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at the Aria Booth - NAMM 2013

at the Aria Booth – NAMM 2013  – photo by Charlie “MF'” Owens


Spent the weekend chilling with the family and enjoying my birthday weekend. Remembering the loss of Cliff on my birthday, and just slowing down for a minute. Now, looking forward: We have tons of killer interviews in the works, shows we are going to shoot and review, CD’s to write about, and new bands to put into your heads. I am amazed at the growth of this site in a year. Thanks to all who support and have given us the opportunity to do what we love. Please hit us up with bands, features you’d like to see and your take on the site, love to hear from ya! Remember, the Hellion Rocks and Bleach Bangs Radio love you all!

-the Hellion

Dellacóma Rio (ex Sunset Riot vocalist) gives us an exclusive interview!

Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot)

Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot)


We just received an exclusive phone call from the man himself. He gave us a look into his future musical plans. Listen to it here:

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL

-the Hellion


Could it be? Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot) and Jody Row and John John(ex Glitterboys) joining forces?

I Heard something very interesting from a good source today. My source tells me that Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot) and Jody Row and John John(ex Glitterboys) have been in contact since the breakup of their respective bands. Could there be a joining of forces down the track? This is very intriguing and we will continue to keep our ears open.

Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot)

Dellacóma Rio(ex Sunset Riot)

Jody Row

Jody Row (ex Glitterboys)

John John (ex Glitterboys)

John John (ex Glitterboys)


it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

the Hellion





Music has helped me get through a lot of hard times in my life. I know our troops across the globe are having some rough times as well. I am starting this project to get bands to sign copies of their CDs and send them to me so I can in turn send them to the various branches of the military around the world. I believe a signed CD would help to lift their spirits and give them a moment or two of joy to their stressful days.

Please if you want to get involved send signed CDs to:

James Anaya

“Rock The Soldiers Project”

PO Box 2055

Moriarty, NM 87035

     This is a not for profit endeavor I just want to spread the gift  of music  to those in service to our great country. Thanks!

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

     the Hellion


Sunset Riot – it’s only just begun!



There are moments in Rock N’ Roll music that would be cool to have seen. The birth of the Beatles, the beginning of the punk rock movement,Led Zeppelin in their glory days,  Aerosmith when they first hit the scene, Guns N’ Roses when they were still hungry and raw. These are but a few moments in Rock N’ Roll music that stand out. Well my friends, the powers of Rock N’ Roll music have struck again with Sunset Riot.

???????????????????????????????     Hailing from Australia, these guys went to ground and did their homework. Seeking inspiration from their Rock N’ Roll heroes, Sunset Riot delivers a brand of Rock N” Roll that,  while familiar, is uniquely their own.

     Members JP – guitars/vocals, Dellacoma Rio – vocals, Ziggy Scott – guitars/vocals, Resh – drums, and Simo – bass,  each bring their unique personalities to the band and give it life and magic. I say magic because I have seen people from all backgrounds simply fall in love with the band and their music after witnessing a Sunset Riot show. Yes Sunset Riot puts on a “show”, no getting onstage and staring at their shoes for these guys. They take us back to a time when Rock N’ Roll was fun and it was an event. Exploding onto stage with swagger and power they will make you smile.


     Dellacoma Rio- vocals; Del brings everything you want in a front man. He does not limit himself to the stage, at one show I was at he actually left the venue and was singing to the people outside the club and encouraging them to come in, at another he jumped up and was swinging from the light rigging. Del draws you into the show by coming into the crowd and singing with you. Then, of course, there is the sex appeal for the ladies. He plays up to the women by singing to them and giving them that moment of unabashed enjoyment. Del has definitely brought back the iconic figure of the front men of old.

Del working the crowd

Del working the crowd

     JP – guitars/vocals: JP brings that classic guitar hero right back around. Feeling every note that he plays, and showing it, he will make you feel them too. JP has taken all that is cool about guitar players and amplified to 11 and beyond. You will hear nods to some of your favorite guitarists of the past in JP’s style of playing. Jumping in periodically on vocals JP rounds out his all out rock star image.

JP - owning on guitar

JP – owning on guitar

Ziggy- guitars/vocals: Ziggy gives Sunset Riot that twin guitar sound we all know and love. Ziggy’s playing  complements JP’s so well and yet stands out on its own. From rhythm to lead his toolbox of tricks is top-notch. Providing backup vocals and harmonies makes Ziggy invaluable to the Sunset Riot sound.

Ziggy an all out rockstar

Ziggy an all out rockstar

Resh – drums: Although quiet and reserved in person, Resh is a beast onstage. An impeccable drummer with just enough flair to compliment his playing without hindering it. I was quite surprised to recently learn that he also plays guitar making him a musician of top-notch caliber.  Smiles and positive mental attitude make Resh a joy to know.

Resh the master of the beat

Resh the master of the beat

Simo – bass: Young and full of enthusiasm Simo is quite the solid player. Simo flies about the stage as if he had wings,  all smiles and hair. Simo’s style of playing is reminiscent of early Cliff Burton and Jason Newstead. Holding down the bottom end in perfect sync with Resh,  Simo is a recent addition to Sunset Riot and an addition that was well-played by them.

Simo spreading the love

Simo spreading the love

Sunset Riot is a band poised on greatness. They are ready to champion the cause of feel good Rock N’ Roll that we all remember and love. The band has fun on stage, smiles, high fives, playing off of each others moves.

Sunset Riot LIVE!!!

Sunset Riot LIVE!!!


     The music of Sunset Riot is infectious, you WILL find yourself humming or singing their songs after being exposed to them.   In a recent conversation with Del’s father, Terry, he mentioned to me of a 90-year-old woman and her 40-year-old son who caught Sunset Riot at a show and were impressed enough with the band they went and introduced themselves.

My good friend and brother Charlie Owens is the one responsible for introducing me to this band and he has been their champion for quite a while now. I,  in turn, have introduced others to this band. They are totally self funded and are currently on their third US tour entirely on their own. It will take all of us to help this band achieve their place in the music world that they deserve. So do Rock N’ Roll a favor and spread the word.



     Now, crank up your speakers, fire up the big screen, and enjoy this bit of a  live Sunset Riot performance I shot recently, you will understand what I mean.

     It’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

     the Hellion

SUNSET RIOT “All Class, No Trash” USA Tour 2013 – 5/4/13 THE FIRST SHOW!!!


     It’s been almost a year since I last saw Sunset Riot. I met this OZ-some band last year and it was love at first sight. Down to earth, personable, and hard working, Dellacoma, JP, Resh, Ziggy, and Simo welcomed me as family with hugs and much love. When we saw them before the show last night it was like seeing family that lives far away and you get to see sparingly. We caught up for a moment and then the madness began.

Ziggy, Simo, the Hellion, JP, Dellacoma, Resh

Ziggy, Simo, the Hellion, JP, Dellacoma, Resh

After an introduction by my brother Charlie Owens the band took the stage and never gave it back. Whirling about the stage like dynamos Sunset Riot delivered their brand of “OZ-some” Rock N’ Roll and then some. This combination of musicians has the right chemistry for success. JP owns the right side of the stage and delivers guitar playing like the guitar gods of old.

the ever amazing JP

the ever amazing JP

Like a madman about the stage, Ziggys’ guitars provide the perfect balance to JP.

Ziggy rockin' the mic

Ziggy rockin’ the mic

Simo, who joined the band on their tour last year, is the perfect fit for Sunset Riot. His bass playing style is aggressive and solid.

Simo, you know you love him!

Simo, you know you love him!

Ahhh Resh, this guy knows his way around a drum kit. He keeps the band in perfect rhythm.

Resh keeping perfect time as usual

Resh keeping perfect time as usual

And then there’s Dellacoma, the epitome of a rockstar. Slithering around the stage like a wild animal, driving the women crazy with his sensuality. Making the crowd feel like they are part of the show, sharing his microphone with various crowd members at times, singing to various people, thoroughly bringing  the crowd into his space.

Dellacoma - front man extraordinaire

Dellacoma – front man extraordinaire

What can I say about a Sunset Riot performance? Well here’s taste, and if you wanna know more you’re gonna have to see for yourself:


     After spending most of today with the guys just hanging out I was asked by Ziggy “Why do you like Sunset Riot?” Here is my answer:

     Sunset Riot is a band that just plain makes you feel good. Sometimes when things just seem to piss me off, there is Sunset Riot playing inside my head. The songs get inside you and just fill you with good vibes. Catchy, hook laden, flowing lyrics, combined with down to earth band members, what else could a music lover ask for? A Sunset Riot show? An hour of leaving your cares at the door, hanging with family and friends, a smile from ear to ear, and that smile will stay with you for a while.

     Be sure to check out Sunset Riot “All Class, No Trash” tour dates  at: https://www.facebook.com/events/165677166908228/

     band page: https://www.facebook.com/sunsetriot

     it’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!

     the Hellion

Australia’s FEED HER TO THE SHARKS Releases New Lyric Video for ‘Memory of You’ with Revolver Magazine and Metal Hammer UK‏

Australia’s FEED HER TO THE SHARKS Releases New Lyric Video for ‘Memory of You’ with Revolver Magazine and Metal Hammer UK


Australian Tour with BORN OF OSIRIS Begins on May 16th


New Album ‘Savage Seas’ Coming Summer 2013


Up-and-coming Australian metalcore band FEED HER TO THE SHARKS has been blazing the underground trail for some time— attracting fans across the globe with their pristine technical sound and engaging live performances. Originally discovered in 2012 by Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum whilst already having a Fredrik Nordstrom-produced full-length album tacked to their name, this gifted five-piece is ready to take things above and beyond in 2013 with a new tour coming this spring and new album, Savage Seas, set for release this summer.

Today, FEED HER TO THE SHARKS and Revolver Magazine are teaming up to reveal a brand new lyric video for their track ‘Memory of You’, cut from the band’s upcoming album Savage Seas. The lyric video is available for viewing now via Revolvermag.comand also through Metal Hammer UK at Metalhammer.co.uk. Fans can purchase ‘Memory of You’ now via iTunes at this link.

FEED HER TO THE SHARKS recently announced that they’ll be supporting technical metal titans Born of Osiris on a tour of Australia in May. Additional support will come from Upon a Burning Body and A Breach of Silence. With this tour under their belts, FEED HER TO THE SHARKS will add to an already stellar list of international acts that they’ve had the opportunity to perform with, such as Suicide SilenceAugust Burns RedAsking Alexandria and more. Dates for the upcoming tour are still under wraps, but stay alert for updates coming soon.

“‘Memory of you’ is a perfect example of the type of metal we embody. A storm is coming, so prepare yourself for blood-pumping adrenaline, bone crushing brutality and beautiful melody,” states FEED HER TO THE SHARKS vocalist Andrew Van der Zalm. “Join the feeding frenzy and sink your teeth into this track today! Australia, get set for the discovery tour with Born of Osiris and Upon a Burning Body. It’s gonna be awesome.”

“We recently played with FHTTS on a last minute show addition to our Human Romance Australian tour. Immediately, a few of the guys and I were impressed with FHTTS’ raw power and total precision,” adds Darkest Hour guitarist and co-manager Mike Schleibaum. “It was like watching a band who had been around for years destroy the stage. The sound, the vibe, it was all so pure and perfect. After the show we were pleased to find out they were some of the nicest down to earth dudes around. I knew I had to share their record with our long time manager and good friend Mike Mowery. The rest is history writing itself. When I was young, Australia seemed so far away, an imaginary place that only AC/DC lived.  Nowadays it all seems so close. I’m happy to help break these dudes out of Australia, onto the world stage and hopefully to a town near you soon.”

FEED HER TO THE SHARKS have been working at a frenzied pace since forming in Melbourne, Victoria in February, 2009. The band recorded their debut album, The Beauty Of Falling, in their own studio in 2011. They worked in collaboration with world renowned metal producers Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd who handled the mixing of the debut album. The result: an independent release that has the sonic punch of a full-scale studio production, sure to dent stereos and see heads banging across the world. The Beauty Of Falling is an album that fearlessly expands on a beloved genre while at the same time providing a familiar entry point for heavy music fans.

FEED HER TO THE SHARKS is made of up several talented musicians, including vocalist and pianist Andrew Vanderzalm and guitarist/synth player Kim Choo, who are both classically trained pianists. On top of that, Choo produces music out of his home studio and has a degree in Audio Engineering. Full-time drummer Jan Benkwitz is recognized internationally for being an extremely talented player— you can view his YouTube channel with over 1.6 million views here: www.youtube.com/Blastphemer.

The band is currently endorsed by Schecter guitars and their Facebook fan count is about to surpass 20,000— all based on the band organically without label support.

For more information on FEED HER TO THE SHARKSplease visit these sites:







Andrew Van der Zalm – Vocals / Piano / Keys

Kim Choo – Guitar / Synth / FX

Rob Davies – Bass Guitar

Marinos Katsanevas – Lead Guitar

Jan Benkwitz – Drums