cam Barrett – DRUMS/BACKGROUND VOCALS Here is a video link to my favorite song “Foot to the Floor” :



Love bluesy rock? My Dynamite will satisfy that love. The Black Crowes have been one of my favorite bands for years. My Dynamite carries the torch and gives us new music in that style. Who would have thought you could find good old fashioned American blues in Australia? We were fortunate to have had an interview with them and found they are planning a European tour and hopefully we can get them to the US as well. My Dynamite is: Patrick Carmody – Lead Vocals, Jorge Balas – Guitar, Travis Fraser – Bass, Simon Aarons – Drums, and Benny Wolf – Guitar. Here is a link to a song I really enjoy “Fork In Your Tongue” :



Remember the Glam of the 80’s how much fun it was to dress up and just have a GOOD TIME? Sisters Doll are trying to bring that back and having fun in doing it. Ranging in age from 14 to 17 these brothers (Brennan Mileto – Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals, Bryce Mileto – Drums/Back Up Vocals, and Austin Mileto – Bass Guitar/Back Up Vocals) yes they are brothers, are bringing the SPECTACLE of Rock N Roll back. I look forward to seeing more from these guys. Here is a link to their video for “Dollhouse” :


BABYJANE cites the following as their influences:

Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Skid Row, Sex Pistols, Vains Of Jenna, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, The Cult, Faith No More, Megadeth, Pantera. Wow! How you NOT want to give these guys a listen? I checked them out prior to doing an interview with them and was duly impressed. Solid song composition, catchy hooks, and raw sound give these guys an edge that cut you to the quick! DO NOT MISS BABYJANE!! Here’s a link to their EPK I’ll let it speak for itself :

Been missing the 80’s? I found them…in Australia of all places. Can anyone say ROADTRIP???